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13th and 14th March
  • Well since Monday is so far away we have decided to add some more content for you over the weekend. Remember, because of the new change the content *should* go live midnight on Sunday NST.

  • Awwww, on the 20th of March you will find the Baby Scorchio Plushie at Borders Bookstores, Carlton Cards and other speciality retailers. It's a rare Plushie so you better get it before it sells out!

    Gaa ga!

  • We have done another Card of the Day! Today it is the turn of the Golden Negg.

  • RED CODESTONES??? What are they, what do they do? Well, you have a chance to find out by visiting the Mystery Island Volcano!

    Do you have enough codestones?
12th March - Scorchio Day!!
  • Sorry, we were so delayed with the content yesterday we have decided to put two days live at once, sorry about that!

  • NEW GAME - Yes, there is Trouble at the National Neopian. You had better go there and try and sort things out!

    I'd like to make a withdrawal please...

  • You can now see how many NP you will earn in our Flash Games as the Score-to-Neopoint ratio is now displayed on every page.

  • Now you can see how many points you have earned in the Battle For Meridell by going to your user lookup!

    (2 Points)

  • The proud winner of this week's Neohome Spotlight is Hb_oops, owner of 94794 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central.

  • Kick off Scorchio day with one of these freshly baked Cookies. There are four flavours to choose from - lemon, raspberry, chocolate and strawberry.

  • The new edition of the Neopian Times is now out! This issue features top tips for completing NeoQuest II and having a healthy Neopet.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to a Chia called Terraeca.

  • Give your Scorchio a rather regal new look with the aid of a Royal Paint Brush.

  • Scorchio Day wouldn't be the same without a set of new Scorchio themed Books now would it?

  • Maraquan Scorchio fans will be pleased to hear there is a new Desktop Background featuring their favourite Neopet.

  • There is a new Neopedia article featuring a Scorchio who isn't having a very enjoyable Scorchio Day!

  • The Caption Contest today is Scorchio-themed (no surprises there!) Can you think of anything funny to say about this picture?

  • There are pages and pages of Scorchio pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • If you want to give your Scorchio a rather simple natural colour, maybe you should opt for a Brown or Pink Paint Brush...

11th March
  • The winner of this week's PPL is the Green Kadoatie. We were going to let the Mazzew win because it had a special day, but it won last week! Congratulations to Galadriel, I Am Expensive, telekinetic cat and all the other winners!

  • There are four new recipes that can be made at the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. Can you figure them out?

  • Dare you attempt this week's Pirate Cave of the Week? It is Kristal_phoenix's Kristal Challenge.

  • The Toy Shop has four new Draik plushies on sale.

  • A strange creature has been spotted swimming around the ruins of Maraqua...

  • We have fixed alot of pet poses that had little errors including the Electric Acara, Split Cybunny, Split Lenny and Split Grundo.

  • This week's NeoAdventure Spotlight goes to wendy07 for their adventure - Princess Hoolalas Perilous Ventures.

    "Suddenly, a large shadow looms over you. You turn around and see a horrifically oversized cybunny glaring at you menacingly, beckoning you to escape before it squishes you to a pulp. Which it most definitely can."

  • There are some new Battle For Meridell Buddy Icons featuring Jeran, Lord Kass and the infamous Court Dancer.

  • Gigabit12163 and TheSeventhGigaWonder share the latest Site Spotlight award with their site - The Mutant Lair.

  • A new Better Than You has just been launched! Can you beat?

  • By popular demand (see last week's editorial) we have added some new Slushies - Transparaberry, Munuberry, Oranella and everyone's favourite - Rahketmelon.

10th March
  • Today's random theme is...


  • THE FIRST WAVE IS HERE - Citizens of Neopia, Meridell needs your help! The evil Lord Kass has sent down Giant Spyders.... or maybe he just took normal Spyders and made them big with his evil magic... who knows. Regardless, they are eating the Meridell crops, scaring the farmers, and need to be defeated!


  • Yay! There is a Neopedia about Hasee Bounce!!! If you wondered how Hasees came to be munching fruit on Mystery Island, you should check it out.

  • Mazzews can be painted Fire, Glowing, Plushie and Pirate at the Petpet Puddle.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to Chiclet, the Snowbunny.

  • If your Neopet can't afford a Mazzew of their own, don't despair, one of these new Mazzew themed Toys will soon put a smile on their face.

  • The Strawberry Moehog Battledome poses have been fixed, they should now face the right way.

  • Looks like this Mazzew may have struck it rich! Think of something funny and you could win a stash of Neopoints for yourself in the latest Caption Competition...

  • Well done Carinafox5, your shop The Potty Kingdom has just won this week's Gallery Spotlight award.

