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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

16th and 17th January
  • If you're planning to remodel your house, you should try using one of the new window styles available at Brightvale Glaziers. If you're going for the palatial look, you should check out the Castle Window. But home owners that aren't too fond of sunlight might find the Jail Window appealing.

  • Although, if you're setting up home in the Lost Desert, the Sakhmet Style Window is just what you need. While, houses in Shenkuu would blend in perfectly with the Shenkuu Style Windows.

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners - Vemyl, Boroovan, and Gastawn! Head on over to check out the top 3 entries or take the time to vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • A very special user-planned Conspiracies, Mysteries and & Secrets issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Check out some of the great new stories like "Tour De Neopia: Mystery Edition" or read through the Editorial for the answers to some of the most buzzed-about questions around Neopia.

  • An Elephante inspired selection of Poems has been published to. Go there now to check out pieces like, "Elephante Flapper Dress" or "A Baby Elephante's Tale."

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with an array of wonderful pieces that celebrate Sloth Day and the upcoming Elephante Day! Did any of your works of art make the cut?

  • NC MALL NEWS: Last Chance! Have you been loving all of the latest Dyeworks as much as we have? Hopefully you've dyed all of your favourites by now, but if not, there's still time! January 17th is your last day to get these latest winter holidays Dyeworks items, so stop by the Dyeworks Studio today!

15th January - Sloth Appreciation Day
  • An ardent young Dr. Sloth fan secretly followed his idol around for several months, until he found his way to a place no other Neopet has ever set eyes on - the top secret, highly protected and super spooky transmogrification lab! You can now dress your pet up with this background from Mystical Surroundings.

  • He also discovered the missing Wocky Transmogrification Potion in the lab.

  • You can now paint the Batterfly and the Alkenore mutant at the Petpet Puddle.

  • A new Mystery Picture has arrived. The answer to last week's was Dr. Landelbrot, which 328 people guessed correctly, winning 6,098 neopoints each. And, now you can enter for a chance to win a piece of the next prize pool!

  • An updated selection of Poems awaits to mark Sloth Appreciation Day. Go there now to check out pieces like, "Ode to Dr. Frank Sloth" or "A Grundo's Ode to Sloth."

  • NC MALL NEWS: NC Mall Background Sale! Starting January 15th through Sunday, January 17th get 50% off select backgrounds. Included in the sale will be 3 all new exclusive backgrounds, so make sure to do some shopping this weekend to check out the selection! Stay tuned the next few weekends for new sales and exclusive items available on weekends only. Get your shopping bags ready!

    If you just can't wait for the new goodies tomorrow, you're in luck, because a brand new Mysterious Morphing Experiment is now on sale at the NC Mall! This first stage of MME21 will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss out on the morphing fun!

14th January
  • Brightvale Fruits is now selling several new fruit flavoured items. Try a refreshing glass of Screlon or Grenelon Juice!

  • Or if that doesn't fit your fancy and you're not looking for something to quench your thirst, pick up a bottle of Cackleberry or Jipple Pear Jam which are also available at Brightvale Fruits.

  • A very special 2000th Poetry Contest has been published. Go there now to check out pieces like, "2000 Contests, A Celebration!" or "Adventure Awaits."

  • Think you can beat Orrin in this week's challenge game - Revel Roundup? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

13th January
  • It seems to have snowed very heavily in Neopia Central last night, and now we have found a Neopet and a precious petpet entirely coated in snow. Oh wait, it's just a snow Lutari and Albat?! Visit the Rainbow Pool or Petpet Puddle to try on these new colours!

  • Or if you're not quite ready for those cool new looks, drop in at Plushie Palace to pick up the new Snow Quiggle Plushie.

  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, lil_cute_lamb19, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their Neopets-themed lookup page.

  • The Art Gallery has been updated in honour of the recently celebrated Buzz Day! Did any of your pieces make the cut?

  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Check out the winning selection, titled "Snowland," which is owned by tansymarie!

12th January - Buzz Day
  • Happy Buzz Day! To mark the occasion, this unique species is now available in Ice and Custard colours.

  • Cap'n Threelegs is giving away free training to any Buzz that visits him during the Festival of Buzz! Will you be joining in the fun today?

  • Your Buzz can try out the new outfit available for that at the Clothing Shop.

  • This week's brand new Story Telling tale was submitted by chasing_stars44. Go check out the beginning of Story 714 and submit your own addition!

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Don't forget to come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

  • A new selection of Poems awaits in honour of Buzz Day! Now you can enjoy a few verses from pieces like, "A New Buzz Colour" or "Buzz vs. Worms."

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