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25th and 26th September - Skeith Day

  • The Skeith can now be painted Strawberry and... wait, what's this? How did the Skeith end up Transparent? What sort of mad scientist would think of such a concept? Dare you go to the Rainbow Pool with your Skeith now??

  • The latest Poems are Skeith related, of course. Take your Skeith to read 'Archos's Shadow' and 'Lullaby for Ravilra' (but please keep them from eating the words)!

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like Why We Need Our Faeries and Pondering The Pounded Pets.

  • Cap'n Threelegs is now opening up his academy for free training all day if you are a Skeith!

  • Some tasty looking Skeith-themed sandwiches are available at the Food Shop.

  • The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite.

  • The Art Gallery is overflowing with Skeith related images to celebrate the day!

  • A new Random Contest has begun! Good luck to all the entrants, and congratulations to last week's winners.

  • There are some new outfits available for the Skeith at the Clothing Shop.

    These clothes look mighty tasty!

  • This weekend is your last chance to get the Terror Mountain Mystery Capsule as part of the Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues. Purchase and open capsules for your chance at exclusive NC item prizes! Complete your Adventure at the NC Mall today!

24th September

  • See what happened to the faeries through Hanso's eyes as he shares his tale in the latest chapter of the Faeries' Ruin. Can he be trusted?

  • This lovely background is now available for sale at Mystical Surroundings.

    What a view!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Skeith - Maraquan Neopoints Shopkeeper. 379 people guessed correctly, earning them 5,278 NP each.

  • We are surprised the Skeith hasn't eaten the Gormball whole in this Caption Contest image.

  • Blind_Tom's Juma, Wilhelm, wins this week's Petpet Spotlight. What a cute Petpet!

  • Ooh, the Art Gallery seems to be getting a little spooky! :)

  • It looks like the Faeries' Ruin are on everybody's minds... 'The Day the Faeries Stood Still' and 'The Stone Faerie Garden' as well as other Poems are up and ready for view!

  • The latest Neohomes Spotlight winner is carychitt. We especially love their oasis-themed layout!

  • JubJub Power Bounce just got Spooky with a whole new look and new Halloween and Fall themed NC item prizes! There are also 3 spooky new token packs to choose from. Bounce on over to the NC Mall today!

23rd September - Annual Gormball Championships

  • If you ever wanted to be like Ember (minus the turned-to-stone bit, that is), now's your chance! Pick up a perfect replica of Ember's boots at the Clothing Shop.

    Unfortunately they don't help you win at Gormball...

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Lurman. Well done Lurmi, Sunshine, Destroyer, Horace, and all the others.

  • It looks like a certain trading card has been re-released with a new design! Find it at the Collectable Card shop.

  • Poems such as 'One Second Too Long' and 'A Tear for My Sisters' show you the sad side of playing Gormball... *sniff*

  • Did you ever sit and wonder if you could beat the Turmaculus at Better Than You? No? Well, you get to try your hand at it anyway, as he is the challenger of the week!

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was 38550. 1688 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 1185 NP each.

  • If you don't like participating in Gormball but love to watch the game, you may enjoy these images at the Art Gallery!

  • These Gormball-themed school supplies should help you with your studies! Find them at Neopian School Supplies!

  • Only one more EXCLUSIVE virtual item left to earn before Monday the 27th; when will it be released? Be sure to check the Legend of the Guardians hub page every day to see if you'll get your hands on it. Don't forget to watch the Legend of the Guardians trailers and clips in Movie Central; the film hits theaters this Friday, September 24!

22nd September

  • PLOT! - It looks like somebody might know what happened to the faeries... See what took place after the faeries turned to stone in the first chapter of The Faeries' Ruin. Can you help solve the mystery?

  • Remnok the Nomad may be a wandering salesman, but even he thought Sakhmet Battle Supplies was overdue for a revamp! Check out his new look below!

    Pick your weapons. I don't have all day!

  • Autumn is the theme for the winning User Lookup of the Week, made by the talented danielleplicka.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Down for Maintenance Pteri. One person guessed correctly and kept the answer to themselves, earning them a whopping 2,000,000 NP!!! *fanfare*

  • We hope you enjoy the lovely images that are on display at the Art Gallery!

  • The latest Gallery Spotlight goes to none other than tepeno with their unique gallery, 'Geology of Neopia'!

  • You may want to take a look at the latest weapons while you are visiting Sakhmet Battle Supplies.

  • New Superpack! Show off your fierce princess side with the Shenkuu Warrior Princess Superpack including the Shenkuu Warrior Princess Wig and Training Grounds Background. Get ready for the battle and visit the NC Mall!

21st September - Faerie Festival (late)

  • Oh no... We were going to remind you to claim your prize for the Faerie Festival, but it seems like something awful has happened... All the faeries appear to have turned to stone. :(

  • Visit the Rainbow Pool for a look at the new Faerie Lutari. All Neopets can now be painted this brilliant colour! Though the Faerie Festival has come to an abrupt end, at least we can continue to celebrate through our Neopets!

  • Please take a moment to visit our Poems page. 'Even Jhudora Can Give a Little' and 'The Earth Faerie Ballet' would be fun reads if it wasn't such a confusing day...

  • Don't forget the Petpets during the festival... the Hegelob and Juma can now be painted Faerie at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Celebrate the Faerie Festival your own way by browsing through these Faerie-themed images in the Art Gallery!

  • The newest Story Telling entry is up... Thanks go out to Sadinei who wrote this during a trying time.

    We're never going to solve this one," Karl announced as he tipped back in his desk chair, bubble pipe hanging from his lips. "Not on our own, anyhow." On the other side of the room, a green Kyrii in a brown trenchcoat nodded his agreement. "This case is much too difficult. We need to bring in an expert.

  • Today's Caption Contest image is all about the Faerie Festival, or what could have been. :(

  • Nightingale280 has won this week's Pet Spotlight. Unicorngirl383 must be proud!

  • Congratulations go out to _13Boris_13 and Copper_Clopper! Each has proven spiffier than the rest in the Customisation Spotlight. Voting for this week's contest has begun. Good luck to this week's entrants!

  • Please visit Kauvara's Magic Shop for the latest Faerie-themed morphing potions... Lennies and Pteris may find something to rejoice about today.

  • Fall Shop Now Open! Bring in the season with all new items like the Fall Scarecrow Mystery Capsule, Stormy Autumn Evening Background and Quizzical Whoot on a Branch. Head over to the NC Mall!

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