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1st May - Lupe Day (well almost)!
  • RETURN OF DR. SLOTH - We are very excited to announce that our newest TCG expansion set has just been released! 100 cool new cards for you to collect - click here for the complete list. Remember, tomorrow there will be an Organised Play tournament at locations around the US too!

    In other news, it seems that Lord Kass is losing his crusade to defeat Meridell, thanks to the tens of thousands of you that have joined in to stop him. More news soon....

  • BATTLE FOR MERIDELL - The next part of our exciting plot has just been released (sorry we are a bit behind with the schedule!) Thanks to the help provided by the thousands of eager young Neopet warriors, Lord Darigan has won the battle against the evil Kass.

    My charm...

  • If you look on the NeoCam you can see the prize for the Dr. Sloth event (made of purest transparisteel), plus one of the cool freebies (a lanyard thing).

  • We have also redone our Redemption Area. No more Gelert Wizard, now you get a cool Grundo - a member of the Sloth Resistance! Also, shown below are some of the cool prizes you can win with a WC03 Virtual Prize Code!

  • The 138th issue of the Neopian Times is now live. If you are looking for fun stories, comics and adventures, this is the magazine for you!

  • Somewhere, in a distant spooky area of the site this avatar is waiting to be added to your collection...

  • The Purple Lupe has had a makeover!!! (we'll do the rest of them very soon!)

  • Lupes can now be painted Grey also. Awww, poor little fella...

  • We have a new Neopedia article about the Ghost Lupe.

  • Ooh look, there are some new Neogreetings, each featuring Lupes.

  • We have a new page of Testimonials from people who have bought Neopets stuff!

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin. Make sure you cast your votes and enter for next week's competition.

  • The latest Neohome Spotlight award has been given to Balooh, owner of 103431 Main Street, Neopia Central.

  • Congratulations Wurymmar the Lupe, you have just won a shiny Pet Spotlight trophy!

  • This heroic Lupe Background will look mighty snazzy on your Desktop!

  • Arrr thar be a Pirate Lupe!

  • Cap'n Threelegs was so pleased with the Pirate Lupe he has decided to give free training to any Lupe who visits his Swashbuckling Academy for TWO whole days!!!

  • There are pages and pages of Lupe-themed pictures for you to look at in the Art Gallery :)

  • Lupe Day wouldn't be the same without a Lupe-themed Shop Blog now would it?

  • The final Caption Contest of the week has just gone live. Can you think of something funny to say?

  • Lastly, Happy Birthday Lucy! (Adam's sister is 18 tomorrow!)
30th April
  • There is a new page of Lupe poems in the Gallery.

  • As Lupe Day falls on a Sunday this year, we will be starting the celebrations a little early. To kick things off there is a new look Lupe! We hope you like it :)

  • Today's Card of the Day is none other than Dr. Sloth. He has returned, apparently!

  • Oops! The Better Than You forgot to go live yesterday. That's been fixed now, sorry about that.

  • Oops! We totally set the Neopoint ratio on Mootix Drop to the wrong value - it was giving out an average of 18 NP per game! We made it fifteen times higher :) Mootix around Neopia are rejoicing!


  • SITE UPDATE - Due to a technical problem, Cronjobbia the Air Faerie couldn't work over the last few days. She is the one who does all the little tasks every hour like restocking shops and processing auctions. We have fixed it now, so all these things should be back to normal.

  • The Checklist for the Return of Dr. Sloth set has just been uploaded. Yes, all the cards, rules and pictures are there!!!

  • Meepit Juice Break now has a Zen mode. You can play with three Meepits and no timer, but you only get one point per successfully nourished Meepit.

  • The Foolishly Asked Questions for the Return of Dr. Sloth set has just been put up on the site, mortal.

  • There are some new Lupe themed Goodies on sale including Waffles and Lollypops.

  • If your Neopet is feeling particularly scholarly, why not treat them to one of these new Lupe themed Books?

  • There are three new Lupe Shopkeepers to choose from featuring a Baby Lupe, a rather mean looking Shadow Lupe and a Rainbow Lupe.

  • There new Battledome Items are sure to make your Lupe a champion!

29th April
  • NEW GAME!!! Harry was a commando first and a Mootix second, and danger was his middle name (which was nice because he didn't have a last one.) Yes! Mootix Drop is here!!!


  • The battle with Lord Kass rages on. He is badly beaten but still strong enough to beat even the highest level Neopet... Can he be defeated? Will Meridell be saved??? Who knows.

  • Well the Return of Dr. Sloth set is out in stores tomorrow, so here is another Card of the Day... the Cooty (a Petpetpet!) Also - we have a picture of the booster box!!!

  • NEOMAIL UPDATE - Why bother with plain text when you can make it big, purple, bold, italic, flashing and scrolling!!! Yes, we have improved our NeoMail and given you a lot more options to make your messages pretty!

  • This week's Better Than You features Meuka... Can you beat him?

  • The winner of this week's PPL is the Gruslen. Congratulations go to Fang, Tiger, Freeeow! !, Mr. Underpants and the rest of this week's winners! Sorry due to database problems we could only give prizes to the first 50,000 owners.

  • Congratulations Glittermunkey, you have just won the latest Site Spotlight award for your site - Into The Clouds.

  • Doglefoxes, Snorkles, Gruslens and Kadoaties can now be painted with a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush :)

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award goes to Kojiro44705, for their adventure - Western City Spooks.

    "Zifter walks closer to the object and picks it up. It was a small, crystal ball that had some hazy smoke stirring around inside. He was so mesmerized by it that he couldn't take his eyes from it. He acted as if he was in a trance as Barren called after him. The crystal ball glimmered in his hands."

