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The Rainbow Pteri Feather

by pigeons707


Razzberi the Pteri flew over Neopia Central. He looked down on the twisting path at the neopets below entering the shops and stands. A large sign in front of the post office announced that there was a sale today, and the 1,000th shopper would receive an ummagine stamp.


      Not wanting to miss the opportunity to have such an exclusive stamp in his album, and help him finish his stamp collection, Razzberi descended to the shop. The Chia at the counter said, "Yes sir, may I help you?"

      "Yes, I'd like to buy a roll of stamps please. How about some Mystery Island ones today."

      "That'll be 5,000 neopoints, please," said the Chia.

     Razzberi hung his head in disappointment.

      "Um, am I by any chance the 1,000th customer today? May I have an ummagine stamp?"

      "Oh, I'm sorry, sir, the ummagine stamp was awarded to a Cybunny about an hour ago. Rumor has it she is going to put it in her Safety Deposit box. She is saving for a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie card. I'm very sorry to disappoint you. Would you like the stamps anyway?"

      "No," Razzberi said stiffly. He was most upset.

      "Have a nice day," said the Chia politely. He was actually a little annoyed. He went over, and placed the stamps back in his album. When he turned around the Pteri was gone, leaving a small red feather behind him.


      When Razzberi got home he was not in a good mood.

      "Is everything alright?" asked his sister Keliza.

      "No, I just missed out on the opportunity to get an ummagine stamp for my album. They were offering them to the 1,000th customer at the post office, but some Cybunny bought it."

      "I'm sorry to hear that. I know how much you'd like to complete your collection. I made wormy jam sandwiches, though, with a side of sliced neggs! Our favorite! That always cheers you up!"

      "I'm not hungry," said Razzberi.

      "Well, suit yourself. I'm gonna have a sammy."

      "Where is Kata and Umamarie?" asked Razzberi. His Usul siblings were almost always at home.

      "Oh, they left for Terror Mountain for a skiing trip. They'll be back on Monday."

      Razzberi was in a very bad mood now. His brother and sister were skiing, his other sister was eating half her weight in wormy jam sandwiches, and he had nothing to do.

      "Have you fed Pigeon yet?" Razzberi took excellent care of his mallard. Keliza was too busy eating and thumbing through her trading card collection.

      "I'm going out," said Razzberi, and he emptied his Icklesaur piggy bank of all its neopoints, and set out to go for a fly around Neopia. As he took off, he left a white feather behind.


      Razzberi didn't really know where he wanted to go, but the sight of commotion at Usukiland at the Bazaar made him think of Umamarie at once. Smiling at the thought of his big Usul sister, he landed on the ground by the shop.

      "HANNAH THE USUL IS HERE TODAY ONLY!!!" shouted the Blumaroo owner of the shop. This excited Razzberi, for he had always had a soft spot for the pretty Usul who explored caves. This also reminded him that he had enough neopoints to buy a Grundo Independence Day Usuki for his sister and perhaps he could get the box signed by Hannah herself!! At the point that this thrilling thought occurred, the owner held out her hand.

      "Do you have a ticket, young Pteri?"

     This annoyed Razzberi so much. 'Young Pteri'? What was she thinking?

      "No, I thought I could just go and buy an usuki for my sister and then meet Hannah."

      "I'm sorry little boy, but you need a ticket to enter-only 50,000 neopoints."

     Razzberi took off. This day was getting worse by the second. As he ascended, he left a brown tail feather behind.

      "I think I'll just go to the food shop and buy something." Now he was wishing that he had taken one of Keliza's wormy jam sandwiches. As he made his way to the food shop, he saw the Chia standing in front of the post office waving to passersby. He could have sworn that he saw the Chia hand a passing Ixi a free stamp. Trying to ignore this, he flew down to the food shop and held out his wing to open the door. But it was locked. A little sign on the door read: "Sorry, we are sold out of everything! We get restocked every eight minutes or so, so please come back soon."

      Kicking the door, Razzberi turned around. Could nothing good happen today? He decided that he would go to the petpet shop just for fun. He already had a mallard, and his siblings had their beloved petpets, but perhaps just a look at the cute petpets would cheer him up. But as he walked over to the shop, something happened. Lying on the street right there was a RAINBOW PTERI FEATHER.

