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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

8th October - Eyrie Day!
  • Eyrie Day is actually on a Sunday this year, but as that is a weekend, we are starting the festivities a little ahead of time.

  • To start things off, there are pages and pages of Eyrie themed fan art on display in the Art Gallery!

  • The Ice Bori is here! Everyone who helped us out with the offer should now be able to claim their very own Bori. You will have the choice of either creating your own Bori or changing one of your existing Neopets into a Bori. You will be able to choose a Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or Ice Bori. Click here to begin.

    Also, Bori has been added to the Pronunciation page.

  • We are proud to announce our first ever bilingual sponsor game (Spanish and English) from PBS- Maya & Miguel!

  • The 161st issue of the Neopian Times has just been released. As usual you can look forward to all kinds of interesting articles, stories and adventures.

  • We have increased the amount of Neopoints you will earn from Moon Rock Rampage, fixed a few detection bugs and added a level timer.

  • By popular demand the Techo is the latest Neopet to receive a little makeover. For now just Red, Blue, Green and Yellow are complete. The other colours will be uploaded over the coming weeks.

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award has been given to Poline1127, proud owner of 260500 Market Street, Neopia Central.

  • Why not try thinking of something witty for this weekend's Eyrie themed Caption Contest?

  • There are some new Eyrie Day Poems for you to look at.

  • If you are looking for something to do, why not give Postcards from Buster a try? It is based on a new tv programme that will be launched on PBS very soon.

  • Well done Falangorn, you have just won the last Pet Spotlight of the week!

  • If you own an Eyrie, you can now turn them into a regal prince or beautiful princess with the aid of a Royal Paint Brush.

  • Being an Eyrie himself, it is no surprise that Captain Threelegs is being extra generous this weekend. Any Eyrie who visits his Swashbuckling Academy will be able to claim FREE training all Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  • Avid readers should head to the Book Shop today. Three new Eyrie themed books have just come in.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Merry Go Round image. 1167 people guessed the correct answer, earning themselves 1714 NP each!

  • This cool looking Eyrie avatar could be yours...

  • We have a special Eyrie Day Gallery Spotlight winner. Make sure you stop by Garet_jaxx's gallery to all things Eyrie - Eyrie's Aerie.

  • Give your shop a new look! There are four more Eyrie Shopkeepers to choose from.

  • The Furniture Shop has some new Eyrie art to decorate your Neohome with.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin.

  • If you like the Battle Eyrie TCG card, you will love this new Desktop Background.

  • This new Talinia themed Blog will look awesome in your shop.

  • The Toy Shop has some new Eyrie themed toys on sale including Eyrie Guard and Battle Eyrie action figures.

  • There is a new page of Testimonials from players who have bought real-life Neopets stuff!

  • Kauvara has some more Eyrie Morphing Potions on sale in her Magic Shop. Some of the older potions have also been rebottled :)

  • The Purple Kougra has been updated. There is only one more Kougra left now :)

7th October
  • New Game! - Cylara and Gorix have crash-landed on Kreludor and need to make their way across all kinds of dangerous terrain, fighting terrifying monsters en route. Click here to play Moon Rock Rampage!

    There are also two new banners that you may see appearing in the yellow side bar.


  • A new page dedicated to everything noble and good in Neopia has just gone live - the Gallery of Heroes! The first brave souls to get a mention are Jeran, the Space Faerie and Fyora.

  • This week's PPL prize has been given to the Cirrus. Congratulations Poofy, Spiffers, .:*bubble*:., Cheerful Cotton, Mashed Potato Prince, Flying Nimbus, charmin marvin, Brenda and all the rest!

  • A new Lenny Conundrum has begun. The answer to last week's was 462 cm. 1060 people got the correct answer, earning themselves 1887 NP each.

  • There are three new Shopkeepers to choose from featuring a Tenna, Tanizard and Abominable Snowball.

  • We have a new Site Spotlight award winner - Good things come in small packages. Well done Kernsplat and Arsenique!

  • Arr... Simba892's Pirate Cave Of The Week be mighty dangerous!

  • There are four new Aim Icons to choose from.

  • Can you beat Hannah's score in this week's Better Than You?

  • The Music Shop has three new instruments on sale including a rather magnificent Grand Piano.

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award goes to Zutcree for their adventure - The Quest for the Unspeakable Pastry.

    You burst into tears and mumble something that might have been "Go away and leave me alone, you big dumb Skeith!" but then again might have been something like "Hey, I'm going to weave in a dome. Brush your teeth!" Nobody can tell.

  • There are some new pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

6th October
  • As Hannah is due to theme in her own special TCG expansion, we thought it only fitting we have a day dedicated to this daring little Usul!

