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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

10th September
  • The Kadoatery
    When Kadoatie owners go on holiday they sometimes leave their precious Petpets at the Kadoatery. This is a very nice place where the Kadoaties are fed and looked after, but the poor little Petpets get awfully bored. Maybe you could do something to make their stay more enjoyable?

  • Next week's news is going to be pretty hectic with all the Special Days coming up so you will want to send in all your pictures, poems, galleries and spotlights as soon as you can. As a reminder next week there is Techo Day, the Annual Chocolate Ball, National Talk Like A Pirate Day and Poogle Day!

  • We have a new game for you to play featuring Scooby Doo. Click Here to play Compararoo!

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to Medina10bfc, proud owner of 52062 Safari Lane, Mystery Island.

  • You can now get a Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy that oozes green slime from the Toy Shop!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Caption Contest #454 image.

  • The 157th issue of the Neopian Times is now live! This week features great articles like 100 Ways to Tell if You're Addicted to the Neoboards and Escape To Kreludor: The Guide.

  • Ooh a Ruki has won the last Pet Spotlight of the week. Well done Aephid!

  • There is a new page of Testimonials sent in by other Neopets players.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to start, make sure you vote!

  • The Neopets in this weekend's Caption Contest seem busy collecting things which is quite appropriate being the Month of Gathering :)

  • The Mystery Island map has been updated. We think it looks much better now!

  • We have added a rather cute Neopedia Article all about one Wocky's trip to the Kadoatery.

  • There is a rather fetching avatar that you can get from the Kadoatery if you are extra kind to those poor Kadoaties.

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award has been given to Troja86 for their adventure - Alandra and the Pooky Inn.

    You make a mad dash for the stairs, and fly down... but wait... Which step was the broken one again? Yep. Twelve. Too bad you didn't remember that before hitting the step.

  • The Darigan Kougra has been updated.

9th September - Draik Day!
  • This week the Neopets TCG Mall Tour will be at the Virginia Center Commons in Glen Allen, VA . If you are nearby, be sure to check it out.

  • To start off the Draik Day celebrations, you can now paint your Draik Spotted at the Rainbow Pool.

  • The latest Site Spotlight award is shared by Tilleri222 (a Draik) and Peppermintpaste.

  • If you are really lucky you may find one of these new Darigan Draik Eggs...

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. Starting this week we will be running the contest slightly differently. Winners will all get a share from a 2,000,000 NP prize pool, so if you want more NP for yourself don't give the answer away :) The answer to last week's competition was The Brightvale Scrollery.

  • The Chocolate Factory has just released four delicious Draik Pops for you to enjoy.

  • There is a new page of Draik themed Poems for you to look at.

  • Make sure you take your Draik to see Cap'n Threelegs at his swashbuckling academy or you will miss out on all the free training today!

  • This beautiful Faerie Draik could be yours...

  • Can you beat Pacha's score at Petpet Sitter in this week's Better Than You?

  • If you want to read all about Draiks, you should head to the Book Shop. There are three new books to choose from - Daring Draiks, Hatching A Draik Egg and Popular Draik Names.

  • Why not have these cool looking Draiks as your Desktop Background?

  • There are four new Draik Shopkeepers for you to choose from.

  • We couldn't have a Draik Day without a Draik themed Blog for your shop now could we?

  • This week's PPL has been awarded to Yellow Powtries. Well done PowPow, Moostard, Popcorn, Frosty, Banana, Droplet and all the others.

  • This Mutant Draik avatar could be yours if you use your brain :)

  • If you are a fan of the existing Wind Up Draik Toys, you are going to love these new ones. On sale at the Toy Shop now!

  • Lawyerkiller is this week's Pirate Cave Of The Week winner with their cave - Save Yourself!

  • The Electric Kougra has been updated.

  • There are two new Draik Battledome Items with a Maraquan theme.

  • Last but not least, there are lots of new Draik pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery.

8th September
  • A Faellie called Bow Bow has just won themselves a shiny Petpet Spotlight trophy.

  • Why not send one of these new Neogreetings to a friend?

  • Argh! Its HIDEOUS what could have happened to this poor Tonu?

  • If you like all things shiny and glowing, you should check out Toonasniffer's Gallery Spotlight winning shop - Neopian Nuclear Power Plant.

  • Whinnies, Turtums, Onas and Blibbles can now be painted Disco at the Petpet Puddle.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was the Meerca Day 2004 Background.

  • Today's Caption Contest has a Draik theme which is rather handy as tomorrow is Draik Day.

  • We have a new Meridell Castle Spotlight winner - Meowmeowm with their level the Forgotten Dungeon.

  • Everyone loves fondue and now there are three fondue sets to choose from at the Food shop including chocolate and cheese fondue!

  • Karle276 is this week's Minigolf Spotlight award winner with their hole - Flaming Defeat.

  • Kyrii can now be painted Shadow at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Meloudia and Cruelly should be very proud of themselves. Their website Meloudia's Grove has just won the latest Site Spotlight award.

  • Stop by the Art Gallery and you will see all kinds of things made by Neopets players.

6th and 7th September
  • How unfair, these Neopets have so many paint brushes they just don't know what to do with them! Can you think of something witty for our new Caption Contest?

  • There are some new Poems to look at in the gallery.

  • There are three new Petpets that have been seen bounding around the Island Cooking Pot...

  • Want to know what other people thing about Neopets and our merchandise? Why not read this new Testimonials page?

  • Spindellero fans will be thrilled to see these new Petpet Supplies!

  • The first Pet Spotlight of the week has been given to a very familiar sounding Moehog called DrSlothF.

  • It seems not everyone is having a fun day off today :(

  • Some new Fun Images with a Tyrannian theme have just been added.

  • A new Story Telling Competition has begun.

    "Hmm-da-dmmm," the island Kougra hummed as he sat on the docks of Mystery Island. Dipping his toes in the cool water, he baited the hook to his fishing pole. "Such a lovely day..." the Kougra said to himself before casting the line into the water.

  • There are some new bridges to brighten up your garden with. They are on sale in the Garden Centre now!

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