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11th June - Quiggle Day (well almost)

  • We just couldn't keep it a secret anymore -- the next TCG expansion will be... Mystery Island! To give everyone a sneak preview of what's in store, an organised play tournament will be held throughout the U.S. on Saturday, June 19th. There'll be promo foil cards, trophies for tournament winners, and loads of fun for all who attend! For details on prizes and participating locations, click here.

  • Ok, so Quiggle Day isn't REALLY until the 13th, but as that is a Sunday we will be starting the celebrations a little early this year.

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to Zquackers87, owner of 267533 Rainbow Lane, Neopia Central.

  • Quiggles can now have a rather regal new look with the aid of a Royal Paint Brush.

  • A new Mystery Pic contest has begun. The answer to the last one was the Swarm Play Button.

  • Why not kick off the celebrations by treating your Neopet to one of these new Quiggle themed Books?

  • The last Pet Spotlight award of the week has been given to WiseThistlewood, the Quiggle.

  • Quiggle Pops are all the rage right now. Available in four fruity flavours, get yours from the Chocolate Factory before they sell out!

  • Can you beat Gargarox Isafuhlarg's high score in the latest Better Than You?

  • Dare you venture into Rostigalen's Pirate Cave Of The Week - Treasure Hunting.

  • As always kind old Cap'n Threelegs is offering FREE training to all Quiggles that pay him a visit. He has even extended this offer for the whole of the 11th, 12th AND 13th!

  • There are some new Poems in the gallery.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin. Make sure you cast your votes.

  • Hurry to the Toy Shop and you could get one of these new Quiggle Plushies. There are three to collect - Island, Baby and Plushie.

  • Three new Quiggle Shopkeepers have been added.

  • Today's Caption Competition has a bit of a Quiggle theme.

  • The latest Site Spotlight trophy has been awarded to Kitten7482 and Zexussky for their website - Zexussky's Observatory Log.

  • There are pages and pages of Quiggle themed pictures on display in the Art Gallery. Why not take a look?

9th and 10th June
  • Baby Lupe Plushie!
    Starting this weekend you will be able to get hold of your very own Baby Lupe Plushie at Limited Too and in selected Borders, Waldenbooks and Carlton Cards.

  • Yurbles have FREE training from Cap'n Threelegs for the whole of the 9th and 10th!

  • Kois can now be painted Grey :(

  • There is a new Turmaculus avatar. Can you work out how to get it?

  • Kayla's has just finished brewing up some new Potions - Turnip Tonic, Strength Serum and Energising Elixir.

  • We have increased the Neopoints you earn from Meepit Juice Break by 33%!

  • In the staff TCG Tournament Dirigibles beat DJ Skellington 2-0, then Poptart beat Viola 2-0 and Temujin 2-0.

  • A new Mystery Pic competition has started. The answer to last week's was Caption Contest #276.

  • There is a new JubJub themed Blog for your shop.

  • Make sure you stop by the Art Gallery today. Lots of new pictures have just been added, including some Yurbles.

  • The sneaky pirates at the Smuggler's Cove have managed to get hold of several Hammers of DEATH. If you have any dubloons going spare, you may be able to persuade them to part with one.

  • Strawberry Moehogs and Disco Koi have been updated.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to Lackmus the Slorgclops.

  • Congratulations Mozzer34, your rather smelly shop Fart Zone! The Gallery has just won the latest Gallery Spotlight award.

  • Continuing the smelly theme, the new Caption Contest looks like things may get rather unpleasant for a certain Grundo in a few moments.

  • What's this? A second Blog in one day :)

  • Ewwww! Now this is gross, this can't seriously be a Dung Petpet Paint Brush! Can it?

  • Ugg! I'm sure SOMEONE will want to turn their precious Petpet into a pile of nasty smelly stuff. Angelpi, Warfs, Polarchucks and Meepits are the first unfortunate souls who can be painted Dung at the Petpet Puddle.

  • On a much nicer note, there are lots of new Yurble Fun Images to brighten up your shop and webpage.

  • This new Battle JubJub avatar would look mighty cool on the neoboards...

  • Some healthy alternatives to your average burger have just been released in the Healthy Food Shop. You can choose from Red Juppie, Chokato, Tigersquash or Phear.

  • We have added a whole ton of Yurble Shopkeepers, so now you should be able to have any colour Yurble you like.

8th June
  • Gallions, Symols and Yullies can be painted Plushie at the Petpet Puddle.

  • If you are thinking of taking your Neopet to the beach, why not give them one of these new bucket and spade sets? The Toy Shop has a Meridell, Faerieland, Haunted Woods and Sloth set to choose from.

  • There are some new Poems in the gallery.

  • Your Neopet can learn all about Kreludan sundaes, rock formations and how to defend their Neohome from attacks with these new Booktastic Books.

  • The Spotted Moehog and Island Koi have been updated

  • If you redeem a Virtual Prize Code, you may be fortunate enough to receive one of these new Robot Noil themed items. We have also updated the Robot Noil so it matches the Robot Noil TCG card.

  • Four delicious new space themed cookies have gone on sale in the Kreludan Cafe.

  • The latest Site Spotlight award is shared by Gwylliaine and Battyfly for their guide to online poking.

  • Fans of basic foods will be pleased to know Pizzaroo has added plain old cheese pizza onto their menu.

7th June
  • SITE UPDATE - Yarr! We broke a new record in pageviews over the weekend, doing 203,151,800 on Saturday. First time ever that we have broken the 200-million mark. Thanks to everybody for playing! :)

  • A whole load of new Kiwi themed items have gone on sale - Kiwi Muffin, Kiwi Cookies, Kiwi Sorbet and a basic Kiwi.

  • New Improved Auctions!
    As promised, a new auction system has gone live today. Now when you bid on an item, that money is taken from your account and held in a 'scrow'. If you lose the auction, the Neopoints will be returned to your account. You cannot withdraw an auction or a bid, so make sure you only bid if you really want to buy the item.

  • Some Neopets are having fun around their garden in the first Caption Competition of the week.

  • TCG Tournament Update - Dirgibles beat Viola 2-1 and Dom Dread won 2-1 against Omega13.

  • WARNING!!!
    Neopets and their owners be warned, some mysterious looking Magical Yurble Plushies have been seen lurking around the Toy Shop!

  • A new Story Telling Contest has just begun, why not give it a try?

    "Attention, attention everyone!" the blue Zafara said, banging a small gavel on the podium. "The Great Neopian Guild's official meeting will now begin!" The Zafara placed the gavel down, and shuffled through a small stack of papers in front of her. "First thing up for discussion is... ahh, charity. Ruley, will you please come forward?"

  • Yurbles can now be painted a lovely Brown colour!

  • With those hot sunny days coming up, you may want to invest in one of these new Garden Umbrellas to keep you cool and shady.

  • The Darigan Toy Shop has three new toys on sale - Drackonack Yoyo, Morguss Action Figure and Galgarrath Action Figure.

  • Quiggle Day is fast approaching, if you want a good chance of being chosen, you should start sending in your Quiggle themed pictures, poems and spotlights.

  • Coin collectors should hurry to the Coin Shop. A new coin featuring Dr Sloth has been released.

  • Today's Pet Spotight award goes to Hururu_454, the Island JubJub.

  • Brown and Christmas Moehogs and Cloud Koi have been updated.

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