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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

22nd and 23rd June
  • Note - if you have Disco Aisha Rare Item Code, you will not be able to redeem it until Monday, we are creating lots of special Disco Aisha items, but they will not be ready till after the weekend, sorry about that!

    Don't worry, if you had a Disco Aisha Code and entered it before we told you about this we will be giving you a Disco Aisha item to make up for it tomorrow :)

  • A brand new issue of the Neopian Times has just been launched. This week features articles about Wock Til You Drop, the Chia Flour debate, codestones and the evil Hubrid Nox. Plus, the usual dose of fun comics, short stories and continued adventures.

  • Those crafty Smugglers seem to have got their paws on a hoard of Mighty Asparagus Swords!

21st June
  • Another easy Mystery Pic - the answer to Wednesday's picture was 'The Chat Button in the Yellow Bar'. See if you can get this one!

  • Some interesting new Faerie Foods have just gone on sale.

  • Owners are warned to keep their Neopets well away from any potion that looks like this!

  • Take your Cirrus to the Petpet Puddle and you can paint them red, green, grey and robot!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is shared by Kirrine, Branstonne, Aronndale and Reyaire.

20th June
  • Gooseberries seem to be all the rage this summer, almost all the food shops have come up with something using this super sour fruit!

  • Ok that was an easy Mystery Pic - the answer was the 'Main Neopets Logo Rollover Image'. Let's hope the next one is a bit harder!

  • This doesn't look like any Scorchio we've seen before... I wonder where it came from...


  • Go to the Battle Supplies shop in the Lost Desert and you may find some new items in stock...

  • We have increased the number of Concert Tickets sold each day, now it should be easier to see your favourite band!

  • A new Caption Contest has just been launched.

  • You can now make your Neohome the envy of all your friends with this super stylish Tyrannian Furniture!

  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Darkangelblue and Eralynnt for their great webpage - A Leap of Faith.

19th June - Kau Day!
  • Why not send a friend one of these new Kau themed Neogreetings?

  • Four new Kau shopkeepers have been added, why not change your Shop Front now?

  • The Book Shop is kicking off Kau day with some great new Kau related titles.

  • Kaus now have three special Battledome Moves - Kau Power Moo, Kau Tail Swipe and Kau Eye Beam!

  • We have doubled the price of Chia Flour due to popular demand (and lots of complaints!)


  • Wow! Kaus can be painted Starry and ROBOT!!!

  • Ooh.. check out these rather snazzy new Kau battledome items, on sale in the battle and defence magic shops now!

  • Today's Petpet Spotlight goes to Angel the Faerie Blibble, owned by Autumnbringer.

  • Don't forget to take your Kau to see Cap'n Threelegs today. He will be giving all Kaus that visit him free training at his Swashbuckling Academy!

  • The Chocolate Factory has some new Kau related treats on sale, including Chocolate Kau Pats - ooh errr!

18th June
  • Awww.. you just have to get one of these adorable Chomby Fun Images for your shop!

  • Some Kiosk winners have been winning something other than a limited-edition Quiggle plushie...

  • Cobralls can now be painted at the Petpet Puddle!

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to FlyingFaerieTiger and Number1nerd for their webpage - Angels really do exist...

  • Lots of new banners have been added to the Link To Us page.

  • The latest Poetry Contest has just been launched.
17th June
  • Oops, we didn't even notice we just hit

    Woohoo!!! Thanks to everybody who has adopted one!

  • Now you can see Tyrannia's loudest and most imfamous heavy metal band live and uncut! That's right WOCK TIL YOU DROP are kicking off their world tour in their local Concert Hall - Get your tickets now!

    Some players using Netscape were having problems with a few of our HTML maps. This has now been fixed and you should be able to buy things as normal!


  • If you are the proud owner of a Gruslen, you can now paint it lots of pretty colours at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Krawps has returned from its short absence!

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun... enter to win 2000NP and a shiny trophy!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to StrawberrySonata, a rather poetic little Chia.

  • Now you can paint your Uni FIRE at the Rainbow Pool!

  • A new Tropical Fruit has been spotted on Mystery Island and it seems everyone is going Thistleberry crazy!

  • The 82nd Story Telling Contest has just been launched.

  • Some new Extra Magical books have gone on sale in the Faerie Book Shop

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