  • Magic Ghost Marshmallows now look different to the standard Ghost Marshmallows

  • The Faerie Aisha has got a much needed redo :) The old one looked a bit ... odd ... in a couple of the poses.

  • If your Neopet wants to take care of their Mazzew properly, they need to get hold of some of these new Books

  • Be the envy of all your friends with this super cute Mazzew avatar!

  • Congratulations to all those that guessed correctly in our TCG Tournament. The winners will receive Neopoints, TCG cards, and this lovely avatar...

  • We fixed lots of Cybunny images that seemed to be a bit confused (the close and ranged attack poses for Electric, Halloween, Faerie, Pink and Rainbow Cybunnies).

  • There is a new Desktop Background featuring the Court Dancer.

  • We have released a new version of Skarl's Scramble. There are new animations, and a beginners mode!!!

  • The answer to the last Mystery Pic was 'Grimilix in Maintenance Hatch 7b'. Good luck on the new one!

9th March
  • Part Nine of Battle For Meridell has just been released. Kass's armies sweep across Meridell, and all Skarl can do is sit and watch the Court Dancer....

    WAR UPDATE - Sorry we had some technical problems starting the Battledome War, but they are fixed now and it shall commence on the next sync.

  • Our Staff TCG Tournament has been won by Captain Canada who beat Dom Dread 3-2 in the final. Dragona won the runners-up match, so now we have all four places decided. Congratulations to everybody who guessed correctly (or nearly correctly). We will be giving out the prizes to the lucky winners tomorrow.

    Also a special mention to beach_babe251 who defied trillion-to-one odds and managed to guess all four places in order!


  • This cool new Hasee Bounce button will now be appearing in a yellow bar near you!

  • Look behind you - a three headed Mortog!!!

  • The Rainbow Chomby has been updated, and we have fixed lots of Battledome poses that has little mistakes on them.

    Much better!

  • You didn't think they had Normal vegetables in Faerieland did you?

  • Congratulations Slorgqueen, you now have a shiny Site Spotlight trophy for your cabinet! Make sure you spend the time to look at Slorg World today!

  • Whatever you do... Don't let your Neopets into the water! Yes this Maraquan Meerca has been spotted terrorising fishermen off the Mystery Island coast.

  • Court Dancer fans HAVE to get hold of some of these tambourines, Usuki sets, posters and pillows

  • Some new Poems have been added to the gallery.

  • Meepits, Faellies, Gallions and Noils can be painted Island!

  • There is a new Neopedia entry about the game that is taking Meridell by storm - Whack-a-Kass.

  • Are you sick of your Neopets leaving their toys all around the Neohome? Now they can keep them neat and tidy in one of these Toy Boxes.

  • Give your Korbat a natural new look with the aid of a Brown Paint Brush.

    Look a real-life Chocolate Korbat!

  • The Art Gallery has a Battle For Meridell theme today.

8th March
  • If you own a Kyrii, you can get them in the Gadgadsbogen mood with this rather spectacular Island paint job.

  • We have a new Story Telling Contest...

    "Welcome! Welcome everyone, to this year's Gadgadsbogen festival!" Rufus shouted over the excited chattering of the crowd. "Now that the limbo competition is over, it's time to reveal this year's new fruits!" the Kougra said, gesturing to a table shrouded by a lumpy, white cloth...

  • If you like Hasse Bounce, you will love this week's new Caption Contest. Think of something funny and you could win a prize!

  • You Neopet can follow in Jeran's footsteps and wield this mighty Sunblade Replica in battle.

  • The first Pet Spotlight goes to Gahennas_gatekeeper, the Blumaroo.

  • Gallions can be painted Fire, Ghost or Black at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Oops it seems we forgot to release the Baby or Disco JubJub and the Island Skeith, this has now been fixed.

  • With the aid of a Brown Paint Brush this lovely natural looking Pteri could be yours.

  • Scorchio Day is fast approaching, if you want to be in with a chance of winning you will need to start sending in your Scorchio themed poems, spotlights, galleries and pictures shortly.

  • The latest pet page to be completed is for Bruces, why not take a look at http://www.neopets.com/bruce?

  • There is a new Desktop Background featuring none other than Jeran the Lupe, brave defender of Meridell.

  • We have a new Neopedia article featuring a Uni called Tawnia.

  • Stamp collectors will be pleased to hear that the Post Office has three new Battle For Meridell designs on sale - The Three, Blumaroo Court Jester and the terrifying Blugthak.

  • A new Beauty Contest will be starting later today, make sure you remember to vote.

  • The Art Gallery has a two page special featuring real life Neopets art.

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