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Beating Punchbag Bob

by hts30


So, you want to beat up a torn, patched, mutated potato sack that can talk? Why? Maybe you are going for an old, torn trophy that looks kinda like him…

If you want to see the trophy, just check out my lookup. See? Well, if you still want this beautiful golden trophy, read on. No, there is no avie for this that I know of, but it is so worth it! Believe me!!

All About Bob

Punchbag Bob, I think at least, started out as a potato sack and some one threw a pair of funky glasses and mustache on him. Then they decided to practice battle on him. I don’t know how, but he ended up in the Battledome…

Now, he is in the Battledome, in your list of enemies. All day pets beat him up for trophies. Bob doesn't fight back; he's just a limp lump of cloth. But the catch is that his hit points are high... Not 100, not even 1,000. Now, you may be giving up. DON'T! It's only 5,000; it's not that much. Well, it is, but he doesn't fight back! That really helps! ; )

He'll scream "OOOOOOUUUUUUUCH!!" and "I HATE BEING A PUNCH BAG!!" and stuff like that, but don't feel sorry for him. Let him feel the pain!!

Getting ready

Obviously, choose your strongest pet. I chose Obby (Oblashibbyshibby). Make sure they are fed and have 1hp, at least, and are healthy. DO NOT equip them with any healing device! He DOES NOT fight back and your pet will not lose 1hp!

So, what do you equip them with? Anything. What do you have? Sword? Cannon? Equip all eight items. I found the rainbow gun to be helpful. Just no snowballs. Now you are ready to enter the one player Battledome!!

The First Moves

Your pet steps out onto the blood-stained battle field. There's a chill. Then, the doors across from your pet open and some Grundos throw out a struggling, patched bundle of cloth. He shivers as your pet takes out a pitch fork...

Reading what I just wrote ^^ made me want to beat him again! Make these kinds of mental images to keep yourself entertained. It is very boring!!

Make moves and keep mental notes of how much hp he loses. What items did you use? Was it a fierce attack? A really good attack, for me, takes 9hp from him. Try all the combinations possible.

The Middle

There's nothing on this planet (or Neopia) more boring. You'll get a pattern in your hand... Click on those items, choose from the drop-down menu, press enter, scroll down, and start all over. Ugg!

There will be times when you feel like you'll never get there, but put the image of your pet killing Bob back into your mind. Be calm and get lots of your favorite food to eat. Once in a while take a break and play a favorite game. But never, EVER go to the status page. It will delete your pet from battling!

Am I Done Yet?

Here's some goals to set inside your head:

4,900/5,000hp left = 2% done

4,000hp = 20% done

3,000hp = 40% done

2,500hp = 50% done

1,000hp = 80% done

I'm pretty good at math. LOL! XD

The Final (Hundred) Moves

A half hour might have passed. Or three hours. You must be really tired, right? Anything but this, right? But the image of a beautiful trophy to show off in your lookup is holding you in. Must... Finish... Must...

Absolutely DO NOT do this to yourself! Give yourself lots of breaks as rewards. Listen to the radio. Be calm... You are getting that trophy!

A fear came to me. I don't know about you, but it really terrified me. I was afraid that I'd get done and not get the trophy because of a glitch! I only know two people that had that happen, so I am just adding this as a warning. It might happen, but you could always send it in as a bug report.

I was also afraid the power would go out or my little brother would ruin it. But how would he know how to get to the status page?! And if the power DOES go out *cough**cough*YEAH RIGHT!*cough* , your pet will stay there! You have to go to the status page to get him/her out! The power did go out about five minutes after I was done... Scary! -But not really. XD

All Done!!!

What a relief! Now go stare at that beautiful, golden statue of victory! And give your pet lots of love and groom them and play with them-you couldn't have done this without your brave, strong pet!

Like me, you might start shivering and sweating. If this happens, it's nothing big, just excitement!


How long does this usually take?

For me, about two hours. I know some one that took only 45 minutes, though. It all depends on how fast and determined you are.

What Battledome items do I need?

Anything. Anything you have at all. Just no "one use" items or healing items, as you will not need them. ; )

What if he wants revenge later?

Yeah, right. But I did hear this rumor about his evil brother or something...

Does he fight back?


Will he steal any of my items?

No, he's not the Pant Devil. He doesn't have any sticky hands or anything.

Does he have anything equipped to him?

Nope. (; That almost makes it easy! LOL!

What if I don’t get a trophy?

Odds are, you will, but it is possible there will be a glitch. Only two people that I know of had this happen to them. But if there is a glitch, you can send it in as a bug report!

What if he secretly has an item?

If he did, he would have used it by now!

Thank you for reading this great guide! I love to hear people’s victories, so feel free to neomail me. Good luck!!

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