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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

30th January
  • Are you sick and tired of Turmaculus sleeping all day and then when you do eventually manage to wake the beast, he gobbles up your beloved Petpet? Well here is your chance to get some revenge as Turmaculus steps into the Battledome...

  • Fancy that! The new issue of the Neopian Times is out early! Tune in for the latest comics, stories, articles and of course the Editorial!

  • Duas can now be painted Blue, Cloud and Grey at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Here is a little reminder that this coming Tuesday is Zafara Day so you will want to start sending in your Zafara themed pictures, poems and spotlights this weekend.

  • Some more Colouring Pages have been added to Kiko Lake.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Grundioy the Aisha.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been uploaded. The answer to the old one was 'A Horn of a Snow Beast'.

  • The new Caption Contest features some Kacheeks who seem to be giving NeoQuest II a whirl!

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight trophy has been awarded to Wefix, owner of 37213 Cairn Close, Neopia Central.

  • We have uploaded two copies (one low one high quality) of the Battle for Meridell TCG Rulebook onto our servers, just in case you have lost yours, or just want to read it!

  • If you can't afford the real thing, don't despair! This Alien Aisha Plushie is now on sale in the Toy Shop.

  • We have added some new Polls, including one to decide which Neopet should get a makeover next. Wocky, Moehog or Kougra, you decide!

  • Tired of the same old Snowager prizes? These new Neggs should brighten up your day.

29th January - Kacheek Day
  • NeoQuest II is now live!!! Yes, after months and months of work, the huge role-playing game known as NeoQuest now has a sequel. You play Rohane, a young Blumaroo who has left his home in search of adventure. The kingdom is in peril. King Skarl has been imprisoned, and you must save the day!


  • We are going to be holding a new STAFF TCG TOURNAMENT!!! Yes, we just got our hands on some of the new Battle for Meridell cards and over the next two weeks we are going to be battling it out to see who is the best player in the office.

    You will be able to vote on us, just like before. The best guessers will be rewarded after the tournament has finished.

  • SECURITY UPDATE - We had a problem with people trying to use a bot to get into accounts, so for the time being there is going to be a code on the login page that you will have to type in. This is just for your protection, so sorry about any inconvenience!

  • These new Kacheek themed Books should keep your Neopet amused for hours.

  • The new Better Than You features none other than Eliv Thade (one day late for his special theme day!)

  • Kacheeks have three new Battledome Abilities - Kacheek Flower Power, Kacheek Slide and Kacheek Sneeze.

  • Aww its a Plushie Kacheek!!!

  • We have added a page of Kacheek Day Poems.

  • Today's Pirate Cave Of The Week award goes to canadianstickdeath with their rather tricky level - Metal Madness! It's hard. Really hard. No - we mean REALLY hard.

  • Ooh would you just look at this new avatar...

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award goes to Twink413 for their adventure - Attack of the Cuddly Kacheeks!

    "Very well, I could use two pets like you...MUHAHAHAHA!" Dr. Sloth said in a creepy voice. "Step into my office!"

  • Kacheek Day wouldn't be complete without a new Desktop Background.

  • There are four new Kacheek Shopkeepers to choose from - Valentines Kacheek, Reading Kacheek, Kacheek and Noil and Snorkeling Kacheek.

  • Why not join in the Kacheek Day celebrations with this new Gummy Kacheek Drops?

  • Congratulations are shared by Kikicwaker and PokeySpoty, they have just won the latest Site Spotlight award.

  • New you can paint your Kacheek Starry at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Make sure you take your Kacheek to see Cap'n Threelegs today or they will miss out on all that lovely FREE training.

  • As Kacheeks have lots of Battledome items already, we have decided to do something a little different... (yes it really is KACHEEK FLOUR!!!)

  • Don't leave your shop out, add this new Kacheek themed Blog!

  • The Art Gallery has pages and paged of Kacheek pictures on display.

28th January
  • This Wednesday's random theme is none other than ...

    ... Eliv Thade!!!

  • Today's Mystery Pic has just gone live. The answer to the last one was 'The Chinese New Year NeoGreeting'.

  • As promised here is the nefarious Cloud Draik, one of many monsters you will have to defeat if you want to complete NeoQuest II.

    Beasts of mist and air, these creatures can be found floating through the sky. From a distance they may look like harmless puffs of cloud, but don't get too close - they can scorch you from any distance.

  • The Castle of Eliv Thade now gives 33% more NP!

  • Brighten up your desktop with this new Eliv Thade Background.

  • Celebrate Eliv Thade Day in style with these ingenious foods made to look like Eliv. On sale in the Spooky Food Shop now.

  • GAME UPDATE - Spell-Or-Starve now has a nifty Zen mode too!

  • You can now draw Eliv Thade with ease using this new How To Draw guide.

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight award goes to Vfsgallery, for their lovely collection of How To Guides and Manuals.

  • It only seems fitting that we release an Eliv Thade themed Shop Blog!

  • Why not give yourself a treat with one of these new Eliv Thade themed Buddy Icons?

