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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

10th February
  • What's this? Well with all that's going on, Aethia needs some backup in leading the resistance! Help her assemble your forces to advance and bring down the Wraiths!

  • The Neopian Petpet Shop has added these cute little guys! You just wanna squeeze em forever and ever and…oh sorry..ehem ehem yeah well check out Valentine Baby Blu, Magaral & Clompkin!

  • Ohhhh Shiny! Today's lovely pet is this Marbled Kougra! Check it out now at the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray to colour this Neopet!

  • Sorry Neopians, the Neopian Times won't be coming today. No worries, we'll be back next week!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with an assortment of Lenny themed submissions to get you through the weekend. Check them out!

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners – Sitrei, Criistan, and LonChaney_Jr! Head over to the contest page to check out the top 3 entries or vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition

  • NC MALL NEWS: My oh my what do we have here? There is yet another Sweetheart Gram, this time Queen of Hearts! Rule over the land of love when you open up this gram and share with those who can use that extra boost! Peruse the NC Mall now for a smashing good time!

9th February
  • Today is full of hearts and the Bakery & Food Shop have some dainty new delicacies for you! This Jinjah Maple Mocktail & Piece of my Heart Gingerbread Cookies are a sure way to indulge your sweet tooth!

  • Today, sliding into the new paintbrush spot is brought to you by this slimy Snot Lutari! Check it out now at the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray to colour this Neopet!

  • Speaking of Lutaris have you submitted your Random Contest art yet? The contest is still going but ends February 9th at 8 AM NST! So make sure to get those last minute submissions in so we can see what Lutari Island might look like!

  • Try your luck to guess what this week's new Mystery Picture is! The prize pool is 2,000,000 Neopoints and the stakes are high so step right up and try your hand, you too could be a lucky winner!

  • Congratulations to Whippy, the winner of this week’s Petpet Spotlight. You can learn more about this Birthday Babaa owned by dailytimes, if you head to the spotlight page now! If it's finally your turn, submit your Petpet today for a chance to win!

  • NC MALL NEWS: The Valentine's festivities just keep on givin', and continuing the trend the NC Mall has a FREE, that's right FREE, Valentine's Goodie Bag available right now! Pick it up now till the 15th for a fun surprise prize inside!

8th February
  • The Grooming Parlour now has a Valentine's Shampoo Bottle and Heart Shaped Soap to help get your Neopets squeaky clean for this lovely holiday season!

  • Well, someone must've whispered into Turmy's ear to ask him to for new prizes, and maybe he woke up on the right side of the grass today because we hear he actually has been handing out some new prizes! Try your luck and see if you can nab one at just…the…right… time!

  • Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and in celebration there are paintbrushes coming out every day until the 14th just to share some love! Beginning the trend with this Magma Vanadagyre! So go ahead splash around and go crazy and keep an eye on the Rainbow Pool and Lab Ray for new things to come!

  • Think you can beat The Evil Bugs in this week's challenge game - Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 640 - Purple Kepru!

7th February
  • We are calling upon you once again, this poor Skeith has been recovered and only with your help can he get back to full health. Make your way to the Infirmary to see how much recovering he has left to help him out!

  • Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but there are new items available at Neopian School Supplies and the Gift Shop! You’ll never lose your page with the Jhudora Bookmark, and the Jhudora Leaf Tray keeps your belongings safe and sound- unless you forget to place them there of course!

  • The Neopian Music Shop has two new instruments! Excuse me while I write lullabies for my petpets with the Valentine Bulbul Tarang and Valentine Bandoneon... Get these instruments today!

  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, kids2spoil, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their Battledome inspired lookup page.

  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Don’t miss out on seeing the winning selection, titled "Trees, Fallen Leaves, and All Things Green,” which is owned by stargirl346!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a random assortment of submissions to get you through the week. Check them out!

6th February
  • If you haven't noticed already, Baelia has taken over Hidden Tower as Fyora…you know…recovers…but the shop has magically reopened and is better than ever! New elements have been added and old items have come and gone so be sure to swing by, I have a feeling a weapon shopping spree is just what you need today!

  • Zafara Day is here so head on over to the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray to colour this Neopet in shades of Candy or Clay!

  • In honour of Zafara day, Unis Clothing Shop has some new but old school threads for you to rock! Try on this stylin Winter Zafara look to turn heads and make a statement!

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

  • A very special shout out to jeanawei1234 and their Magma Peophin, Krenilen, for winning this week's Neopet Pet Spotlight!

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