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18th March
  • A new issue of the Neopian Times has just been released. Look out for great articles such as The Concert Hall Rocks My Socks! and Meepy Creepy.

  • Mynci fans should be glad to hear there is a new Mycni themed Blog.

  • There are some new pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

  • Attack of the Slorgs now has a nifty soundtrack to help keep your Slorgerizing spirits up. You can download the MP3 here!

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award has been given to princess_ling for their lovely abode - 10600 Meri Street, Meridell.

  • Polarchucks, Powtrys and Raindorfs can now be painted Sketch at the Petpet Puddle.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Faerie Quests Header. 641 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 3,121 NP each.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin.

  • Let some light into your Neohome with one of these new works of art from Brightvale Glaziers.

  • Congratulations minnie_mousey_pie and Carrotfeet143, you have just earned yourselves a shiny Pet Spotlight trophy!

  • Fans of Meepit Juice Break will be happy to hear that it can now be played in all available languages!

  • Some Neopets are testing their luck in this weekend's Caption Contest.

  • A new Random Contest has begun and the winners to last week's contest have been announced.

17th March - Illusen Day!

  • The second part of our Curse of Maraqua Story has just been released. To see what happens, click here!

  • As well as being Illusen Day, today is also St Patrick's Day, so what better time to send one of these new Neogreetings?

  • Oh dear, I guess Jhudora isn't feeling very well today. She doesn't want to see anybody at the moment.

  • We have a new game from Disney, based on the Ice Princess soundtrack. Click Here to give it a go.

  • There is a new Desktop Background featuring the lovely Illusen.

  • s3ssur34 and Pitua have just won the latest Site Spotlight award with their website - Illusen's Glade.

  • If you are looking for more real-life plushies to add to your collection, you will be pleased to hear that the Rainbow Aisha has just gone on sale in Limited Too.

  • If you are looking for something different for your shop, maybe one of these Illusen Shopkeepers will appeal.

  • The Food Shop has just finished working on some new Illusen Day foods for you to enjoy.

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award has been given to oshyer for their adventure - Master Techo's Lunch.

    Your heart pounds as you run as fast as your little techo legs can carry you. With a mighty roar you kick down the door of the training school, ready to spring into action in case Sloth's henchmen are inside.

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Mallard. Well done Dudley, Waddles, Millie, Lieutenant Quackers and all the others.

  • The official Neopets Ebay Store has three new plushie sets for you to choose from each featuring either a Faerie Kougra pillow, various Petpets or a Pink Bruce.

  • Kauvara has made a special potion in honour of Illusen Day. We aren't quite sure what it does, but nothing Illusen themed would be bad right?

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was 3. 1,237 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 1,617 NP each.

  • There is a rather snazzy Blog for you to use featuring Illusen herself.

  • We have added some new Illusen themed Colouring Pages to Faerieland.

  • The latest Better Than You contestant is the mysterious Ryshu.

  • Arr! jslovr has just nabbed themselves a glistening Pirate Cave Of The Week award!

  • There are pages and pages of Illusen themed pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

  • What better thing to play with on Illusen Day than one of these new Toys?

16th March
  • Today's random theme is the Slugawoo! To start with we have given it a slight makeover and it can now be painted Island, Mutant and White at the Petpet Puddle.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Haiku Kougra. 768 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 2,605 NP each.

  • This tiled Background will fill your desktop with more Slugawoos than you can imagine!

  • Sam the Turtmid has just won this week's Petpet Spotlight award! Well done!

  • There is a new Slugawoo themed Blog for your shop.

  • We have a decidedly Slugawoo themed Caption Contest for your to test your wits with.

  • eric_023_cdn has just won this week's Meridell Castle Spotlight award with their level - The Knight Trials.

  • There are lots and lots of Slugawoo Fun Images for you to add to your shop or webpage.

  • There are three new Slugawoo Shopkeepers for you to choose from.

  • If you are interested in Slugawoos, then you should stop by chibi_minzanu's Gallery Spotlight award winning shop - The Slugawoo Gallery.

  • The Book Shop has four new books on sale, each with a Slugawoo theme.

  • Can you unlock this rather spiffy Slugawoo avatar?

  • basketballnsoccer25 should be pleased with themselves, they have just won a shiny User Lookup of the Week trophy!

  • There are 4 fantastic pages of Slugawoo themed pictures on display in the Art Gallery today.

15th March
  • The first part of our Curse of Maraqua plot has just been launched. This episode you meet Jacques and Garin, two of our heroes. We will be making two parts live each week. The next episode will go live on Thursday.

  • There is a new Neoboard for you to chat about the Curse of Maraqua plot.

  • Slorgs, Kadoaties, Noils, Spardels, Hasees and Turtums can now be painted Maraquan at the Petpet Puddle.

  • There are some new Poems for you to look at in the gallery.

  • There are some new Buddy Icons for you to choose from featuring Jacques and Garin.

  • Well done silversparkles98, your course Swirly has just earned you this week's Minigolf Spotlight award.

  • If you want something different on your computer, why not try this new Jacques and Garin Desktop Background.

  • The Toy Shop has some new Jacques and Garin plushies on sale.

  • Garin and Jacques can now be your Shopkeeper.

  • Floridian_angel101 and Clarus_luna have just won the first Site Spotlight award of the week with their site - Clarus Luna's Faerie Page.

  • Make sure you stop by the Art Gallery today, we have just added some new pictures.

  • Glitchmorbot56 is now the proud owner of a shiny Faerie Caves Spotlight trophy, thanks to their level - The Cave of Doom.

14th March - Scorchio Day!
  • Some rather unique looking Scorchios can now be found in Tyrannia and the Lost Desert.

  • Captain Threelegs will be giving away FREE training to any Scorchio that pays him a visit at his Swashbuckling Academy.

  • If you hurry to your nearest Limited Too, you may be able to get hold of one of these Speckled Cybunnies.

  • Scorchio Day wouldn't be the same without a snazzy new Blog for your shop.

  • A new Scorchio themed Desktop Background has been released.

  • Can you figure out how to unlock this new spooky avatar?

  • The ninth issue of The Official Neopets Magazine is now on sale. For more details, visit www.neopetsmagazine.com.

  • Trouble at the National Neopian has been translated into all available languages.

  • The Book Shop has just received four never seen before Scorchio themed titles.

  • We have a new sponsor game based on The Incredibles called The Incredibles Split-Shot.

  • There are pages and pages of Scorchio themed pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

  • A new Story Telling Competition has begun. It is up to you to decide what happens next...

    Auree shook her head. It was useless to argue with the Blumaroo when he was fixated on something. "All right, then, good luck with that," she said with a smile. "For now, let's just worry about getting home on time!"

  • Why not try one of these rather delicious looking Foods created specially for Scorchio Day?

  • If your shop is crying out for a new look, why not start with one of these Scorchio Shopkeepers.

  • Lunchables fans may be interested in visiting the Lunchables Marketplace...

  • No true battle Scorchio would want to be without this glowing magical wand.

  • Congratulations Kavadak, you have just won the first Pet Spotlight award of the week.

  • Maybe you can think of something funny to say about this new Caption Contest image.

  • There is a new page of Scorchio themed Poems for you to enjoy.

  • We have another game featuring Toontown for you to try - Toontown Gag Order.

  • Lastly, there are some Scorchio Fun Images to brighten up your webpage.

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