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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

11th October
  • The newest edition of the Neopian Times is now out! Get all your gossip, short stories, handy hints and funny comics while its still hot!

    Last one there's a rotten omelette!

  • UPDATE - For some reason the Starry Scorchio shipments were delayed from Limited Too! We just found out that only about 1 out of 10 stores have them in stock. All the rest of the stores should be receiving them between now and next weekend. Sorry about this!!!

    If you want to, you can call your local store to see if they are in stock.

  • Turn your Lupe into a savage werelupe with the aid of a Halloween Paint Brush!


  • You may notice some of the less popular (and less scary) Spooky Petpets being updated to new improved versions. Don't panic, not all the Halloween petpets are changing, and we think you'll like the new look Petpets much better!

  • Three more Stamps have been added to the Neopia Central Album, including ones of Kauvara and the Shop Wizard.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today, the answer to the last one was 'The Second Caption Competition', yes it was rather hard :)

  • Behold, the latest in advanced Battledome weaponry... the BATTLE DUCK!!!


  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to Jakeio, a rather unique Gelert.

  • Ok, so its a little late, but there are some great new Eyrie related Neogreetings to choose from!

10th October - Eyrie Day
  • Yay! Eyrie day is here at last, just in case you have trouble pronouncing Eyrie here is the Official Pronounciation page.

  • We have an Eyrie themed Caption for today's new contest.

  • It seems there are an awful lot of artistic Eyrie fans out there, today there is a two page bumper Eyrie Day special in the Art Gallery.

  • These five new Eyrie books will soon have your Neopet racing towards the coveted Book Award, get your copy in the Book Shop now.

  • There is a Eyrie Day poem special that has just been unveiled, why not check it out here?

  • Eyrie can be painted Baby and SPOTTED at the Rainbow Pool...

  • Eyries now have three new Battledome Abilities - Eyrie Peck, Eyrie Air Shield and Eyrie Screech.

  • Your Eyrie will be the envy of the Battledome with this new set of weapons and armour. Available at the Defence and Battle Magic shops now.

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to Averyangryshaylir and Myyth the Eyrie for their webpage - Myyth's (Secret) Lair.

  • The Bakery has some new Eyrie day treats that are fresh out of the oven.

  • Once again, if you visit Cap'n Threelegs at his Swashbuckling Academy he will give your Eyrie free training all day!

9th October
  • If you own a Lupe you can now paint it Orange at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Oooh... just look at these new Faerie snowglobes, any serious Faerie collector has just GOT to get hold of one! (available in the Toy Shop now).

  • We have uploaded a new version of Deckball where you can earn more points (up to 1000).

  • We have a new Neopedia Article about the perils of Gourmet Club.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today, the answer to the last one was 'The Greeting Card where the Grarrl is taking the Purple Negg from the Baby Neopets'. Good luck on this new one, you will need it!

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight goes to a Ghostkerchief called Marshmellow.

8th October
  • Whatever happened to Lisha's brother? Find out that and more in the newest installment of our ongoing adventure - Champions of Meridell!

    Lisha.. where are you?

  • The winners of today's Poetry Contest have just been announced.

  • There was a problem with the flash games that started last week where people were getting a 10002 error or something like that (tsk tsk, why cant programmers give proper error messages these days, or come to mention it comment any of their code). Anyway, its fixed now!

  • Now, accounts that have been frozen will be automatically removed from the Battledome One Player Scores page.

  • You can now have a Mutant Neopet as your Shopkeeper.

    Pick me!

  • We fixed a bug with the Flash Meridell map, you should all be able to load it now.

  • It seems Gargarox Isafuhlarg has been experimenting with growing his own vegetables and fruits as you can now purchase these bizarre foods from Grundo's Cafe.

  • Be sure to check out Rina's Rockin Pet Page, the winner of today's Site Spotlight award.

  • These rather jolly looking ice creams are the latest creation of the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop!

  • As a reminder, Eyrie Day is on Thursday so be sure to send in your Eyrie themed Site Spotlights, Poems and Pictures well ahead of time.

  • Give your Usuki doll just what they have always wanted - their very own Warf, Turdle, Cobrall or Snorkle. These four new Usuki play sets have just gone on sale in Usukiland.

7th October
  • There are now over 60 Million Neopets!!!

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun, if you want a chance of winning, you had better enter now!

    Think of something funny and win!

  • We fixed a bug in battledome that was stopping people from equipping items.

  • The Food Shop has some strange new desserts on sale, flavoured jelly with a surprise inside.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to an Electric Eyrie called Angel_72_21.

  • With great books such as Counting Potatoes, Picking Better Berries and Neohome and Gardens arriving all the time, how can your Neopet afford to not go to the Book Shop?

  • A new Story Telling contest has just begun, starting off with a seafaring Tuskaninny called Lombar.

  • Three more scrumptious new treats have just gone on sale in the Coffee Shop - Ummagine Tea, Sourmelon Brew and Blairnut Coffee.

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