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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

27th and 28th April
  • The Neopian Times has just been launched! Read it now for all your favourite articles, comics, stories and more!

    The Spyders are Invading!!!

  • We had some broken images earlier on the site, these should be fixed now, sorry about that.

  • Ok we raised the 30 per hour Shop Wizard limit to 45 - we shall see how that works out and we may raise it further.

  • We just hit 30,000,000 owners - Woohoo! Shame its a weekend or we could celebrate in the office with pizza :) Anyway, thanks to everybody for playing and helping us reach this target!!!

  • We have decided to limit searches on the Shop Wizard (boo, hiss) to 30 per hour, for two reasons. Firstly it is a very database-intensive search and therefore slows down the site if lots are done at once, and secondly there were certain people abusing it, some of them doing over 5,000 searches per hour, every hour. This was one of the main reasons our database was very slow.

    If you are annoyed by this, we apologise, but here is a picture of a happy chia to make you smile!

26th April - Cybunny Carnival (well nearly)
  • There is a two page Cybunny special in the Art Gallery!

  • Don't forget to take your Cybunny to the Swashbuckling Academy today, Cap'n Threelegs will be giving free training to any Cybunny that pays him a visit.

  • EURGHH!!! - Its gross, get it away... The Mutant Cybunny has just entered Neopia!

  • The latest Mystery Pic has been launched, the answer to the last picture was 'The Neopets Store on the Shops Map'. 51 people strangely said 'neopets mechandise store tower' which was weird, so they were disqualified. Please don't cheat on Mystery Pic - submit your own answer not somebody else's :)

  • BETTER THAN YOU has started - featuring Omelette Defender, Good Luck!

    You won't beat me!

  • Ooooh! The Help Page has been updated. Now it should be easier to find things and our resident know-it-all Zafara should be able to answer almost all of your questions.

  • There are some rather bizarre new Cybunny battledome items on sale - including the Cybunny Battle Pen and Fluffy Cybunny Slippers!

  • As the Cybunny Carnival falls on a Saturday this year we will be starting the celebrations one day early. To start off, the Bakery has some great Cybunny Carnival cakes on sale!

  • We have found a lot of people using a bot to either take donations from the money tree, or to keep refreshing the Shop Wizard to find the best prices. This is NOT ALLOWED, anybody using programs to play the site to gain an unfair advantage will be FROZEN.

  • How Cute! The Toy Shop has just got hold of Mutant Usul, Mutant Buzz and Mutant Blumaroo plushies - aren't they just adorable?

  • Take your Cybunny to the Rainbow Pool and you can paint it this rather appealing Spotted colour!

  • Cybunnies have three new Battledome Abilities - Cybunny Stare, Cybunny Leap and Cybunny Slam!

  • The Bookshop has lots of new Cybunny related novels that have just arrived.

  • There is a new Neopedia story all about the Cybunny Carnival.

  • Wow! the Breadmaster has been extremely busy. There are Cybunny cookies in his Bakery too!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to ZaraZei, the speckled Cybunny.

25th April
  • Purple Chias will be coming to Limited Too soon (in case you haven't heard the news), and starting Saturday, the Rare Item Code Cards available in each store will be giving out some of these items! Click here for more information!

  • The Toy Shop has some new Neopet shaped balloons that are sure to brighten up your Neopet's day!

  • UPDATE - We are nearly finished on the new flash game scoring system, so you will actually be able to submit your high-scores soon!

  • We have a new Caption Competition today!

  • Today's Site Spotlight belongs to CarpeDeum the scary looking Koi, and contains a lot of interesting information about scams on Neopets!
24th April
  • Ok finally, the new Lenny Conundrum has been released. Sorry about the delay, its just hard to think of good puzzles these days. The answer to the last conundrum was 175 Neopoints a Share. Enjoy!

  • Hehe... we were joking about the 'Bonus Round' thing, hope you didn't fall for it :)

  • NEW GAME - Yes my friend... welcome to Dr. Sloth's Carnival of Terror... but remember to stay awake... because if you fall asleep THE CLOWNS WILL GET YOU!!!! MUHAHAHA

    The game is in alpha test mode, meaning we will be changing it and fixing bugs over the next few days.

    HA HA HA

  • We changed Usuki Frenzy so the five difficulty levels are 100, 120, 140, 175, 200 (scores that you can actually get!)

