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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

25th and 26th May
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is now out! Everything you needed to know about Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, planting a Neogarden and much more...

24th May - Koi Day
  • We have a new Better Than You (erm sorry we missed it yesterday, and last week). Anyway - can you beat Sabre-X at the new game Volcano Run? He got 1,400 - which is nearly as good as Adam!

  • Fyora was very reluctant to put a Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll in the Hidden Tower - but she has :) Yours for 1.5 million!


  • NEW GAME - Yes, the addictive VOLCANO RUN is the newest addition to Neopets. Fly Glubgar the Scorchio as far through the evil volcano of doom as possible, avoiding the lava, floating rocks, and fire bombs!

    UPDATE - Adam got 1,637 1,852, and he wasn't even trying hahaha :)

    So... hot...

  • We also have a new game featuring Max Keeble - which is going to be available on VHS and DVD on June 18th. The game is Crazy Food Frenzy - enjoy!!

  • We have doubled the Neopoints you can earn from our Goldfish Snack Game.

  • The winners of the latest Poetry Contest have just been announced.

  • A new battledome challenger has entered the Space Arena, none other than the villainous Commader Garoo! *boo, hiss*


  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to Yoga_1988, a young Koi who just LOVES slushies.

  • The Battle and Defence magic shops have some new Extra Rare Koi battledome items.

  • Kois now have three Battledome Moves - Koi Squirt, Koi Flight and Koi Bubble.

  • Ok.. so Koi day is really tomorrow, but we will be starting the celebrations a day early. To kick off the day with a bang, Cap'n Threelegs will be giving all Koi who pay him a visit Free Training today and tomorrow!

    Come along me little nippers!

  • Warning! - Some Magical Koi Plushies have managed to sneak onto the Toy Shop's shelves. Owners are warned to keep their Neopets away from any suspicious looking plushies.

  • Oooh look what has just come into the Toy Shop! If you are REALLY lucky you may be able to get your hands on one!

  • The Book Shop has some rather unusual new Koi books in stock.

  • Keep your eyes open for these new delicious Koi related foods in the Bakery and Health food shop!

23rd May
  • What's this? More toast? Well I guess you can never have enough :)

  • The latest Caption Contest has just been launched. Hurrah, at last something with a Kyrii in it :)

  • If you are at the E3 Convention today and you see a rather confused looking 23-year old girl wearing a Neopets T-Shirt and asking for free stickers, then it's most probably Donna. Say hi and you may just get some free Neopoints! :)

  • The Battledome is beginning to turn into a food fight again with the Asparagus Dagger and Baggus Bomb going on sale in the Hidden Tower!

  • The Art Gallery has a bumper sized USUKI special at the moment. Why not stop by when you get a chance?

  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to AquaMarine1717 and AquaKing17 for 'My life as a Koi'.

22nd May
  • WHAT?!?!?!? - No, please no... that is the last Baby Neopet we are going to do right?


  • By popular demand we have reduced the price of the Baby Paint Brush from 300,000 NP to 250,000 NP.

  • Not to be outdone, the Snow Faerie has INSISTED that her doll goes into the Hidden Tower too (but its not as expensive as Fyoras of course...)

  • We have also redone the Acara web page! We also fixed an annoying bug where the pet page battle stats wouldn't be set to 0 if you hadn't had a battle in the Battledome.

  • Wait! Stop!!! No more baby pets please. Neopets artists, if you are reading this please come up with Pirates instead! Nobody wants a baby Neopet anyway...

    Baby Shoyru!

  • We have redone the Gelert Web Page - if you are a Gelert owner and you want to see this new style, simply click the Reset to Default button when editing your pets' web page!

    We are working on the rest of the pages currently as a few of them are... erm... a bit.. uhh outdated.

  • The latest Mystery Pic competition has just started. The answer to the last puzzle was 'The Meerca Chase Play Button'

  • Look what just got added to the Neopian Bakery, the best invention since sliced bread!

  • Isnt the Baby Lupe adorable? If you manage to get your hands on the elusive Baby Paintbrush, one could belong to you!

21st May
  • Arghhh!! No more babies!!! NOOOOOO....

  • You can now buy Neopets Visors at Limited Too!!!

  • The winners of today's Poetry Contest have just been announced.

  • Ok here are results of our New Paintbrush competition. The winner - The PIRATE PAINTBRUSH, accumulating a massive 194,375 votes. Thanks for voting ... Pirate pets are on the way.


  • Keep an eye out for our new Evil Fuzzles and Cloud Racers buttons in the yellow bar!
  • What on earth is this?!?! Another baby pet?!?

  • As Koi day is on a Saturday this year we will be starting the celebrations a day early. Be sure to send in your Koi related pictures, poems and pet spotlights by Thursday at the latest.

  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Merlinarose and Falcon_reborn for Merlinarose's cute webpage.

20th May
  • Now you also have the chance to paint your Kiko Checkered!

  • There is a new and slightly bizarre addition to the Noticeboard. Now, instead of going to the front page of notices each time, there is a slightly random chance that sometimes you will jump to the second, third, or fourth pages instead - giving the other people a chance to have their messages read. It's only a small chance though.

  • Today's Caption Competition has just been made live! Enter at your peril....

  • You can now take your Usul to the Rainbow Pool and paint it Electric


  • Take your Narwhool, Snarhook or Plathydon to the Petpet Puddle and you can paint them Tyrannian!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to a rather shy Kougra called Nedjimu.

  • A cute little baby Peophin has just entered Neopia!

    1... 2... 3... Awwwwwww!

  • There is a Faerie special in the Art Gallery today!

  • The 78th Story Telling Contest has just begun.

  • Our new Goldfish Snack Game is now slightly easier, you get 5 lives instead of 3, so you should be able to earn more Neopoints from it!
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