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Ten Places Even the Picky Eater Should Know

by minniemouseluvr9


Neopians everywhere are hungry. Some like to snack and some like to pig-out. Some are starving and some are bloated. Some like expensive fine dining and others prefer the casual pick-it-up-and-go. What ever they like, all Neopets are hungry. I’ve put together a guide of the top ten eating establishments in Neopia. All places are rated out of 5 (5 being the best) by cost, cleanliness, service, and where they are located, and are given a number of stars (*) with a detailed paragraph about each one. All restaurants were rated by the public and no names will be released. Owner names will not be released unless granted permission to do so.

Number 10: Soup Faerie’s Kitchen *

Cost: Free -if you have under 3,000 NP

Cleanliness: 1 -She’s so busy she doesn’t have time to clean.

Service: Slow(2)- The Soup Faerie is the only one working there and there is so many Neopets!

Location: Neopian Central

The Soup Faerie’s Kitchen is widely know all across Neopia. Almost everyone has gone there at least once and you can even get an avatar from there. The Soup Faerie works mostly alone in the kitchen making all kinds of soup for poor Neopians. She has to limit the people who come by the amount of neopoints they have or she’d never have a break. Besides this, the turn downs are its cleanness and service. Otherwise, some love to just hang out there because the Soup Faerie is always friendly and cheerful.

Number 9: The Giant Omelette *

Cost: Free

Cleanliness: 1- it’s on dry mud!

Service: Pretty good (3)- It doesn’t take long but many are afraid of Sabre-X, the guard.

Location: Tyrannia

The Omelette is found in Tyrannia and used by millions. That’s the bad part. Other than not knowing where this thing came from in the first place, many are turned away by the fact it runs out sometimes and that it’s sitting on dirt. Sabre-X also makes sure you only get one piece a day which frightens some younger Neopians off. Its main attraction is that it is free.

Number 8: Pizzaroo **

Cost: Ranges- Never too expensive

Cleanliness: Pretty good (3)- Sauce gets everywhere and so does his mustache.

Service: Pretty good (3)- His main flaw is that he’s always running out.

Location: Neopian Central

Everyone loves pizza and Neopians are no exception. His pizza isn’t the best but it sure is better than most. Many cannot understand the Blumaroo’s accent. No one likes to wait for pizza and Pizzaroo is always running out. What grosses customers out most is finding a long, black mustache hair baked into the cheese.

Number 7: Qasalan Delights **

Cost: Above average

Cleanliness: Pretty good (3)- Who wants sand in their food?

Service: Good (3.5)- Often runs out, but there is a lot of selection.

Location: Lost Desert

Though the food is a little pricey it still brings in lots of customers. In the future, Qasalan Delights may move up in rank. Remember, the place hasn’t been around too awful long. With the sand storms and rebuilding of Qasala, dirt and sand can occasionally get into food. Still, Neopians come far and wide to taste some of the rarest delicacies in the world. Like Pizzaroo, this store runs out of food often, but makes up for it by its wide selection.

Number 6: Chocolate Factory ***

Cost: Ranges- always affordable

Cleanliness: Unknown.

Service: Good (3.5)- There is almost always something in stock.

Location: Neopian Central

Not too terribly much is known about this marvelous place, other than that the chocolate that comes out of it is absolutely delicious. No one ever goes in or out of this place so much that most of its status is unknown. It would probably be higher up in rank if they’d stop shooting chocolate balls at the health inspector. The main reason the Chocolate Factory is so successful is that it is in the heart of all the chocolate lovers; Neopia Central. If there is one place to take your sweetheart, it is the Chocolate Factory. The Chocolate Factory can also get you an avatar.

Number 5: Grundos Café ***

Cost: Ranges- almost always affordable

Cleanliness: 2- it is just never cleaned.

Service: Very Good (4)- just don’t anger the cook!

Location: Space Station

The Grundos Café is known everywhere that it can be heard. Now that Dr. Sloth is gone, Neopians are free to roam and enjoy this scrumptious eating establishment. The service is extraordinary as long as you don’t upset the cook. Though usually grumpy, he is fun and makes the best meals. No wonder everyone comes to the Space Station. The problem is getting there though.

Number 4: Health Food ***

Cost: Above average- it costs to stay healthy

Cleanliness: 5- it is a HEALTH store after all...

Service: Okay (2.5)- some hired employees think they are better than everyone because they work at the Health Food store.

Location: Neopia Central

It may be expensive but the store is in a great place. Most people go here because it is convenient. Its sparkling floors and clear windows are nice, but 7 out of 10 Neopians think that Health Food has taken the ‘Veggie thing’ too far. The selection is fantastic. There are more than three varieties of a food to choose from: organic, regular, and more! If Health Food was just a little friendlier they could be right on top.

Number 3: Food Shop- Gourmet Club ****

Cost: Expensive

Cleanliness: Pretty good (3)- with some members pigging out, it is hard to stay clean.

Service: Very good (4)- You provide the food, they give you a place to eat it.

Location: Neopia Central

The reason the Gourmet Club is so high is because it is an exclusive club that everyone wants to belong to. If you think about it, supplying your own food isn’t that great, but hanging out with people in the dining hall is. Seated in the main part of Neopia, the Gourmet Club is the center of attention. They eat even more food every time a record is broken. Make sure you add the Health Food club into your day too or you may end up really, really heavy.

Number 2: Neolodge Restaurant ****

Cost: Reasonable

Cleanliness: Depends where you are staying.

Service: Depends where you are staying.

Location: Neopia Central

Many forget about this the wonderful little place. The dining is grand and festive in the higher hotel classes. It is still great even in lower hotels although it isn’t as clean. The service is still dependable in the Cockroach Towers. The Neolodge is the number one hotel choice in Neopia. The down side to eating at the restaurant is that you must have a reservation to eat there.

Number 1: Kelp *****

Cost: Expensive

Cleanliness: Great (5)- it is under water after all.

Service: Great (5)

Location: Maraqua

The view is beautiful, the atmosphere is exceptional, and the food is delicious. Only the best are hired so that your visit is the best it can be. The food is so good and you can bring so home with you. The only downside is that it is very expensive. Kelp is the number one place to eat on both Neopia and the Space Station. Kelp is flourishing everywhere and it is not a very old restaurant either. Make sure you get a reservation because it is so hard to get in. You can also earn an avatar from Kelp.

Now that you’ve seen all the establishments (or at least the top 10) that Neopia has to offer, I encourage you to get out there and try them all. No matter what the food is or how hard it is to get there, as long as you like it, go eat! If you can’t decide where to go, head for Neopia Central because as you saw, most of the restaurants are there. Don’t have enough money? Always remember: Your home is the best place to eat.

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