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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

18th June - Kau Day (well almost)
  • This is the last week that you can get your Wocky, Aisha, Shoyru, Quiggle, Lupe, Moehog, Grundo, Scorchio, Uni, Ixi, Chomby, JubJub, Blumaroo or Yurble Plushie from McDonald's!!!! The Neopets Happy Meal Promotion ends on Friday the 24th of June!

  • Kau Day falls on a Saturday this year, so we have started the celebrations a little early. To kick things off, Cap'n Threelegs will be giving Kaus FREE training all weekend!!!

  • Kaus can now be painted Sketch and Grey!

  • The 145th issue of the Neopian Times has just been released. To catch up on all the latest happenings in Neopia, read on...

  • There are some new Kau themed Books to choose from.

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight has been given to Laceyann55, proud owner of 34729 Harbour Lane, Mystery Island.

  • A new Mystery Pic contest has begun. The answer to the last one was the "Forever Maraquan Shop Blog".

  • Why stop with just a blog? There are six new Kau Shopkeepers to choose from...

  • Those sneaky pirates at the Smuggler's Cove have just got hold of a few boxes of . If you have some Dubloons going spare, why not try persuading them to part with one?

  • Rather unsurprisingly today's Caption Contest has a bit of a Kau theme :)

  • The Gallery has some new Kau-themed poems on display.

  • There are some new foods to choose from with a Spotted Kau theme...

  • Don't let your desktop be left out. Give it a Kau Day feel with this new Background.

  • Get your shop in the Kau Day spirit with this new Blog...

  • See if you can work out how to get this new Kau avatar :)

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin... Make sure you vote!

  • Congratulations Darcy270, you have won the last Pet Spotlight of the week.

  • Kauvara has had a very busy week. She has just unveiled some new Kau Morphing Potions. You can pick one up from her Magic Shop.

  • Last but not least, there are some new Kau pictures in the Art Gallery.

17th June
  • This Sunday is Father's Day in the UK and USA, why not send your dad one of these new Neogreetings?

  • Astralberry has deactivated the Omega-13 device 2-0 in the Staff TCG Tournament.

  • This week's Pirate Cave Of The Week trophy goes to Charmed_elf, for their devilishly hard cave - Runner.

  • If you hurry to the Faerie Furniture shop, you may be lucky enough to buy one of these new ovens for your Neohome.

  • The Christmas Koi has been updated.

  • If you have been longing to turn your Neopet into a Wocky, hurry to Kaurava's Magic Shop and your dream may come true.

  • A new Site Spotlight award has been given to FreakeeFrog and Slobbeeo for FreakeeFrogzz Pond.

  • What better to cheer up your Neopet after a busy day then a big helping of Mashed Potato? There are four flavours to choose from including the traditional favourite Mashed Potaoes With Gravy.

  • Can you beat Jhudora at this week's Better Than You?

  • Duas, Whinnies, Zebies and Uggatrips can now be painted Fire at the Petpet Puddle.

  • If you can't afford all that luxury furniture, don't despair. The Furniture Shop have some affordable dung alternatives that might interest you.

16th June
  • Today's random theme is...


  • A new Mystery Pic has begun. The answer to the last one was Collectable Card #88: Denethrir.

  • You could win a whole stash of Neopoints, a rare item and a shiny trophy for your cabinet if think of something funny for the latest Caption Contest.

  • DJ Skellington rocked J Boogie 2-0 in the Staff TCG Tournament today. Oh dear, things aren't looking too bright for J Boogie at the moment...

  • Yurbles and Zafaras can now be painted with the Sketch Paint Brush.

  • If you are interesting all things staff related, you should stop by Mametchi86's Gallery - The Neopets Staff Gallery.

  • Why only paint your Neopets Sketch? Now your Petpets can be painted too :)

  • The first Petpets to be paintable with the Sketch Petpet Paint Brush are Pawkeets, Snarhooks, Weewoos and Quadrapi.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight trophy goes to Einzigartig the Fangy.

  • This new range of Sketch Furniture will add a touch of class to your Neohome. There is a sofa, lamp, bean bag and table to collect.

  • If your Neopet is looking for that light snack that won't fill them up between meals, maybe some Sketch Foods are in order :)

  • There is a new Sketch Tiled Background for your desktop.

  • Where better to jot down all your doodles then a real Sketch Sketch Book?

  • The Fire and Split Koi have been updated.

15th June - Nimmo Day!
  • Nimmos can be painted Plushie and Cloud at the Rainbow Pool.

  • In the staff TCG Tournament Piratezug keelhauled Temujin 2-0.

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to ___peanut_butter___ and AwakeInADream for their site - The Ultimate Meal.

  • The Book Shop has three new novels to choose from, each featuring a brave Nimmo or two.

  • Make sure you take your Nimmo to see Cap'n Threelegs at his Swashbuckling Academy today, so they can take advantage of all that FREE training!

  • The Food Shop, Bakery and Chocolate Factory have got together to create four new Nimmo Day treats...

  • This new Nimmo Background will look great on your desktop.

  • There are some new Nimmo-themed Poems in the gallery.

  • Brighten up your shop with this new Nimmo-themed Blog!

  • As well as a Nimmo blog, you can also add a Nimmo Shopkeeper to your shop.

  • Plushie collectors now have four more Nimmo Plushies to collect - Disco, Halloween, Faerie and Rainbow.

  • Can you work out how to make this new Sydney avatar your own?

  • Kauvara has just finished mixing up some new Nimmo Morphing Potions. You can now choose from Island, Starry, Spotted or Halloween.

  • There are lots of Nimmo themed pictures in the Art Gallery.

14th June
  • Some of you may have noticed we have been a little unstable for some parts of this weekend. Everything should be fixed now, sorry about that.

  • A new edition of the Neopian Times has just been released. Make sure you read it for all the latest adventures, stories and comics.

  • Battledome Update - We are in the process of moving the Battledome to a new and improved database. While this is happening the 'dome will be temporarily unavailable.

  • Number 6 was vapourised by a mysterious death ray while he was playing his match with Soup Faerie. As a result, we have withdrawn him from the Tournament and Soup Faerie will now be playing Snarkie.

    In other news, Soup Faerie beat Dragona 2-0.

  • You didn't think we would do Quiggle Day without releasing a new Quiggle avatar did you?

  • Why not give your shop an update by adding in this new Quiggle Blog?

  • No serious Quiggle warrior would think about going into battle without their Full Quiggle Armour equipped!

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun. Think of something witty to say and you could win a nice shiny trophy for your cabinet.

  • Kau Day and Nimmo Day are fast approaching, make sure you send in your Nimmo and Kau themed poems, spotlights and pictures soon if you want a good chance of being chosen.

  • The Sketch Moehog and Pirate Koi have been updated.

  • Amuse your Petpets with some of these new Veepsa themed Petpet Supplies.

  • Yurbles are the latest species to be paintable with the Plushie Paint Brush!

  • Keep your baby Neopets safe and sound with one of these new Play Pens, there are four new designs to choose from. Get yours at the Furniture Shop now!

  • Congratulations Scoita, you have just won the first Pet Spotlight award of the week.

  • A new Story Telling Competition has just begun.

    "Well, Breg, this should be it," grunted a blue Grundo as he hoisted a large wooden crate off the ground and onto a conveyor belt. Another Grundo stood off to the side, checking things off on his clipboard.

  • If you think one of your Neofriends deserves a little something special, why not give them one of these new Gifts?

  • There is a new Desktop Background featuring the Quiggle Runner from the Neopets TCG.

  • There is some new Faerie Furniture on sale, including all kinds of things for your kitchen.

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