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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

20th May
  • Part Seventeen of the Curse of Maraqua plot is now live. As the battle starts to heat up, each side calls for reinforcements...

    Just in time for the weekend, six new challengers have entered the fray.

  • You now have the option of creating your own Gallery, to show of your prized possessions. If you are currently using your shop as a gallery, you can easily convert it (formatting and all) so you can create a new shop.

    Also, you can search people's galleries using the Shop Wizard.

  • You can choose a rather snazzy Maraquan or Pirate themed Background for your desktop.

  • 99dogs is offering a FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE for up to $15.00 to purchase any 99dogs item including custom Neopet designs on coloured t-shirts, embroidered Neopet products, plushies and new custom products including bath robes, totes and caps. Click here for more info.

  • This spooky Hissi has been seen lurking around the Haunted Woods.

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight has been given to Mrsrat for their lovely floral abode - 387476 Main Street, Neopia Central.

  • The 191st issue of the Neopian Times is now live. Look out for great articles such as The Essential Guide to TCG Deck-Building and Mastering Bilge Dice.

  • There is a new page of Maraquan war-themed Poems for you to read.

  • The Toy Shop has plushie versions of each of the new Battledome challengers on sale.

  • A Lupe called Aaron_7_ has just won this week's last Pet Spotlight award.

  • A gigantic Robot Grarrl is causing havoc in today's Caption Contest...

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Kadoatery Lock. 677 people guessed the correct answer, earning 2,955 NP each.

  • Get ready to cast your votes in the new round of the Beauty Contest. It is about to begin.

  • The Rainbow and Robot Myncies have been updated.

19th May
  • The sixteenth part of our Curse of Maraqua plot has just been released. Jacques and his crew dive down to warn Garin as Captain Scarblade launches his attack...

    The Battle of Maraqua has now begun and new challengers have entered the fray. Will you aid Scarblade's attempt to crush Maraqua or will you bravely help defend the city?

    If you chose a support role, rather than fighting, you can start to contribute here.

  • There are some new polls for you to take part in on the front page.

  • Stop by the Art Gallery when you get a chance and you will see lots of new fan art sent in by fellow players.

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was 499849. 7,225 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 227 NP each.

  • We have made some improvements to the Guilds Section including

    • Increased the max length of welcome messages to 5,000 characters
    • The daily limit for boards has been increased to 300 messages.
    • Guild names can now be updated in the guild layout admin page.
    • Guild invitations can now be restricted to an admin only privilege on the guild layout admin page, the ability to send out invitations can be given to guild members via the guild member admin page.
    • Guild leaders can see the last active date of every member and can sort their member list by clicking the column titles.
    • We have added a guild log which allows guild leaders to keep track of admin events. You can also give this ability to other guild members.
    • Guild leaders can send mass-neomails to all guild members by selecting "My Guild Members" from their neofriends drop down box in neomail. This is something you can give to other guild members, but only one mass-neomail may be sent per day per guild.

  • There are two new Desktop Backgrounds for you to choose from, each showing the different challengers you can fight in the Battledome.

  • This week's Better Than You challenger is none other than Plumbeard.

  • If you go to our Official Ebay Store you will see that there are four new sets of plushies for you to collect.

  • Laurashrub should be rather happy today. Their adventure Frizzled Faeries has just earned them this week's Neoadventure Spotlight award.

    "Inside the small room, you are amazed by the darkness. But as your eyes become accustomed to the gloom, you realise you are in the presence of nearly every faerie that exists! They seem less than enthusiastic to see you."

  • The Toy Shop has plushie versions of each of the Maraquan and Pirate challengers for you to collect.

  • Iland and Stace2000 have won the latest Site Spotlight award thanks to their website - Ilands petpet sanctuary.

  • There are four new pieces of Battledome Equipment with a Maraquan theme.

  • Can you beat Cloud__kacheek's Pirate Cave Of The Week - The Treasure Swamp.

