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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

28th and 29th March
  • As the latest addition to the list of known species to inhabit Neopia, the Vandagyre does have too many themed items lining the shelves of our shops. But, that's about to change - to honour our 55th Neopet, we have added a few new Vandagyre surprises for you to enjoy today, starting with this new plushie at the Toy Shop! Keeping up with Mumbo Pango's appetite is no easy feat, so we are marking the day with a celebration of this fantastic Flotsam with well... FOOD, recipes, and more!

  • Over at the Gift Shop a blue Vandagyre bookmark awaits! There is no better treat for a Neopian with a growing collection of books to read.

  • Vandagyres have some high standards when it comes to food! If you are looking for a savory snack you might want to stop by the Fresh Food Shop for a bag of Assorted Vandagyre Approved Nuts.

  • New winners have been chosen in the Beauty Contest! Check them out and head on over to vote for your favourite option in this latest round of competition. Congratulations to beautywonderprincess, Nerfed, and Neetiru!

27th March - Underwater Chef Day
  • Today we are celebrating a certain food-loving Flotsam, can you guess who? That's right - it's Underwater Chef Day! Keeping up with Mumbo Pango's appetite is no easy feat, so we are marking the day with a celebration of this fantastic Flotsam with well... FOOD, recipes, and more!

  • With all the rather unique ingredients that Mystery Island has to offer, you can bet that the Underwater Chef has come up with a few fantastic recipes to share! And now you can read up on this Flotsam's many tales from the kitchen by stopping by the Magical Book Shop.

  • For any chefs-in-training, the Toy Shop has new items on the shelves. Pick up a new culinary tool or pay homage to your favourite Flotsam!

  • Is all this talk of food making you hungry? Stop by the Fresh Food Shop to bite into some of the Underwater Chef's very own creations - Baked Avocado with Curried Sauce or a plate of Fried Eggs and Scallion Tortillas!

  • The Easter Lights Mystery Capsule is now available in the NC Mall! Hop to it and get these festive prizes before it's too late!

26th March
  • It is that time of year and once more we are celebrating the Festival of Neggs, but with a new kind of hunt! Spring into action and find Topsi the Cybunny to collect a few festive springtime prizes. If you're lucky, you might even come across a few baskets of goodies to get you through the season!

  • Looking for something sweet to add an extra bounce to your step? If you can get past the grainy texture, new sand gummies have been added to Lost Desert Foods! Like most of the sand items sold in this specialty shop, they are most easily described as..."interesting."

  • As all kinds of new plants begin to bloom throughout Neopia, we are excited to announce the opening of the Spring Shop! Everyone's favourite springtime shopkeeper has been busy collecting flowers to bring you and your fellow Neopians a fresh set of festive fair. Check it out over at the NC Mall!

  • Were some of your prizes from Ghoul Catchers disappearing along with all those pesky ghouls? After noticing a few reports, our talented team of investigators (and umm... programmers) were able to jump on the case and get to the bottom of this ongoing issue. Prizes and NP have now been granted to Neopians that had previously reported these items as missing from their accounts. Thank you for your patience!

  • Last but certainly not least, for everyone noticing a few issues with their gift boxes, we have temporarily disabled these items but should have them back up before you know it. Please stay tuned for more details, coming soon from TNT!

25th March
  • Brave Bren, the Professor, and Glyn have spotted a few imposters out there, parading around under the guise of being official Neopets' Ghoul Catchers! As a friendly reminder, the only way for you and your Neofriends to connect your accounts to our popular Ghoul Catchers app is by accessing the games directly from our official app store listings in iTunes, GooglePlay, and the Facebook App Center!

  • Bernard has added a few new titles to the Booktastic Books Shop on Kreludor! Are you looking to share a few new tales with your Neopet?

    Keep an eye out for Diary of a Baby Space Fungus or Myths and Legends of Alien Aishas next time the shelves of this shop are restocked!

  • A few more fruits have been revealed at the Tropical Food Shop to mark Gadgadsbogen! Have you picked up any of these new Mystery Island treats?

24th March- Gadgadsbogen
  • It seems that the fruits have been blossoming later and later each year, but needless to say Gadgadsbogen is finally here! Keep an eye on the Tropical Food Shop - 6 newly discovered fruits have just been added to the shelves. Preview a few below and stay tuned for even more Gadgadsbogen updates, set to bloom later this week!

  • Chomby Day may have come and gone, but we still have a few surprises planned for this specific species! Without any further delay, we are excited to share that Chombies can now be painted in Water and Strawberry colours at the Rainbow Pool!

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