  • To start things off, why not try thinking of a Hannah themed Caption Contest entry?

  • Click here to see all the winners of the TCG Mall Tour Create-A-Card competition! We will be putting up a page soon that tells you all about how the mall tour went - and some photos too!

  • It's only 16 days until Hannah and the Ice Caves is released so today we are proud to present our first Card of the Day!

  • We are planning to change our pet central and world pages so they make a bit more sense, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on these pages, submit them to the Editorial and we will try to incoporate them.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award has been given to Dimi the Pirate Faellie.

  • Hannah fans will be dying to get their hands on this new Hannah Plushie and Hannah Costume!

  • Make sure you visit Anactualemergency's complete guide to everything Hannah themed - ~ Hannah the Great ~. It has just won this week's Gallery Spotlight trophy!

  • There are four new Hannah themed Aim Icons for you to choose from!

  • For today only we have doubled the Neopoints you can earn in HATPC!

  • Hannah has been added to the How To Draw section.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Blugthak Battledome Challenger.

  • As well as the rather fetching plushie, there are many other Hannah themed items on sale in the Toy Shop.

  • If you want to know more about Gelerts, why not try visting http://www.neopets.com/gelert?

  • Why not give your desktop a new look with this Hannah Background?

  • Congratulations Spyro5050, your level Nox Spire Of Death has just won this week's Meridell Castle Spotlight award.

  • We have added four new Shopkeepers with a Hannah and the Pirate Caves theme.

  • To help with your Hannah day celebrations, the Bakery and Chocolate Factory have just released some new Hannah cakes and a gummy Hannah for you to enjoy!

  • A new round of Plushie Tycoon has just begun. The winners of the last contest were :

    Roweslab - 70,654,730 NP
    Meili1 - 57,091,278 NP
    Srt1index - 55,473,509 NP

  • Use your brain power and you could be the proud owner of this new avatar...

  • Ok, you have changed you shopkeeper, but have you added the Hannah Blog?

  • As a side note, we have made a few fixes to some of our maps including Brightvale, Meridell and Tyrannia.

5th October
  • What on earth is this? It sort of looks like a Moehog but its so... Freaky!

  • There is a new page of Poems for you to look at in the gallery.

  • If you are sick and tired of your food going stale and mouldy, why not get yourself some of these rather delicious preserved pears, onions, peppers and apples?

  • There are two new Banners for you to add to your shop or webpage.

  • The first Site Spotlight of the week is shared by Flame_Boy18 and Beau_lis for their website - Flame_Boy18's Scrapbook.

  • If you want to have the highest score at the Booktastic Book Club you had better get yourself a copy of these new books!

  • Better late than never, there is a Gormball special in the Art Gallery!

  • Eyrie Day is fast approaching, be sure to send in your Eyrie themed poems, pictures, spotlights and galleries :)

  • As the nights start to get cooler across Neopia, you should try feeding your Neopet a filling hot jacket potato. The Food Shop has four new flavours to tantalise their taste buds.

4th October - Grarrl Day!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight award has been given to Your_Daddys_Daddy, the Grarrl.

  • As the news was a little late going live, Captain Threelegs has kindly agreed to give Grarrls FREE TRAINING all tomorrow as well - isn't that nice!

  • Grarrls can be painted Pirate and Orange - Arrr!

  • A new Story Telling Competition has just begun featuring Sinsi the Ixi.

    King Skarl reeled backwards. He'd always known that counting potatoes could only keep the populace entertained for a limited time, but this? "Are you saying that a plague of boredom has swept across my kingdom, leaving everyone lifeless?!" he asked, falling back onto his throne in shock.

  • In other news, 99 Dogs have just released some new embroidery designs for tote bags, caps and all kinds of things.

  • Blooper550 is this week's Minigolf Spotlight award winner with their hole - Choices.

  • Can you think of something witty to say for this Grarrl themed Caption Contest?

  • Four new flavours of Grarrl Gobstoppers have just gone on sale in the Food Shop. These new flavours seem much more appealing than the last batch too!

  • There are four new Grarrl Shopkeepers to choose from.

  • This awesome Grarrl themed Background will look great as your desktop!

  • No Grarrl Day would be complete without a snazzy new avatar now would it?

  • Not wanting to be left out of the festivities, the Toy Shop has some rather cool Grarrl related toys on sale.

  • Why not liven up your shop with this new Darigan Grarrl Blog?

  • If you have always wanted a Grarrl but don't want to part with one of your existing Neopets, one of these new Morphing Potions might be just the thing you have been looking for...

  • Lastly there are lots of new Grarrl pictures (four pages to be exact) for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

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