  • Congratulations go to Pugsy the Spardel, owned by Qtpi777. They have just won the latest Petpet Spotlight award.

  • I wonder how you get this special little avatar...

  • Judging by the titles of these Books they have been designed by Eliv Thade himself!

  • Here is a little last minute reminder that tomorrow is Kacheek Day, so you really should send in your spotlights, poems and pictures right away.

  • A new Caption Contest has just been launched and it looks like everyone wants to get in on the Eliv Thade theme.

  • Yay! The Cybunny on the Games Room page has been updated.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery, sadly not Eliv Thade themed, but they are still very nice :)

27th January
  • GAME UPDATE! - We have released a cool new version of Gadgadsgame. It's better looking, faster, and there are a couple of cool extras that can drop down to help you!

  • ... and another game update! We have been busy :) Now Frumball has a Zen mode. Play for as long as you like (but earn much less points).

  • Can you work out how to get this avatar?

  • Here is another baddie you can look forward to fighting in NeoQuest II, the Mummified Zafara...

    These decaying mummies haunt the desert, seeking revenge on the living for wrongs long since forgotten. Don't get in their way, or you just might become one of them...

  • The TCG Redemption Area now has some super-cool new booby prizes. These are only from the Battle for Meridell codes however.

  • Look - new Poems...

  • If your Neopet enjoys playing Faerie Bubbles, HatPC or Deckball, they will just love reading all about their favourite game with these new Books.

  • We have updated our Safety Deposit Box so that you can take multiple items out at once. Also it will display the special/retired text next to each item.

  • We were having problems with our automatic Birthday Script. It is now working again so if it's your birthday you may just get an e-mail from your Neopets!

  • Now when you click on My Portfolio your stocks will be listed in alphabetical order.

  • We forgot to mention this last week, but now when you play Bilge Dice there is now a 10 NP ante (for those of you on a budget).

  • Eeeek! This Darigan Usul is pretty scary looking!!!

  • Today's Card of the Day is the Book of Law. Yes we know the BfM set is released, but we are going to continue to do a few more cards of the day, they are fun.

  • We have made lots of changes to Whack-A-Staff-Member. We have added two more staff members, you can now use the left mouse button to hit us, and lastly there is now a crosshair on the first level!

  • Make sure you stop by the Art Gallery today, some new pictures have been added.

  • We have started to work on a FAQ page for the Neopets TCG. Hope it helps!

  • Last night an evil curse was cast on some petpets and items that turned them all into two-dimensional virtual trading cards. The curse has mostly been lifted now, sorry about the inconvenience! If you have no idea what we are talking about, then... phew! :)

    + =

  • The new Site Spotlight award is shared by Whippy_dood and Julses.

  • There are four new Shopkeepers to choose from, and they are all Grundos! Sleeping Cloud Grundo, Island Defender Grundo, Sloth Lunch Box Grundo and Happy Faerie Grundo are all new.

26th January
  • Meridell TCG Launch - Yes, our first expansion set to the Neopets TCG should be hitting stores right about now. There are 140 new cards in total that expand the game in wild and wonderful ways. Great new Villains, Heroes, Equipment, and also now there are Location cards that alter the rules in a certain arena.

    The complete list of cards has been put into our Checklist! It's all about King Skarl and Peasant Mob - best cards ever :)

    Incidentally, the story to Battle for Meridell will be taking place on the site over the next few weeks. Skarl, Jeran, Lisha and the rest of them had better get ready... something *BAD* is about to happen.

    By the way, the WC02 Item Codes are now working, so if you redeem one you will get a BfM Trading Card as an item (if you get a trading card by the way). More rubbish booby prizes on the way tomorrow :)

  • Today's Card of the Day is the Ixi Courtier.

  • NeoQuest II Update

    For all of you who are eagerly awaiting the launch of NeoQuest II, the wait is almost over. On Thursday the 29th of January NeoQuest II will go live. Mr. Insane has literally been going insane with the programming, but after a long wait it is finally finished! In the meantime we are going to give you a sneak preview of some of the monsters/NPCs you will encounter on your travels.

    The Undead Kyrii says 'Braaainnnss...'

    These Kyrii used to run the shops in their city, since lost to the sands of time... but that won't stop them from bringing you rock-bottom deals from beyond the grave!

  • We updated the Games Room so that it has a couple more links at the bottom!

  • Hasees, Kookiths, Nurannas and Puppyblews can be painted FIRE at the Petpet Puddle.

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun and it seems the TCG craze has swept into Meridell...

  • This week's Story Telling Contest is slightly different to normal...

    Nice thing about imagination, though... the story can change! I'm sure you've wondered like me, how the same story can turn out differently. Well, here's the chance!

  • The Art Gallery has a page of Petpet themed pictures today.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Sanjisuki the Zafara.

  • Sorry, there wasn't a Pirate Cave Of The Week award last week (Viola was sick - awww!), we have a new winner - Coolpcgiant with their cave Enter Atlantis.

  • Yay for Spotted Chombies!!!

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest has just begun.

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