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25th March
  • NEW WOCKIES!!! - The Wocky is the latest pet to get a makeover :) More poses coming soon!

  • Come into my parlour said the Spyder to the Vernax... Yes, we have a great new game called Web of Vernax where you play a hungry Spyder in search of some tasty treats. Why not give it a try and see if you can get a high score!


  • You've played the game, why not read the Neopedia too?

  • The 134th issue of the Neopian Times is now out. Yes, all your favourite comics, great articles, stories, and of course the weekly Editorial.

  • Gigantic WAR MACHINES are rampaging through Meridell smashing everything in their path! Get to the War Room as quickly as you can to help save the Meridellians.

  • Just in case you didn't hear it before, there is great new Neopets stuff at K-Mart, including 3D Stickers and Locker Mirrors! They are located in the Back to School section. Here are some pictures!

  • Ooh - what's that on the NeoCam???

  • The latest addition to our yellow bar is this lovely Web of Vernax button.

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been launched! The answer to the last one was 'Samantha the Wocky'.

  • Some more Petpet Supplies have gone on sale including the *MUST HAVE* Wind Up Zytch!

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to Cupcake12357, owner of 229628 Market Square, Neopia Central.

  • Get hold of a Royal Paint Brush and you could be the proud owner of one of these very regal looking Aishas.

  • Lukashen the Elephante should be very happy today, they just took home a shiny Pet Spotlight trophy!

  • We have a new Caption Contest with a Meepit Juice Break theme. Think of something witty and you could be a winner :)


  • Let the world know how much you like the Soup Faerie with this new Blog.

  • We fixed some small errors with the Rainbow Gelert and Cloud Flotsam images.

  • Alkenores, Spyders, Warfs and Babaas can now be painted Island at the Petpet Puddle.

  • The new Beauty Contest is about to begin, make sure you cast your votes.

24th March
  • PART 11 of our Battle for Meridell plot has just been released. The invasion is going just as expected. King Skarl was just too late to plan an effective defence... but Meridell may *just* have a hope..

    .. and then the sky rained fire

  • SITE UPDATE - Just to let you know, this week and next week we will be moving lots of the games and accounts onto a new faster database server. If you see any games are temporarily down (especially the non-flash games), don't worry - it should be all finished soon.

  • The winner of this week's PPL is the Goldy, which incidentally, has a great new look! Congrats to Squizzer, OrangeJuicyJuice, Zittle, fish fish and the rest of this week's winners.

  • We have updated the User Lookup so that you can see actual pictures of your Neopets. We should have done this ages ago :) Sorry if we messed up anybody's style sheets :)

  • While we were making over the user lookups we also decided to add some icons. There was just too much text over on the left... it looks a lot better now!

    Ahhh... icons

  • This week's Better Than You features Advisor Wessle... can you beat him?

  • Play in our world. Get devoured by a gigantic red dragon in ours. Yes, we have another NeoQuest II button for the yellow bar!

  • Have you always wanted to give your Petpet a toy or basket of its own? A new shop - Petpet Supplies has just opened so now you can do just that (and you can see them in your Neohome too!).

    (It will be added to the Bazaar map shortly)

  • We are going to clear the High Score Tables tonight as one of the files is too big to move between database servers and it's going to save a lot of time. Sorry about that. Look on the bright side, you have an extra seven days to get a trophy this month!

  • Yay! Now you can draw Woogy and Jimmi with ease. Hasees have been added to our How To Draw section.

  • Can you complete Acidash's Pirate Cave Of The Week?

  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat an Asparagus Chia Pop...

  • Cherlezime and Skyflyer2007 are going to be very happy today, their website Cheri's Orchard has just won a Site Spotlight award.

  • We have updated a lot of the Maraquan Refugee Petpets that used to be in bowls for some reason. They look much happier now they are free to swim around :)

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight has been won by Fallawaywithme's adventure - Coveted Wings of Evil Flight.

    Kaedelrin knew Ambettle would not turn back now, so he finally took matters into his own hooves and agreed to do the hooded figure's bidding. The being almost ... cackled ... and grinned menacingly in the shadow of his cloak. "Very well."

  • Four new Battle For Meridell stamps have just gone on sale in the Post Office. If you can get hold of Hadrak, a Court Dancer, a Battle Uni and a Zafara Double Agent you should be able to complete the collection.