  • Not to be left out, there are also some new Battledome Items with a piratey theme.

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Barbat. Well done Whisper, Wings, Fretly, Negator, Harpy, Rrrright On!, Wendell, Battie Puf and all the others.

18th May
  • Hissies can be painted Orange or Purple with the aid of the right paintbrush.

  • The Recruitment Office for the Curse of Maraqua battle is now closed. If you have not decided which side you wish to go with, you will not be able to take part. Sorry, but we did warn you :)

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award has been given to a Magaral called Eddie. Congratulations!

  • There is a new Sewage Surfer avatar for you to unlock.

  • Frothycappucino should be rather proud of their shop devoted to all things Maraquan. It has just earned them a shiny Gallery Spotlight trophy.

  • If your Neopet is interested in arts and crafts, they may want to get hold of one of these new Books.

  • Well done Hael_90. You have just won this week's Meridell Castle Spotlight award with your level - Doom Labyrinth.

  • We have a new Background featuring King Kelpbeard and Garin.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the The Battle Faerie Collectable Card. 498 people guessed the correct answer, earning 4,017 NP each.

  • We have the results of the vote for the new species, but we will not be releasing the winners until after the Curse of Maraqua storyline has ended. In the meantime three of the less popular potential Neopets are now available for you to own as Petpets.

  • It appears that some Neopets are getting in some last minute practice for the upcoming war in this week's Caption Contest.

  • Sunshine_1470 has won the latest User Lookup of the Week with their Slorg themed lookup.

17th May
  • War Prizes Sneak Preview
    As promised, here are some of the trophies and prizes that you could earn from participating in the upcoming war. Today is the LAST day for you to decide which side you want to support and what role you wish to play. If you have not chosen by the end of today, you will not be able to take part at all.

    Also, here are some challengers that you can expect to face if you choose the life of a warrior.

  • Congratulations Aiwealcarin and Ahanduruth. Your website has just earned you the latest Site Spotlight award.

  • Starting this weekend, you will be able to get your very own Baby Kougra plushie at Limited Too.

  • There is a new page of Poems with a Neopian twist for you to enjoy.

  • We have a new sponsor game that you should give a whirl, Kellogg's Twistables Top Secret Mission.

  • The winner of this week's Minigolf Spotlight award is bori_keeper125, with their course - Hole of confusion.

  • You can now have a sketched version of a Faerie Poogle or a Fire Yurble as your Desktop Background.

  • There are some new pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery. With the war coming up, you may want to consider sending in your Maraqua vs Pirates pictures as we will be doing a special themed gallery shortly.

  • When you are looking for something new to try, why not give this new sponsor game - Madagascar Don't Escape, a chance?

  • The winner of this week's Faerie Caves Spotlight is melissa_678, with their level - A trap dungeon.

  • Hissi can be painted Starry at the Rainbow Pool.

  • If you love ice cream, you may enjoy Nestle Ice Cream Frozen Flight, a new sponsor game that has just been released.

16th May
  • There are now sketched versions of a Grarrl, Kacheek and Mynci for you to have as your Desktop Background.

  • A new Story Telling Competition has begun...

    Snuffy's stomach growled, and the Kadoatie jumped from the counter to the floor, then made her way to the Neohomes door. One of the many other Petpets, an Angelpuss named Sparkles, followed her. Together, amidst the cries of the many Kadoaties, Angelpi, Mewclops, and Kookiths, they waited... and waited.

  • If you own a Koi, you can now paint it Strawberry at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Well done Danadont. You have just won this week's first Pet Spotlight award.

  • If you use your brain at the Island Cooking Pot, you may be the proud owner of one of these new sand sculptures.

  • This week's first Caption Contest has just begun. Can you think of something funny to say about it?

  • Pea Chia fans will be pleased to know there is now a kite, plushie and clockwork version of their favourite Neopet for themm to collect.

    The Orange and Island Myncies have had a makeover.

  • There are some new pictures for you to enjoy in the Art Gallery.

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