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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

3rd September
  • The 156th issue of the Neopian Times is now live. If you want to get great tips and tricks, read on...

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to natorbug, proud owner of 8486 Tezoatl Row, Lost Desert.

  • Kauvara has some new Petpet Morphing potions on sale that will transform your Petpet into a normal coloured Doglefox, Kadoatie, Noil or Faellie.

  • Draik Day is fast approaching, make sure you send in your Draik themed poems, spotlights, galleries and pictures if you want a good chance of being chosen.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last contest was the Guess the Marrow Image.

  • You've played the game, why not enter the Caption Contest too? This weekend's picture is based on the new Petpet Sitter game.

  • You now have the option to turn off font effects on the Neoboards. You can do this by editing your Chat Preferences.

  • The final Pet Spotlight trophy of the week has been given to Patitoor the Meerca - congratulations!

  • This Grey Grundo is ever so pleased to see you...

  • A new week of the Beauty Contest is about to begin.

  • There is now a rather snazzy Dung Smiley for you to use on the boards.

  • The Book Shop has some new books on sale including Draik Legends and Cybunny Carols.

  • The Art Gallery has some new pictures sent in by Neopets fans for you to look at.

  • As some of you may know, this coming Monday is a bank holiday in the USA so we will be combining Monday and Tuesday's news. In the meantime have a great weekend!

2nd September
  • Business is booming in Brightvale, yet another shop has opened up. Fruits Of Brightvale sell all kinds of weird and wonderful fruits only grown in Brightvale.

  • This weekend the Neopets TCG Mall Tour will be in Rockaway, New Jersey. If you are in the area make sure you stop by!

  • Some new Neogreetings have been released. Why not send one to a friend?

  • Some people were very concerned that the addition of the Mutant Graveyard Of Doom to the Game Graveyard meant the avatar was no more. Relax, the game may be gone, but the avatar is far from dead :)

  • Congratulations Lyra_the_Zafara and Belldandy213! Your website - Lyra & Company has won the latest Site Spotlight award.

  • The Garden Centre has some rather unsual ponds on sale that are sure to create a talking point in your garden.

  • Neo111186 is this week's Neoadventure Spotlight award winner with their adventure - Tobias, the Transforming Techo!!

    But your eyes snap open. Something has happened! Your hooves, hard, heavy, suddenly melt down into soft, clawed paws. Your snout becomes shorter, sprouting whiskers; your horn crumbles into dust, and your wings disappear.

  • The Donksaur is this week's PPL winner. Congratulations go to NubNub, Tuskers, Garthomatic, mi-mi, itybitydinotoes, Chom-Chom, MoonCalf and all the rest.

  • Can you beat Turmaculus at Feed Florg in this week's Better Than You?

  • We have increased the number of Neopoints you can earn from Petpet Sitter!

  • In case you are wondering this is what the Ruki Transmogrification Potion looks like :)

  • We are starting to add a difficulty level for all the How To Draw pages. One star means easy, two stars are slightly more challenging, three stars are pretty tricky.

  • This week's Lenny Conundrum is incredibly puzzling... In case you were wondering the answer to last week's contest was 2038 miles.

  • Searex's can be painted Yellow, Purple, Faerie and Blue at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Are you brave enough to take on Kiwiartist's Pirate Cave Of The Week -Patience?

  • Velm from NeoQuest II fame has been added to our How To Draw pages.

  • The Koi Shopkeepers have been updated to the new look Koi.

  • Sproig fans take heart, there is now a whole range of Sproig themed things including a snazzy t-shirt and ball.

1st September
  • This week's random theme is..


    The second best vegetable next to Peas :)

  • But first ... this. We are launching a great NEW GAME today! Yes, look after all sorts of needy Petpets in Petpetsitter and try and earn as much Pocket Money as possible. It even comes with a free screensaver!


  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat a Carrot Chia Pop!

  • Kallyally83 has a rather special shop dedicated to all things Carroty. Is it any surprise it has won this week's Gallery Spotlight award?