  • Is your Neopet always really untidy? That can change with one of these new Meridell and Kass themed Toy Boxes :)

24th March
  • As today's random theme is SNOT we thought we would start the day with this cool little poem :)

    Snot, snot
    Green and hot
    I like it a lot

  • Now this new Caption image is just plain gross... surely you can think of something funny to say about it...

  • The Shockwave games (slots, Skarl's Scramble etc...) were down for about 12 hours earlier due to some unforseen problems. Sorry about that, they should be working now!

  • Ozzy the Slorg is the proud winner of this week's Petpet Spotlight award.

  • If it takes your fancy, you can now turn your Chia and Kiko into SNOT covered beasties!

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been launched! The answer to the last one was 'The Sapphire Pendant NT Article'.

  • Yay! Every Neopet will be wanting to get hold of one of these new SNOT Toys!

  • There is a new suitably SNOTTY Blog for your shop.

  • Mmm... Yummmy, SNOT foods!

  • You will be the envy of the boards with the SNOT covered avatar!

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight award goes to Goku333174, creator of The Museum Of Really Yucky Disgusting Foods.

  • Meuka has been added to the How To Draw section. Now you can draw his SNOTTY likeness all over the place.

  • If your Neopet is brave enough to wield these new SNOT covered Battledome items, they are sure to gross out their opponents!

  • As a break from all this slimy stuff, there are some new snot-free images in the Art Gallery.

23rd March
  • REINFORCEMENTS - That dastardly Kass had a few tricks up his sleeve after all. Yes, secondary waves of Skeith Soldiers and Eyrie Guards have joined the battle. Come on, fight to save Meridell, what are you waiting for?

  • Well, we have a big announcement to make very soon about the Neopets TCG, so this is the last Card of the Day from the Battle for Meridell set. What better way to end than with Lord Kass.

  • A cool new product called the NeoPen has just been released, but only in Australia and New Zealand. They will be available in Toys R Us Locations starting on the 29th of March! It has games, a calculator, new games - and it writes too!

  • Awww.. Icklesaurs can now be painted White, Cloud, Brown and Blue at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Some people were having trouble with font colours and stylesheets in user lookups, mainly because we broke things when we changed the front page to green! It should all be back to normal now.

  • If you are an Ixi fan, you have got to get hold of some of these new Ixi Grooming products, including tooth brush, soap and comb.

  • There is a new page of Poems in the gallery.

  • You didn't think we would let Chomby Day go by without releasing an avatar did you?

  • The Ice Caves map has been updated (finally!) There is no link to Tyrannia any more, we thought that was a bit silly.

  • Moehogs are now available in this new Sponge form!

  • Congratulations aemaen and Karastade, you have just won the latest Site Spotlight competition.

  • If you long to hear Wock Till You Drop, Sticks n Stones, CATFB or 2 Gallon Hatz's latest hits in the comfort of your Neohome, we have just the thing. These new Speakers will happily play your favourite bands hits all day long.

  • Eyries can now be painted Starry, isnt that cool :)

  • This week's Story Telling Competition has begun and it looks like a Maraquan Choby is going on a journey...

    "Hammer... check. Nails... check. Water-proof glue... double check!" Levi smiled as he carefully packed the duffel bag that lay on his bed. The Maraquan Chomby was on a mission of his own design...

22nd March - Chomby Day
  • Happy Chomby Day everybody! To start things off we have pages and pages of Chomby themed pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • Avid readers will be rushing to get their hands on one of these new Chomby themed books. Get yours at the Book Shop now!

  • Be sure to take your Chomby to visit Cap'n Threelegs today, otherwise they will miss out on all the FREE training.

  • Arrr! Shiver me timbers, its a Pirate Chomby!!!

  • Oops, we forgot to mention these new Illusen themed weapons that were released last week - Illusen's Gems, Illusen's Silver Shield and Illusen's Hip Blade.

  • A new Caption Contest has begun. There was a little mix up with the images for the last contest, but it is all fixed now.

  • Ah, the Chomby Slime Ball, a formidable weapon indeed, it will coat your opponent in sticky slime from head to toe! On sale in the Battle Magic shop now.

  • Why not treat your Neopet with one of these delicious Chomby Day goodies?

  • The new round of the Beauty Contest will begin shortly. Make sure you remember to cast your votes.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to a rather pretty little Chomby called Leilanianah.

  • As well as the stunning Pirate look, you can also paint your Chomby Orange.

  • This new Chomby themed Background is just the thing to brighten up your desktop :)

  • We fixed a few pet images that were facing the wrong way or were slightly off including the Striped Chomby, Rainbow Blumaroo and White Gelert.

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