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An Outrageously Updated Guide to the ICM

by travelerofneopia


Hey all! Do you recognize this font? Well, it’s Verdana. Now, do you recognize me? I’m the guy who wrote the Ice Cream Machine Guide a million issues ago! Yes well, after some thought and deliberation, and some awesome letters people wrote to me, I felt that I had left so much away from the guide that I kind of decided to make another one, just for all those who desire more tips. No useless basics and “what the game is about” here, just pure tips. If you want to see what the game is about, check my last issue, or just click on the game and click Instructions o.o Yup.

All righty, now for some explanation:

1) I got a neomail saying all these crazy things with one of my tips of my last issue. By the time you finish this paragraph you’ll know which so I won't have to be specific. This whole entire game can be interpreted as a store. A store in which, whatever you take, you have to give something back. Example: If you hit yourself smack dab into a normal scoop, you lose a life in return. Everything you do in this game will make you lose in one way or another. ALL scoops are worth 5 points, unless they are the flavored ones that are 10 and 15 points. Even the fish, cherry, heart and shields are 5 points, which means that whenever you take one, you give – or lose – 5 points. Like the game Evil Fuzzle game where you can buy things after a point in the game. So be VERY careful to not get any slowing or shield scoops or anything of the such in the beginning rounds, since they’re not going to help you or your point count either.

Clear enough? Hehe, all right. Now for some what ifs.

What if I have a heart and cherry scoop, but the heart is just in the bottom while the cherry is almost gone?

Very easy. Simply take the heart first, because the heart is the complete most important key to winning, and then – if you have time – get the cherry. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get it, as it will still give you 5 points, and you have a new life. This question can also portray a fish scoop in the same predicament.

You say lives are essential, but I still have my three lives and in a far level – what do I do?

Let’s clear this up:

Beginner Ice Cream Machine Player is the type that can score 0 - 6,000 points without trouble.

Intermediate Ice Cream Machine Player is the type that can score 6,005 -10,000 points without trouble.

Master Ice Cream Machine Player is the type that can score 10,005 – 14000 points with a little luck, but still pretty easily.

Grand Master Ice Cream Machine Player is the type that can score 14,005+ points easily, or simply can complete the whole game.

You’re a beginner –

(1 - 3 lives left) Into the Blueberry type level, try some more. If not, give up, unless you want to keep trying.

(1 - 3 lives left) Into the Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate level, beat it, if not, give up. Try a bit harder on the next game, but it’ll be pretty hard handling the later levels.

(4 - 6) Into the Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate level, try your best and move on; you’ll have a nice chance on moving to the Peach level, and the higher the level, the greater the chance to achieve many hearts.

(7+) Into the Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate level, you may be able to beat it very easily with a few or no smacks, and you’ll most likely become an Intermediate player. ;)

On a higher level, tremendously hard to get a high score.

You’re an Intermediate player –

(1 – 3 lives left ) Into the Peach level, try it; if you don’t get any more lives, don’t try any more. Try on the next game for more lives.

(1 – 3 lives left) In the Double Chocolate/Tigersquash level, try no more. Extremely hard to move on.

(4 – 6) Into the Double Chocolate lever, very nice. I find this level to be my hardest, but if you make it alive, hopefully with more lives than before, then good job! You’re close!

(7+) You’re doing awesomely well! If you’re getting stuck on tigersquash, this many lives may help out.

You’re a Master or Grand Master –

(1 – 3 lives left) In Double Chocolate level, dodge as much as you can, getting every single heart in sight. It only gets worse from here, so, good luck! Can’t say to give up if you’re this good!

(4 – 6 lives left) In Tigersquash, good job! For the next level, around 5 lives are required for the skillful on the safe side, so go on!

(7+) Very very nice! Go on, Rainbowberry and Garlicy Bratwurst are waiting for you! Very good job to masters!

LOL. Now you know how crazy I am with lives in this game. It’s like the core of the game, the arrow to success, the – well, you get the point!

Can you please explain how the harder levels are and any tips for them?

My pleasure! For most, Double Chocolate is the start of horrors. Why? It is where the scoops stop being nice and start getting real. No, not real as in they’ll fly off your computer, but they’re tough! On the psychological side, with the dark background and the dark scoops, even for the perfect eyes, it can be a little tricky for the mind to compute orders. This level is a complete clot! Still, red slowing scoops fly often, so grab one and do your best!

Tigersquash is a little easier, mostly because it’s spacier. The scoops speed up just a bit, so it’s not a ice cream stampede!

Rainbowberry speeds up a little more, but not enough to see a complete difference. What is right, is that it’s getting a little clottier so you wont have as much as space to move around, but still fairly easy to grab a few hearts or bonus scoops!

Garlic Bratwurst is the big banana – the head of all levels, the cream of the crop, the – all right I’ll stop. Again, very possible to lose lives in this level, but it’s just a repeat of Rainbowberry only garlicy-fied.

For me, nothing compares to Double Chocolate, but I still wanted you to get the perspective of all levels. :)

We’re Done!!

I hope these two issues helped your game at least by a little! I really want people to get the Ice Cream Machine avatar, and I’m very glad to help! Please, feel free to neomail me with any concern or comment you’d like to send. Thanks guys! Trave, signing out.

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