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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

27th February
  • The next part of Battle for Meridell has been released! The evil Kass, hell-bent on conquering Meridell has started the attack, but where is King Skarl???

    Looks like we are going to need your help. Better stock up on codestones and snowballs, as the battle is about to be joined!

    We need reinforcements!

  • The 130th issue of the Neopian Times is now live. Read about all kinds of interesting things like how to be a successful Faerie and the benefits of being an Invisible Neopet...

  • Our TCG Area has a cool new navigation bar!

  • On the 6th of March we will have been selling Neopets products in Limited Too for two years! To kick our anniversary off with a bang we will be releasing this super-soft 10 inch Pink Bruce Plushie. Get it while you can!

  • Lookie, more Stamps for your Battle For Meridell collection!

  • Not even the cutest Neopets could withstand the corruption coming from the evil floating citadel. Behold... the Darigan Aisha!


  • Some new Colouring Pages have been added featuring Fyora, the Soup Faerie and the Space Faerie.

  • Keep your Neopet nice and clean with one of these new luxurious Baths.

  • The winner of the new Neohome Spotlight award is... Alleycatrc, owner of 5111 Fire Faerie Crescent, Faerieland .

  • Oops! We forgot to upload the trophies for Whack-A-Kass. They are up now! Great game, isn't it? :)

  • The last Pet Spotlight of the week goes to Joel_Moon, the Wocky.

  • Today's Caption Competition has just gone live! Can you think of *anything* funny to say about this...

  • The second quarter-final in our TCG Tournament was played today. Dom Dread beat Snarkie 2-0 (with a little bit of help from King Skarl!)

  • The new Mystery Pic has just gone live. The answer to the last one was 'The Cheesemaker from Cheeseroller'.

  • The winner of this week's PPL was the Green Fir. Congratulations to Pine Sprinkles, Sappy, TREE!!!, Firbalicious and the rest of our lucky winners!

  • This week's NeoAdventure Spotlight has been won by Pantherprinzez, their adventure is called The Princess Faerie.

    "I look at the wall where pictures of her and me were supposed to be. Instead, there was Florina, smiling and wearing a crown. Next to that picture was another picture, of mother. In a Cage and Gray clothing, her wings had been cut off. *GASP*"

26th February
  • NEW GAME - It's all the rage in Meridell this month. Everybody is playing Whack-A-Kass, and now you can too!


  • For a limited time, you can will be able to get a FREE issue of the Official Neopets Magazine (well it's nearly free, you still have to pay for shipping). If you haven't read it yet, now is your chance. Its full of sneak previews, strategies, stories and more... What are you waiting for? Click here for more info. What's more - its SHINY!


  • Some of you may recognise these new Battledome items as the Tangle Net Gun, Regulation Chainmail and Uni Charm from the Battle For Meridell TCG set!

  • Why not try your hand at the new Pirate Cave of the Week - the Pyramid Caves by Flamy74?

  • This week's Better Than You features Gargarox Isafuhlarg the Grundo Chef.

  • No serious Lord Kass devotee would be caught without this new bed, lamp, bean bag and pillow set in their Neohome...

  • Keep losing your Kougra in the dark? Fear not, now you can paint them Glowing at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Today's Site Spotlight award is shared by Quidgyboo and Millywoo.

  • If you are trying to win the Book Award trophy, you should try to get hold of some of these new Tomes.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

25th February
  • OOPS - We had a problem with our syncing script last night, so even though the content was done for the day it wasn't put live - oops. So here it is, two days worth of stuff :)

  • Today' random theme is....


  • The latest Mystery Pic has just started. The answer to the last one was 'The banner in the Employment Agency'.

  • JubJubs and Grarrls can now be painted Disco!

  • Liven up your Neohome with these dazzling new Disco Balls. Available in four colours...

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to a Snarhook called Windrunnerwolf115.

  • Even today's Caption Contest has a Disco theme.

  • Any self respecting Disco fan will rush to the Grooming Parlour to get hold of these new Disco print items.

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight award goes to Kidding_around for their super groovy Disco themed shop!

  • Be safe, be seen, with this new Disco Desktop!!!

  • These new Fun Images are sure to put a smile on your face.

24th February
  • These Battle For Meridell Stamps will look great in your album!

  • As promised in this week's Editorial, Tonus have been added to the How To Draw pages.

  • Show where your loyalty lies with this cool looking Kass Desktop.

  • TOURNAMENT UPDATE - Pop Tart finally played her game, and she lost 2-0 against Warren. We have also made the draw for the Quarter Finals, and the first winner is Captain Canada who beat Dirigibles, also 2-0.

  • All our Krawk Island flash games now have a new Preloader!!!

  • Now you can choose to hang many of the characters from Battle For Meridell on your bedroom walls...

  • The Faerie Korbat has had a much needed makeover...

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to Evilbob111 and EVILBOB, a rather musical young Buzz.

  • Everyone loves Plushies right? Even if they are of the ugly Blugthak and Bat Thing...

  • There was a bug with the Safety Deposit Search where some items were impossible to find. This has been fixed now.

  • Usuls can now be painted Silver...

  • Make sure you stop by the Art Gallery if you get a chance, there are some new things made by players on display.

23rd February - Mynci Day
  • Well actually Mynci Day was yesterday, but as that was a Sunday we will be continuing the celebrations for another day.

  • Myncis can be painted Speckled at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Oops! We forgot to put up the Mystery Pic on Friday. Click here to play the new one. The answer to Wednesdays was 'The Golden Dubloon Restaurant'.

  • If you didn't manage to do it yesterday. make sure you take your Mynci to see Cap'n Threelegs to claim all that lovely Free training.

  • These new Mynci themed Books are sure to keep your Neopet amused.

  • This new Mynci Day Blog will soon brighten your shop up.

  • A new Caption Contest has begun and the picture seems to have a Mynci theme...

  • Today is the 400th Poetry Contest. In Neopets tradition the winners of this contest will get a much sought after Alstaf Poogle collectable card.

  • The first Pet Spotlight of the week goes to Zavaboy, the Mynci.

  • There are some new Mynci Shopkeepers to choose from - Grape Eating Mynci, Cloud Hand Stand Mynci and Mynci With Spardel.

  • Mynci Day wouldn't be Mynci Day without some new Foods now would it?

  • Oops! There was a problem with some Royal Neopets. They appeared as little broken images as opposed to their true regal form. That has been fixed now!

  • Today is Monday, which means a new Storytelling Contest has begun.

    "Come one, come all!" the red Mynci shouted as loud as he could. "Erad's Everything Emporium has it all! Lowest prices anywhere... ask anyone, even the Shop Wizard!" Erad lowered his hands from around his mouth. No one seemed to be coming in...

  • Can you become the proud owner of this new avatar?

  • There are lots of new Mynci Day pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • Make sure you cast your vote in the Beauty Contest ...

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