      He must be seeing things. It was impossible that there would be a feather worth hundreds of thousands of neopoints just lying there on the ground. Razzberi scanned the streets. Nobody else seemed to notice this. He ran over as fast as his three toes could carry him (Pteris were better masters of the sky), and he picked up the feather. Immediately, he felt his feet lift off the ground and his surroundings disappeared instantly. He was zooming very quickly, and he was very scared, but something told him not to let go of the Pteri feather. And as soon as the sensation started, it ended. He landed with his wings over his face on soft carpet. He could hear a cackling fire in the background, and the scent of biscuits filled his nostrils. He guessed it was safe to open his eyes.

      "AHHHH," Razzberi screamed very loudly for stooped over him was a very old Pteri, a very, very old Pteri. She had large glasses and a thick beak, but nonetheless had a kindly grandmother-like appearance. The eyes behind the spectacles were very wise and knowing. Razzberi could tell that despite her age the Pteri was with it and sharp as a toothpick. But then, as he looked at her and his surroundings more carefully, he recognized the Pteri.

      "Gggallii," he asked. "Gali Yoj?"

      "Yes, my dear, it is I, Gali Yoj. What brings you to my humble abode?"

     Razzberi didn't know where to begin.

      "Um, um, er…" He held out the Rainbow Pteri Feather for his answer.

      "Ah, I was wondering when a wise young neopet would find that."

     When Gali Yoj called him young, it wasn't insulting like the Blumaroo at the Usukiland shop. As Razzberi thought more, he remembered the image of the aged Pteri from a card in his Neodeck. And then a description came to him.

      "A wise and powerful old wizard, Gali is the teacher of Eleus Batrin. She may have information that would lead to the freeing of ancient Neopia from a powerful curse."

      "I see you have a nice Neodeck," said the Pteri, winking kindly. "Yes, I did teach Eleus. A wonderful Lupe, he is. Was always very kind and helpful toward me."

     She walked over to a bookcase and pulled out a book entitled To Beak or Not to Beak. Spotting Razzberi looking at her she said, "I've never been interested in zapping myself. I would hate to turn into an ugly Skeith or something, and I like myself the way I am, but this book shows how a young Pteri decided to venture in front of the lab ray and ended up being purple. I've read it a couple hundred times, I-"

     "-Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but where are we, Ma'am?"

     Gali's eyes twinkled. "We are in the Lenny Library. My guild is stationed here, so this is where I spend most of my time, though next week I'll be traveling to the Lost Desert to meet up with my friend who I haven't seen since Y2."

      "And how did I get here? I was just walking around in Neopia Central and all of a sudden I ended up here. How is that?"

      "You are sweet. Well, as the Neodeck card suggests, I am a wise and powerful old wizard. I set some magic on that feather a while ago and I dropped it in Neopia Central. Only a troubled Pteri such as you can pick it up. The whole point of transporting you here was so that I could help you somehow. Is there something that's been bothering you?"

     Razzberi gazed up at her in amazement.

      "Yes, I just haven't had a good day-" And he explained everything that had happened. The ummagine stamp was given to a Cybunny, his Usul siblings went skiing without him, he missed out on a chance to meet Hannah, and the Food Shop was closed.

      "-And that was when I found the feather and ended up here. I've never been to the Lenny Library before. My guild is in the Endless plains."

      Gali smiled down at him.

     "Well, as a gift you can keep that Rainbow Pteri Feather. With it, you will have good luck and happiness. And as long as you have it, you can always come back and visit me. Next time I'd like for you to bring all of your siblings and they can see my books as well. But be sure never to put the feather up for sale because that would be destructive. Keep it in your safety deposit box."

     With a final wink she said, "Take this. Your friend Hannah gave it to me."

     And it was a Grundo Independence Day Usuki inside a signed box. Beaming, Razzberi hugged Razzberi and kissed her on the cheek.

     "You'd best be off. Your sister, Keliza must be worried about you." She tapped the rainbow feather with her yellow one, and handed it to Razzberi. Instantly he felt that sensation again where he was soaring quickly through the sky, and it ended quickly.


     Razzberi was standing outside his own Neohome: Number 427684 Guild Street, Neopia Central. He burst the door open to find his sister Keliza sitting on her Pterattack bean bag. She ran over with her wings outstretched, and Razzberi did the same. They hugged each other very tightly.

     "I was so worried about you," said Keliza. "Did you do anything exciting?"

     "Boy, did I ever," said Razzberi, and he sat down with his sister on the bean bag and told her what happened.

The End

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