  • These new Garden Gnomes will make the perfect addition to your lawn. There are four to choose from - Morguss, The Court Dancer, Blugthak and King Skarl.

  • Dare you brave the depths of Kittencrayons' Pirate Cave Of The Week?

  • You can now have a Kadoatie, Nuranna, Warf or Puppyblew as your Shopkeeper.

  • We have replaced some of the less-cool outdated Space Battle items with new snazzier things...

28th April
  • Today's random theme is ...

    The Wheel Of Monotony

    Some of you may have got a sneak preview earlier this morning, a new thrilling game has been added to the Tyrannian Plateau - The Wheel of Monotony...

    Come on... I haven't got all day!

  • With only two days to go, today's Card of the Day is the Green JubJub!

  • Just look at some of the super cool prizes you can win from the Wheel Of Monotony.

  • As a reminder, Lupe Day is fast approaching and you should start sending in your Lupe themed spotlights, poems and pictures now.

  • The new Caption Contest was drawn by a guest staff member, I bet you couldn't guess who...

  • A new round of Mystery Pic has gone live, the answer to last week's was Lair of the Beast.

  • The lucky winner of the latest Petpet Spotlight award is an Uggatrip called Trarr.

  • There are some new Tyrannian Weapons on sale, which incidentally can also be won from the Wheel Of Monotony!

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight award goes to Bubblecat20 for their shop - Geology rocks!

  • Every Tyrannian Neopet is new available as a Shopkeeper.

  • This new avatar is devilishly hard to get...

  • Still can't get enough of the Wheel Of Monotony? There is a great new Blog that is simply dying to be added to your shop...

  • Is your Neopet sick of the same old Omelette flavours day after day? Not anymore! There are two new tasty flavours to choose from - Fresh Fruit Surprise and Tangy Tigersquash.

  • If you want a reminder to play the Wheel Of Monotony every time you switch on your computer, why not use this new Desktop Background?

  • Harris, Warfs and Miamice can now be painted Tyrannian at the Petpet Puddle.

27th April - Cybunny Carnival!
  • BATTLE FOR MERIDELL - The future of Meridell hangs in the balance, and this is the last time we will need your help. Darigan, back from the grave is locked in combat with Lord Kass. Click here now and give him as much assistance as you can! Avenge poor Jeran!


  • Ooh, only three days to go! Today's Card of the Day is none other than the Starry Cybunny.

  • Will you just look at this new Cybunny Blog!

  • If you have been dying to get your very own Cybunny, you had better hurry! 30,000 Cybunnies are now available and looking for new owners!

  • I bet you can't work out how to get this Cybunny Day Avatar. It's pretty hard!

  • We have three new Neogreetings, each featuring Cybunnies.

  • There is a new page of Cybunny related Poems in the gallery.

  • It's so fierce ... it's cute! Behold the new Darigan Cybunny!

  • There are four new deliciously carroty Cybunny Day treats to choose from - Chocolate Carrot Sundae, Mega Carrot Pie, Creamy Carrot Trifle and Crunchy Carrot Burger.

  • These new Books with a Cybunny theme could come in very handy. With titles such as Saving Your Neopoints, Gourmet Bowl Tips and Cybunny Cookie Making, how can you afford not to read them?

  • This may look like a harmless little back scratcher to you, but oh no! In the paws of the right Cybunny this can be a very formidable weapon indeed!

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to TheEasterCybunny and Sparkly_fairy_dust. Their site Dance School, is perfect for anyone looking for tips to dance the night away at the Cybunny Carnival.

  • What a talented lot Cybunny fans are, there are pages and pages of Cybunny Day pictures in the Art Gallery!

  • You would be jumping for joy too if you had this cool Cybunny Desktop Background :)

  • As always the kind Cap'n Threelegs is giving Free Training to any Cybunny that pays his Swashbuckling Academy a visit.

  • Cybunnies can also be painted Orange at the Rainbow Pool!

  • What's this? More Cybunny Day foods? With this you really are spoiling us.

  • We have a new Neopedia Article featuring not one, but three Cybunnies!

  • If you are getting bored of your current Shopkeeper why not try one of these new Cybunnies?

  • There are three new Cybunny Day Neggs that you can trade in for tokens at the Neggery - Blue, Purple and Rainbow!

26th April
  • You may have noticed the Shops Toolbar has had a little makeover. We have also added a link to your Neohome to make life a little easier :)

  • As Cybunny Day is tomorrow, it seems only fitting that we start off the week with a Cybunny themed Caption Contest.

  • With only four days to go before Dr. Sloth is available in shops (the TCG, not the super-villain from space), we have released a new Card of the Day. Today - Gorix.

  • Congratulations go to I_WuV_TiM, they have just earnt themselves a lovely Pet Spotlight trophy for their cabinet.

  • The final two stamps in the NeoQuest II set have just been released. Look out for Terask and The Sword Of Apocalypse in the Post Office!

  • Talking of NeoQuest II, if you manage to complete the game, you could get one of 12 **SUPER RARE** Battledome items that cannot be bought anywhere else (If you have already completed the game you will automatically get one of the prizes).

  • This week's Story Telling competition has just begun.

    "Everyone gather 'round!" the royally dressed Kougra said to the company. "Quickly! QUICKLY!"

    The other stage actors and actresses rushed over to the cast leader. "What is it Tomar?" asked a Kougra in a queen costume. "We've got to finish dress rehearsal before the king comes to see our production!"

  • Two new Faerie themed items have appeared in the Magic Shop - Light Faerie Dust and Water Faerie Bubbles. I wonder what they do?

  • Some new Tyrannian Weapons have been released including the must-have Flaming Catapult.

  • Ixis can now be painted a rather fetching Pink colour.

  • There are some new pictures and sculptures in the Art Gallery.

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