  • An old gate creaks, a baby cries. Somewhere in the distance a bell rings, and then there is a horrible snorting sound as if a pack of ravenous Mutant Snorkles are chasing some unfortunate victim to their doom... yes, another game has been added to the Game Graveyard.

  • The Book Shop has loads of fascinating books on sale all about Carrots and what to do with them.

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was from Neopian Times Issue 37: The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue.

  • Today's Caption Contest features a rather spectacular carrot fight!

  • If you haven't seen our new Yahoo IMV click here - its pretty cool!

  • NEVER underestimate the power of a humble vegetable in the Battledome!

  • Stop by the Neocam and you can see some more Neopets action figures!

  • A themed day wouldn't be the same without a Blog now would it ?!!?

  • Two new buttons have been added to our Yellow Bar, for Petpetsitter of course!


  • True Carrot enthusiasts will proudly sport this new avatar!

  • Turmac Roll is the latest game to be fully translated into into Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.

  • While plain carrots are quite delicious, the Food Shop has come up with some more exciting ways to eat your favourite orange vegetable!

  • There is a new Desktop Background with a Carrot theme.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award has been given to Luke the Karren.

  • Now you can use this groovy new Carrot smiley on the Neoboards.

  • We have made the Plushie Tycoon page prettier to look at once the game has ended. Also the multiplayer games are going to stop/start today, Plushie Tycoon won't restart until tomorrow.

31st August
  • The Royal Potionery has opened for business in Brightvale. This exclusive shop sells all kinds of magical potions for use both in and out of the Battledome.

  • Zeiuka and Abiahew should be feeling rather pleased with themselves. Their site - Zeiuka's Fire-fly Field, has just won the latest Site Spotlight award.

  • Introducing the one and only, Disco Petpet Paint Brush! A guaranteed way to get your Petpet noticed...

  • There was a hidden gem for the Extreme Herder game that was making things harder rather than easier. This has now been fixed :)

  • The first Petpets to be able to proudly strut their Disco stuff are Kadoaties, Gebs, Feepits and Snarhooks.

  • This week's Meridell Castle Spotlight award has been given to Rms_coterie03 for their level - All Stars Fall.

  • Make sure you stop by the Poetry Gallery. Some new poems have been added.

  • Kikos can now be painted Speckled at the Rainbow Pool.

  • There is a new Screen Saver to choose from based on the Snowmuncher game!

  • Balthazar fans will be flocking to get their hands on this new Plushie, T-shirt and Action Figure (complete with potion bottle swinging action).

  • The Electric Kougra has been updated.

  • There are four new Buddy Icons to choose from featuring Rukies, Moehogs, Tonus and Yurbles.

  • Shadow Cybunnies have been spotted moving stealthily around Neopia.

  • There are some Ruki Shopkeepers to choose from.

30th August
  • Staff TCG Tournament Update - Dragona has defeated Megavolt with an astounding 3-0 victory. More results will be posted shortly, sorry for the delay. Prizes will be awarded as soon as the competition has ended.

  • A Lupe called __Kota is the first Pet Spotlight award winner of the week.

  • Mynci owners can now paint their little darling with a Shadow Paint Brush!

  • Dr Sloth fans will soon be rushing to add one of these new Sloth themed Shopkeepers to their shop.

  • The Toy Shop has some new Pteri plushies on sale including Speckled, Rainbow and Purple.

  • Congratulations Danzie_182182, your course - Time Machine! is this week's Minigolf Spotlight winner.

  • There is a bit of a Marrow theme to this week's Caption Contest image...

  • Get your creative writing skills going by entering the latest Story Telling Competition...

    "Hey guys, over this way!" Miraan shouted as he swam farther away from the safety of Maraqua. The golden scales of the Maraquan Scorchio shimmered from the diluted light that shone down from the surface.

  • These Zytch themed Petpet Supplies will keep your Petpet entertained for hours on end.

  • There are some new pictures to look at in the Art Gallery.

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