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11th and 12th July - Ixi Day
  • Happy Ixi Day! Soon you will be able to colour your Ixi in Transparent and Wraith at the Rainbow Pool. Which one is your favourite?

  • Head over to Cap'n Threelegs, who is offering free training for Ixi today.

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! After browsing through some of the stories, be sure to read through the Editorial to the answers to some of our most buzzed about questions around Neopia.

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with Kiko inspired works of art in honour of the Kiko Lake Win in this year's Altador Cup. Go there now to check it out!

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners - Lunatic, Savvore, and Kabhuki! Head on over to check out the top 3 entries or take the time to vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • The NC Mall 8th Birthday celebrations continue with the 8th Birthday Rose Gold Gala Wish Candle! Pick one up today from the Birthday Shop and check out what other goodies are in store!

  • NC MALL NEWS: If you are looking to redeem your Neocash Cards soon, we have not forgotten about you! Neocash card redemption features will be back in action by next week. Sorry for the delay! We know that a number of you have been patiently waiting to redeem your cards, so thanks for bearing with us as we transition between our ewallet providers.

10th July
  • Is your pet looking a little scruffy? Must be time to head to the Grooming Parlour! Whether you are going for a style that is wind-blown or wind-defying, the new hair product Breeze will help you pull off that look.

  • Discover the secret to flawless, youthful skin with the Korbat Face Mask. Made from a mixture of the Korbat's favourite fruits, centuries of Korbats have used this mask to keep them looking fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Have you been able to figure out this week's Mystery Picture? Enter for a chance to win a piece of the 2,000,000 Neopoint prize pool today! The first 250 people winners will also get a special bonus prize.

  • A Message from TNT: Attention, Neopia! On Friday, July 10th, our server provider will be performing scheduled maintenance, starting at 8PM PST/NST. For about a 12 hour window, you may notice lag on the site with the possibility of periodic downtime. While no specific details are available at this time, we will be updating everyone if the site becomes unavailable at any point. To stay connected with TNT during this time, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Oh and don't forget to help us get the word out by notifying your Neofriends today!

9th July
  • Some days, a whiff of vanilla is all that it takes to lift up your mood. Why not pick up a bottle of Vanilla Fragrance Oil from the Gift Shop?

  • A Bouquet of Sweet Treats? For me? Aw, you shouldn't have. Indulge that special pet with this scrumptious bouquet. It's the sweetest gift for any occasion.

  • Think you can beat Torakor in this week's challenge game - Chariot Chase? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

  • Happy 8th Birthday to the NC Mall! We have some fun celebratory surprises planned throughout the month of July, starting today with a free gift for all of you! Stop by the NC Mall today to claim your 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake and see what surprises it holds! Be sure to keep checking back to see what else is in store this month!

8th July
  • Rush over to the Smoothie Store for a dose of Candy Floss Smoothie. You can taste the goodness of spun sugar with every sip!

  • Does that sound a bit too sweet for your tastes? Try out the Smoothie Operator, a sweet blend of tropical and summertime flavours guaranteed that won’t exhaust your sweet tooth.

  • Art Gallery updates have been made to mark the recently celebrated Flotsam Day. Have you stopped by to check out these award-winning works of art? If you’re still riding the wave of excitement from this year’s Altador Cup, we’ve selected a few additions in your honour as well!

  • A Message from TNT: Sit tight, Neopians! It seems that rumours are true and a certain scheming Chia has been haunting Neopets HQ today, causing a few issues with our web servers. While we figure out what he’s been up to, you may notice some site lag or brief periods of downtime. But, rest assured, our tech team is already on the case. After all, not much can keep characters like Hubrid Nox down (*wink*). Another day is just another opportunity to disturb the harmonious world that is Neopia!

7th July
  • Look what just landed at the Plushie Palace - a Blue Babaa Plushie! This sweet little thing will make you go "Aww, Babaa," but that is only until you see the fuzzy Cloud Xweetok Plushie. And then you will go "Awww, Xweetok."

  • The winners of Altador Cup X have been announced, and
    K I K O
    L A K E
    T A K E S T H E C U P !
    A special shout-out to Kreludor and Tyrannia for landing among the top 3 teams, and congratulations to all those who competed in this year's tournament.

  • You can now celebrate your efforts in the Altador Cup by collecting some rewards at the newly opened Prize Shop!

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Don't forget to come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

  • Look simply stunning with the long and flowing wig of Caylis. This is the 1st NC Collectible item from the Friend or Foe Collection - Y17. Don't miss out on this special item; it will only be available in the NC Mall for the month of July!

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