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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

14th and 15th June - Nimmo Day
  • If you own a Nimmo you will be able to receive FREE training at the Swashbuckling Academy all Nimmo day and for the whole of the 16th.

  • Issue 95 of the Neopian Times is now out. This week has tons of short stories, helpful articles plus all the usual adventures and comics :)

  • Oh yes, it is also Father's Day in the USA, why not suprise your Dad by sending him one of our unique Neogreetings?

13th June - Quiggle Day (and Friday the 13th!)
  • Quiggles now have three new Battledome Abilities - Quiggle Squirt, Quiggle Punch and Quiggle Bounce.

  • Why not sample some of these new Gummy Quiggles? They are all the rage at the Chocolate Factory right now.

  • Haha! Just look at the new Quiggle Buddy Icons! (they are even on a transparent background too - oooh)

  • I wonder what this does...

    Something has happened!
    A torrent of multi-coloured water falls from the sky and DRENCHES your Neopet!!! You hear evil cackling from the sky...

  • Did you know that Quiggles REALLY don't like cream? Yeah, even ice-cream, they hate it!

  • Now you can send your friends a Quiggle themed Neogreeting!

  • There is a new page of Quiggle themed poems in the Gallery.

  • Oh wow... It looks like Usuki dolls may have some competition on their hands. The Toy Shop has just unveiled three new QUIGUKI dolls!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today, on schedule as well! The answer to the last one was 'Footprints in the Sand on Food Club'.

  • There are four new items that are sure to make your Quiggle the champion of the Battledome. Grab your Cape, Boots, Sticky Quiggle Flicky Thing and Chestplate at the Battle and Defence magic shops now.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Teeny412, a Cloud Quiggle with an interesting tale.

  • Quiggles can now be painted Plushie and Pink Aiiiii! No more pink! at the Rainbow Pool.

  • If everybody could submit lots of cool Words of the Day today, we promise to add a huge load more this afternoon!

  • THANKS - We added about 100 more, thanks for your suggestions!

  • There are four new Quiggle themed novels on sale in the Book Shop including the bestseller - Quiggle Adventures.

  • Make sure you take your Quiggle to see Cap'n Threelegs at the Swashbuckling Academy or they will miss out on their FREE training :)

  • Why not liven up your shop or webpage with these new Quiggle Fun Images!

12th June
  • NEWS JUST IN - Many Neopets have been complaining that their Petpets have been going missing. We don't know why this is, and will attempt to find the source of this problem as soon as we can.

  • Just when you thought we were all 'pinked out' you can now turn your Spyders, Spardels, Onas and Mallards pink with the aid of a Pink Paint Brush!!!

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight award goes to Child_dragon for their adventure - StarStaff.

  • Usuls and Cybunnies can now be painted a very bright PINK colour at the Rainbow Pool.

    Shhh... but I DO look better in pink than her :)

  • Hmmm... it seems someone had the bright idea of making new Spooky Foods in Pink of all colours!


  • We now have a weekly Petpet Protection League hi-score table!!! You can see the oldest petpets in Neopia every week!

  • We have added some great new Buddy Icons to the site. They are even less than 7K!!!

  • Remember tomorrow is Quiggle Day and Nimmo Day will be celebrated on Monday so send in your site spotlight, pet spotlight, poetry contest and art gallery entries now!

  • Today's Better Than You features Bug Eye McGee. Can you beat him in the famous Krawk Island game of Dubloon Disaster?


  • Just so you know, we are working on a new message board system for the site. We know ours is terrible and really needs a facelift, so a nice new chat system will be coming soon!

  • Today's Caption Competition has just been launched. Can you think of anything funny for this desert island themed picture?

  • You can now find out today's weather in Meridell!
11th June
  • PETPET PROTECTION LEAGUE - We have a new feature on the site today, the PPL. Basically they are an anonymous group of Neopets who really care about their Petpets, and will give rewards to those people who look after their Petpet for the longest.

    Each week we will select a Petpet (this week is Ghostkerchief by the way), and everybody who has owned one for more than a week will be given 10 Neopoints per day of ownership, and the top owners will get a medal for their Neopet. If all your Neopets have Ghostkerchieves, then you get the bonus for each one! Hi-score table coming soon!

    So anyway, congratulations Ghostkerchief owners, your prizes and trophies will be coming very soon.


  • Some Petpets have been found playing with these little guys. We have no idea what they are, and they most probably have fleas, so just be careful...

  • Oops! We had uploaded a lot of new Buddy Icons but we found out that AIM wasnt accepting them as the file sizes were too big. We have removed the ones that couldn't be used, and promise to add some more very soon!

  • The new Lenny Conundrum is finally out, sorry about the wait! The answer to the last conundrum was '18300'. Good luck!

  • There is a new Collectable Card featuring the Tug-O-War game from the Lost Desert.

