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18th and 19th April
  • Looking for a way to kick off a weekend to remember? Start it off with a few of our most ingenious (albeit... um... gross) foods! Now you can serve up Coconut Ketchup Stew or Fish and Rhubarb Burgers.

  • Congratulations to the latest winners Luehija, Bell_Hissi and Bhaesic in the Beauty Contest! Head on over to check out the top 3 entries or take the time to vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • New spring mystery capsules are now available in the NC Mall! The Tribal Mystery Capsule and the Retired Spring Pretty in Pink Mystery Capsule are perfect for updating your spring wardrobe! Get yours at the NC Mall!

17th April
  • Time is a difficult thing to come by these days. Learn what it takes to track each minute of the day with "Time Management," the all-new addition to the Booktastic Book collection.

    Or if you're looking for a sweeter tale, "Scoops of Friendship on the Run" can also be found escaping from the shop shelves!

  • Speaking of time, it is finally the moment to unveil that second Paintbrush colour that can now be used on Krawks (*cues the drum roll*)! Without any further delay... Krawks can now be painted in the Sketch colour at the Rainbow Pool.

  • The Poetry Contest page was recently updated with all of the winning entries that were held over from Gelert Day (yes - we know it's been awhile...). Check it out and expect more updates soon!

16th April - Krawk Day
  • Happy Krawk Day! Krawks can now be painted in the Woodland colour at the Rainbow Pool. And that's not the only paint brush related surprise that we have planned... stay tuned!

  • Cap'n Threelegs is offering free training to Krawks that visit him on Krawk Day.

  • That Grey Day gloom might be gone, but it seems that there are still a few sad faces over at the Art Gallery, which has been updated with amazing Grey Day additions and more. Come by to check out some of our celebrated Neopian artists!

  • If you were having trouble using either the Dimensional Poogle or Halloween Chia Morphing Potions - a magical fix has just been added to these special items. Start morphing your Neopets today! Check them out and vote for your favourite entry in this next round of competition. Congratulations to Arrg, Pacsa, and charlotte22222!

15th April
  • Looks like we haven't quite cleaned up all the spots left over from Polka Dot Day, but maybe some books can clue us into the best approach. With titles like "The Problems with Polka Dots" and "The Solutions to Polka Dots," we are bound to be heading in the correct direction... right?

  • And that's not the only place that Polka Dot additions are still being spotted! A few darling (and dotted...) music instruments are now floating around Neopia. Which tune do you prefer, the sounds of the Polka Dot Trumpet or Clarinet?

  • Big news for all you Gelert fans - the Stealth Paint Brush has finally been activated for this Neopet! Now you can collect all of the unique items that come with this special and recently released colour.

14th April - Grey Day
  • It's Grey Day ... and misery needs company on days like today. Try not to look so happy about some of the new items that we have stocked the shops with on this particularly gloomy Neopian day!

  • Feeling extra crummy today? A few grey Grundo muffins have just been pulled out of the oven. If you're able to spot one, they are definitely worth picking up. We hear that they go particularly well with depressingly cold cups of tea - like this raspberry one!

  • Get some of those Grey day feelings out of the way by picking up a gift for your Neopet. While this Snoogy isn't too excited, you might be happy to have a new Snoogy punching bag to call your own!

  • Maybe cuddling a new Plushie will do the trick and lift your spirits? Actually, it looks like someone got to these before you could. Either way, you can now pick up these Grey Day specials if you're able to find them...

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