  • We have added a new feature to Meerca Chase, taking advantage of the new voice recognition stuff built into your browser. When the main menu has loaded, try saying the words 'Bonus Round' into your computer microphone to activate the hidden level.

  • Today's Mystery Pic has been uploaded. The answer to last week's picture was 'The Chia-Lupe Debate'. We also found about 56 people who had entered exactly the phrase 'the chia lupe debate part 4 neopian times article' - which was a bit weird, I mean, whats the chance of that happening unless there was some cheating going on (so we disqualified all 56 from the competition).

  • The Kougra Brush has been added to the Smugglers Cove

  • Just in case you were wondering what the Mutant Kougra potion looked like, here is a little sneak preview :)

  • Take your Bluna to the Petpet Puddle and you can now paint it Yellow, Brown, Faerie or Spotted!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to the rather cheerful little Flotsam - Fuzzy_flotsam49!

  • Kauvara has just finished mixing up some new Grundo Morphing Potions. Get yours at her Magic Shop now!

  • There is a Neopedia article about the not so successful collector, Sally the Usul.

  • The Grundo has been added to our How to Draw section.

  • We start the day with some new pictures in our Art Gallery!

23rd April
  • UPDATE - Sorry about the site just being down, we had to do some quick (sort of) scheduled maintenance to our database, it's back up now and we do not have anything else planned for a while.

  • The 200th Poetry Contest has just gone live. This time it is slightly special as the top ten poems from weeks 101 to 199 have been chosen and awarded the extremely rare Alstaf Poogle collectable card!

  • Neohome Gardens are nearly done... watch this space for more news!

  • For those English people out there who arent lucky enough to be Welsh, Happy St. George's Day!!!

  • There are four new Gourmet foods on sale, including the delightful Chocolate Cherry Cheesesteak!

  • As the Cybunny Carnival falls on a weekend this year we will be celebrating Cybunny Day a day early. Send your Cybunny related poems, pictures and spotlight entries in no later than Thursday if you want them to be chosen.

  • Good news for Tonu owners, there are now three special Battledome Moves your Tonu can learn - Tonu Charge, Tonu Dodge and Tonu Death Stomp!

  • There is a new Neopedia entry with excerpts from the bestseller - Gelert Diaries and a Neopedia article about the mysterious Attack Meatball.

  • The Toy Shop has some new Wocky Keyrings on sale.

  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Sandstomp's Fuzzly Page.
22nd April - Kougra Day
  • Take your Kougra to the Rainbow Pool and you can paint it Rainbow! Also... a MUTANT version has been seen prowling around...

  • The new Caption Competition is now live!!! See if you can think of anything funny for the picture below.

  • UPDATE - When the high-score tables come back, the top 1000 scores from each table have been deleted. We apologise about this, but it was the only fair way to clear the scores generated by the cheat program out of our system. On a happier note all the cheaters got frozen :)

  • BIG IMPORTANT NOTICE THING - Yes we know people have a program to cheat our Flash Games and get high-scores. We are releasing a new version of all of our games that will fix this bug, but in the mean time we have changed all the games so you can not register any high-scores (but you can still earn Neopoints as usual). We hope to have the new versions uploaded in a few days time. All high-score tables will also be disabled during this time.

    Sorry about any inconvenience!

  • The Book Shop has some new Kougra related books on sale.

  • Sorry we missed Better Than You on Thursday, its just been released - can you beat Fire Paw in Chia Bomber?


  • Kougras have three new Battledome abilities - Kougra Roar, Kougra Roll and Kougra Pounce!

  • Look out for these great Kougra battle items in the battle and defence magic shops!

  • The winner of today's Pet Spotlight is BubbaNcellBlockC, a Blue Kougra.

  • All Kougras should pay a visit to the Swashbuckling Academy today. The ever generous Cap'n Threelegs will be giving free tuition to every Kougra that stops by!

    Aye me hearties

  • A brand new Story Telling contest has begun!

  • The poor Kacheek at the Bakery has been rushed off his feet, but he has managed to make some beautiful new cakes just in time for Kougra Day!

  • Oh no, it seems the Wheel of Excitement has found a new disease to give out!

  • Take your Hopso to the Petpet Puddle and you can paint it Blue, Green or Spotted!

  • Doh, desert petpets weren't showing up in our Petpets List, so we added them in, and also increased the maximum rarity from 95 to 97 so you can see a few more of them!
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