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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

17th and 18th February - Chocolate Chia Day

  • Yay! Neopets is on holiday Monday! We will be back with more New Features on Tuesday, though.

  • Awww what adorable Chia Fun Images!

  • We have uploaded a page of Chia Day Poems!

  • Give your Chia a fun new look. You now have the choice of Pink or Ice at the Rainbow Pool.

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight goes to shortstop666 for Super Explorer's Treasure Hunting Adventure.

    "You cautiously test the temperature of the water with your toes and then decide to dive right in. You swim along the carved path of the river being careful not to crash into any stationed boulders in the river..."

  • If you celebrate Chinese New Year, we have some new Greetings for you to send to family and friends.

  • Make sure you get the most out of Chia Day, as a special treat Cap'n Threelegs will be giving training to Chias all weekend.

  • The Food Shop has a new Chia-themed food for you to try.

  • A new Random Contest has begun! Good luck to all the entrants, and congratulations to last week's winners.

  • The Art Gallery seems to be overrun with Chia Day pictures.

  • The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite.

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like Interpreting the Battledome Screen and Where Do Owners Come From?.

  • Well done drama_quen101. Your level - pirates cave has just won this week's Faerie Caves Spotlight award.

  • The Garden Centre has come up with some fun new Neogarden decorations.

16th February

  • Open your minds and prepare for the...

    Shenkuu Lunar Festival

  • Awwww, it seems a new Petpet called the Pygui has been discovered just in time for the Lunar Festival.

  • Don't leave your shop out of the Festival celebrations, brighten it up with this new Shop Blog!

  • NEW GAME - What better way to celebrate at a festival than by playing a our new game Revel Roundup.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Caption Contest #553. 239 people guessed correctly, earning them 8,369 NP each.

  • Try one of these new Fun Images on your Petpage!

  • If you are facinated by the moon you might enjoy a visit to the Lunar Temple.

  • There is a new Lunar Festival Background to brighten up your desktop.

  • If you have a Shenkuu-themed Gallery or Shop you will love these new Shopkeepers.

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to martysf, proud owner of 107873 Guild Street, Neopia Central.

  • Today's Caption Contest is set in Shenkuu.

  • The latest Petpet Spotlight award goes to Schnappi the Jowlard.

  • The Toy Shop has four new Pygui-themed things for your Neopet to play with, including a toy drum and a puppet!

15th February

  • If you are feeling a bit tired, you might want to drop by Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe for a drink.

  • The latest Site Spotlight winners are repulsives and Vaesrin with their page Vaesrin's Flower Patch.

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Orp. Well done Bugle, Varun, TigerTrish, Snoorkle, and all the others.

  • Can you beat the Ace Zafara's high score in Kreludan Mining Corp.? Yes, Better Than You has just been launched!

  • It might be a bit too cold, rainy, snowy to be outside, but you can still have fun with these new Colouring Pages!

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was Ogrin. 4691 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 427 NP each.

  • Swish... There seems to be a new Petpet that has washed up at the Maraquan Petpet Shop.

  • Dare ye venture into wolf4567's Pirate Cave?


  • Make sure you get issue twenty-one of the Official Neopets Magazine! Hurry to a newstand today before they are gone!

  • Meat lovers everywhere will be flocking to the Neovian Pastries Shop for their new meat pies!

14th February - Valentine's Day

    <3 --,--'{@ <3 <3 --,--'{@ <3 <3 --,--'{@ <3 <3 --,--'{@ <3

  • Well done i_luv_moi_2, you have just won the latest User Lookup of the Week contest.

  • There are lovely new Poems for you to read to your love.

  • The Gift Shop has all sorts of presents for you to send your loved ones.

  • You may have noticed you have a spiffy new side bar for Valentine's Day. This is a collectable theme that you can unlock, you just need to figure out how :D

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight goes to bluegirlblueworld for their gallery - Defenders of Ardor.

  • There is a Valentine's Day special in the Art Gallery.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Snow Wars CHAMPION!!! Trophy. 275 people guessed correctly, earning them 7,273 NP each.

  • Here are some fun Valentine's Day themed Buddy Icons!

  • This week's Meridell Castle Spotlight award has been given to camberwamber for their level - Sudden Changing.

  • Don't forget to add this new Valentine Shop Blog to your shop!

  • Show your loved one you really care with these yummy new Valentines treats that are available from the Chocolate Factory now...

13th February - Lenny Festival

  • Give your Lenny a new look with one of these new colours at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Don't forget to take your Lenny down to Cap'n Threelegs academy for some free training!

  • How cute! Now you can have some of these great Lenny toys. Available at the Toy Shop now.

  • Well done fableflipflop, your level - Lenny Island has just won this week's Minigolf Spotlight award.

  • A new Caption Contest has begun. If you want to win that nice shiny trophy you should start entering now.

  • A new Story Telling Contest has begun.

    The sound of running feet pounded over the wood deck over Chun's head. The Lutari curled himself tightly in his hidden barrel.

  • If you think your Lenny would prefer to be pink, split or brown, one of these potions from the Magic Shop might be what you need.

  • There are lots of new Poems that have just been added.

  • There is a new Lenny-themed Screensaver too!

  • Give a warm welcome to MurtaghScar the Mutant Lenny, winner of today's Pet Spotlight.

  • Be sure to stop by the Art Gallery today, there is a Lenny Special on display.

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