  • Good News for all those Kiko fans out there, now you can have your very own Cloud, Faerie or Checkered Kiko plushie!!!! They are on sale at the Toy Shop now.

  • Here is a reply to all those people who wrote in about the apparent "new" Shoyru Paint Brush. We have double-checked our database and have no idea what you are talking about. Are you sure your browser is set to www.neopets.com and not another site?

  • We have just uploaded the new Mystery Pic. The answer to the last one was 'Peopatra, the Lost Desert Petpet Shopkeeper'.

  • There is a Fire Pet special in the Art Gallery today!

  • There are a new set of Poems on display.

  • SINGAPORE NEWS - On the 4th of July, StarHub is holding a drawing and giving away some great prizes to people who download Neopets phone logos, ring tones and MMS picture messages!!! Click here for more information.

    Neopian pics for your phone!

  • Congratulations go to Cam'wethrin the Khnum, winner of this week's Petpet Spotlight competition.

  • You can now check the weather in Faerieland. It never rains there, one of the benefits of living on a cloud.

  • Talking of Faerieland, just look at the latest in Faerie Foods - Nova Pops!!! These delicious lollypops come in five flavours, Lemon, Lime, Dark, Blueberry and Ultra.

  • If you have always dreamed of being a secret agent you will love the new Gallery Spotlight winner. It is Samanthaspy's Super Secret Spy Shop.

10th June
  • A strange pit has been located in the ruins of Maraqua. Maybe this has something to do with the recent sighting of Maraquan Neopets, and maybe it is a portal to an ancient, kingdom... or maybe not!

  • Now you can check the Weather in all the different parts of Neopia. Today it is HOT in the Lost Desert, and COLD in Terror Mountain, just in case you were packing the wrong things in your suitcases!


  • Following requests to make more Puntec themed treats the Food Shop is proud to unveil four new Puntec inspired goodies.

  • The Cybunny Webpage has been given a much needed update.

  • Issue 94 of the Neopian Times has just been released. Sorry it was a little late :(

    Goody.. wool, just what I needed!

  • There are some new Lost Desert themed Buddy Icons including King Coltzan, Peopatra and the Fruit Machine.

  • I wonder what happens if your Ghost Neopet eats some of these Magic Ghost Marshmallows ???

  • Stegos, Uggatrips, Mazzews and Trumpadons can now be painted with the Black Paint Brush at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Gargarox has been a very busy Grundo recently, slaving away over his hot stove to produce four new culinary delights for you to sample. Stop by his Cafe today and be one of the first Neopians to taste Grobleen Salad and Glowing Asparagus.

  • Today's Site Spotlight award is shared by Falkenauge and Charonith for their website - Charonith's Krawk Island.

  • Now you can add the Lost Desert Paint Brush Stamp T-Shirt Collectable Card to your collection!

9th June
  • SPOTTED KAU - Yes, we know it's a bizarre colour for a Kau to come in, but anyway, the Spotted Kau plushie is coming to Limited Too on Saturday, June the 14th - so you'd better get moooving!

    Weird Alien Kau Colour!

  • In case you didn't know, we have Tonu, Grundo and Krawk Pocket Neopets on sale in the shops now! We have added their instruction manuals to http://www.neopets.com/manuals.

    The Tonu Pocket Neopet is set in Tyrannia, the Grundo is on the Space Station (obviously :) and the Krawk comes from none other than Krawk Island.

  • Some of you may have noticed that Nimmo Day falls on a Sunday this year. We will be starting the Nimmo day celebrations on Sunday but the main Nimmo-themed events on the site will happen on the Monday after (the 16th).

  • Osiri's Pottery has some new pots and urns on sale that will brighten up any Neohome.

  • Better late than never, JubJubs now have two super strong battledome items - The JubJub Tickler and JubJub Padded Paws. If you are really lucky you may find them on sale in the Battle Magic shop.

  • Congratulations go to Mini_mojo_jojo24 the Mynci, they are the latest Pet Spotlight award winners.

  • This Friday is a very special day for Quiggles. If you want a chance of being chosen start sending in your Quiggle spotlights, pictures and poems now!

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun.

  • Make your stamp album the best around with these new Darigan vs Meridell themed stamps. On sale at the Post Office now.

  • "Isn't this wonderful, Lucille?" said the Usul, twirling around and gazing up at the chandeliers. "It's amazing!" agreed her Kyrii companion. "Hey Clair, look at these...

    Think of an interesting next part and you could win this week's Story Telling Contest.

  • Suteks, Duas and Tawerets can now be painted different colours at the Petpet Puddle. You do own one right?

  • The new Beauty Contest has just been launched. If you want to help decide who is the fairest Neopet of them all, be sure to place your votes.

  • There was a problem with Neogreetings on Friday so we couldn't add the JubJub Greetings. It is now fixed so here they are :)

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