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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

13th December
  • The 120th issue of the Neopian Times is now live. Next week (issue 121) will be a bumper seasonal special, so be sure to send in your articles and stories early.

  • Just in case you were wondering, this is what the Pirate Cave Of The Week trophy looks like.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

12th December - Wocky Day
  • Wockies can use three new Battledome Abilities - Wocky Stare, Wocky Fire Shield and Wocky Scratch.

  • Think carefully and you could be the proud owner of this MAGAX avatar.

  • There are some new Wocky Day poems in the Gallery.

  • Somebody recently won 1,000,000 NP on the TCG Redemption Page, the highest win ever. Lucky so and so :)

  • There are no less than FIVE new Wocky themed Books on sale.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Alexindrianna the Wocky.

  • There is a new Wocky themed Shop Blog for you to use.

  • Get your desktop in a seasonal mood with this new Wocky themed Background.

  • Well we found a better way to stop people spamming on the Trading Post. The most recent 20 is back, but you can only cancel a trade after 15 minutes. Hope that helps!

  • It seems someone has built a Wocky out of snow!

  • Why not celebrate Wocky Day by eating one of these delicious new treats? Available at the Food Shop and Bakery now.

  • Don't forget Cap'n Threelegs will be giving Wockies free training at his Swashbuckling Academy all day.

  • It is only fitting that today's Caption Contest features Wockies...

  • Our 4th ever Neohome Spotlight award goes to Netjeru, owner of 3012 Ixi Meadows, Meridell.

  • This Sling Shot, Mallet and Sword set will soon have your Wocky crowned the Battledome champion.

  • There are three new Wocky Shopkeepers to choose from.

  • The Art Gallery has pages and pages of cool Wocky Day pictures for you to look at.

  • Wockies can be painted Pink also.

11th December
    If you think you have a great Pirate Caves level, why not enter it in the new Pirate Cave Of The Week contest? Congratulations to Irish_spirit, their level Flyin Arrows is our first winner.

  • We have removed the Newest 20 listing from the Island Trading Post. People were just spamming items over and over again and it was really hurting our database, and it really doesn't mean much anyway.

  • TCG PREVIEW - This week's TCG Card is none other than Meerca Catapult. This card is one of 140 from our upcoming expansion set!

  • Find a Snow Petpet Paint Brush and you can turn your Pawkeet, Slorg, Khonsu and Geb into these cool wintery versions.

  • Speaking of Meercas, this week's Better Than You features Heermedjet and Merouladen, the Meerca Thieves!

  • Arrr me hearties, those sneaky pirates at the Smugglers Cove have come across some new pieces of treasure - Pirate Amulets no less...

  • We have a new Neopedia article featuring Gruslens.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • What Neohome could be complete without a Dr Sloth, Magax, Illusen or Fyora poster hanging from their walls?

  • Congratulations go to Ophelia_H and Roooof2, they are the latest winners of the Site Spotlight award.

  • Myncis can now be painted Snow.

  • It seems after a particularly cold spell the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop has some new sandwiches on sale. We aren't exactly sure what was in them, but we have had a good guess.

  • Caroleann150 is this week's Neoadventure Spotlight winner with their adventure - Quiggle Quest!

    "You seemed to have morphed into an Island Quiggle...", you remark. "Interesting," Quinton replies, "perhaps Neopets should make me a Pirate Paint Brush so I could at least dress appropriately for this adventure..."

  • Stamp collectors will be pleased to hear four new Battledome stamps are on sale at the Post Office.

10th December - Donna's Birthday
  • This week's random theme is the....

  • Your Neopet will just love these new Snowbunny themed Toys.

  • We have a new Gallery Spotlight award winner - Origamiboi with his shop dedicated to all things cookie-like - The Cookie Corner.

  • A new Caption Contest has begun with a Snowbunny theme...

  • We are updating a lot of the descriptions of our limited use Battledome items so you will be able to tell straight away if the item is one use, limited use or liable to break.

  • Snowbunny owners will be pleased to hear they can paint their Snowbunnies Grey, Green and Yellow at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Brighten up your computer with this cute Snowbunny themed Desktop Background.

  • The winner of this week's PPL is the Brown Snowbunny!


  • Today's Mystery Pic has just been launched. The answer to the last one was 'A Cup of Hot Borovan'.

  • The latest Petpet to earn themselves a Petpet Spotlight award is A.C.U., the Stopngo 400.

  • Not to be left out, the Bakery has just unveiled some delicious new loaves of bread that look remarkably like Snowbunnies.

  • Snowbunnies are the latest Petpets to be added to our How To Draw pages.

9th December
  • Tyrannia's grooviest band - Chomby and the Fungus Balls have just unveiled a new smooth seasonal sound. Get your tickets while you can.

    UPDATE - Sorry, a few technical problems :( SCATFB will launch tomorrow, along with a whole load of new stuff (and Lenny Conundrum we promise!) Did we mention it was Donna's birthday too? :)

  • Don't forget to pick up your free Seasonal Chomby and the Fungus Balls merchandise on your way out.

  • Yay! All the NeoDeck Refunds are complete.

  • Behold... the Ice Scorchstone!!!

  • We changed the Shop History to only log purchases of over 1,000 NP, sorry about that - it was just too much information to store in our database.

  • Yay! We have put up a new page of your Poems.

  • Why not send your friends one of these new Seasonal Neogreetings?

  • Qirame and Rainstreak are the new winners of the Site Spotlight award.

  • Eyrie owners will be racing to the Rainbow Pool to get this new look...

  • Look closely as you walk around Happy Valley, you may spot one of these new Wintery Petpets

  • Remember this Friday is Wocky Day, so if you want a chance of winning you should start sending in your spotlight entries, poems and pictures right away.

  • Who says Lennies get left out of everything? You can now paint your Lenny with the SPLIT Paint Brush.

  • Part two of Hannah and the Pirate Caves has just been released.

  • Warm up your Neohome with one of these Fireplaces. Available in traditional Red Brick, Rainbow and Snow.

  • There are some new poems in the Gallery.

  • What's better than chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Chestnut Pie of course :)

  • Ooh look, more Pictures!

8th December
  • It looks like Mika and Carassa could use your help in the latest Defenders Of Neopia...

  • The NeoHTML size on the NeoBoards has been changed to 120 characters!

  • Issue 119 of the Neopian Times has just been launched. Sorry it was a little late but Snowflake was ill last week - awww :(

  • These rather stunning new Wardrobes will look great with your other Slorg, Ultranova and Fire furniture.

  • Congratulations go to Equuata the Peophin, they have just won the latest Pet Spotlight award.

  • Today's Caption Competition features none other than the ferocious SNOWAGER!!! (although he is looking less than fierce at the moment)

  • Test your writing skills with the new Story Telling contest.

    "AHH!!! Run!" Jossen screamed, running as fast as he could through the snow. His Kau friend certainly didn't need his advice, as she was nearly keeping pace with him! Glancing over a shoulder, he saw that the Snowager was still raging towards them..."

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • Rawr! Get your hands on a Snow Paint Brush and you can turn your Grarrl all wintery.

  • These have to be the cutest Petpets that you can't see, Whinnies, Turmacs, Onas and Warfs can now be painted Invisible.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest has just begun. Make sure you cast your votes.

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