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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

2nd November
  • The Neopian Times has just been released. Read it for your favourite articles, stories, some great comics and of course the editorial!!!

  • Big Announcement!!! Neopets will be selling hats, plushies, notebooks, stickers, jewelry and more in three stores in Southern California on November 10th. Everybody who drops by will get a cool rare item code that will allow you to get a virtual Neopets item. If you are interested in turning up then we have more details here, along with picture of some of the items. Thanks!

  • There are some new images in the Art Gallery, why not drop by and take a look?

  • NEW GELERT - Well not a major change, we just want to redraw the old Gelert slightly, to make it slightly more in line with the rest of the pets :) Please cast your vote on what you want the new Gelert to be by clicking here, and we will give you 500 NP for your trouble! UPDATE : Gelert 3 is winning by a mile!!!! Make sure you get your vote in!!

  • NEOQUEST PLUSHIES!!! - These very rare plushies are now available in the Toy Shop. Look out for some more great Neoquest merchandise in the coming weeks!

  • KRAWK ISLAND UPDATE - Well, we did mean to continue with the Krawk Island story and the destruction of Maraqua, but unfortunately... erm... our programming team was uhhh... stolen by a band of pteris which... ummm.... was bad.

    Anyway, we have decided to not continue with the story (we may do it at a later date we aren't sure yet), but instead finish working on Krawk Island and start on the new world very soon. There are two things left to go on the island, and they will go up soon, but anyway, sorry about the change of plan and we hope you enjoy what we have planned for the coming months.

  • Report have just come in that some strange robotic Aishas have been seen roaming Neopia. Maybe you can turn your Aisha into one too...

    Whirr.... *click* HISSSS

  • Next week we will be having a NeoQuest special in the Art Gallery, so start sending in your NeoQuest related pictures now!
  • We have a new Mystery Pic! The answer to Wednesday's competition was 'The Plains Aisha NeoQuest Collectable Card'.
  • The Trading Post limit has been raised to 600,000 NP! Woohoo!
  • JubJubs now come in the SPOTTED variety!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring Dondria, Gaelan, Emorali, and NowneVandanh, all in their Halloween costumes!!
1st November
  • Don't fancy a battle? Well why not challenge Sabre-X in the latest round of Better Than You.
  • If Sabre-X has ever challenged you to a battle, now is the time to go and fight him!! Yes Sabre-X is the newest opponent in the Battledome.

  • Ok so its a little late, but they are sooo cute - now you can get a Halloween Harris or Greeble at the Petpet Puddle!

  • We have a new Caption Competition today, this one is going to be open a little longer than usual, so you have until Tuesday to think of that winning caption!

  • Pinch, punch, first of the month and basgy no returns! Yes its the first of November which means Pteri day, Usul Skiing Season and our 2nd birthday are fast approaching. We have lots of cool stuff planned, and will reveal more shortly.

    We can't wait!

  • IMPORTANT - Please please please please only use one account per person to play our tombola, kiosk, wheel of excitement, shrine, fruit machine, and wheel of mediocrity games. Creating multiple accounts to play these games just to get Neopoints and items is not allowed, and we will freeze all the accounts of anybody we see doing it. It unbalances the game, and makes it unfair for other players. Once again, Neopets is not about how many accounts you can create.

    We do allow you to have more than one account, but only if they are used for a reason other than simply getting more NP. Guild accounts, gallery accounts, and a couple of storage accounts are fine, within reason, however people using huge numbers of accounts to get rich will be frozen!

  • If you can get your hands on an elusive Spotted Paint Brush, you can paint your Elephante...

    Aa.. aaah.. choo! Yuck, I hate the smell of wet paint!

  • To start today off, we have a new Site Spotlight! The webpage of Cyiisha the fun-loving Faerie Aisha.
31st October - Halloween!
  • Get your hands on a Halloween Paint Brush and you can paint your Wocky Halloween-style!

    Grrr... I am scary really!

  • A Mystical Fish Lobber??? What will these Smugglers mysteriously 'find' next.

  • Nobody has beaten NeoQuest on InSaNe difficulty yet :) Remember great prizes are at stake... these prizes will be given out very soon, so please watch this space if you are one of our lucky winners.

  • Don't forget you can always send some free spooky Halloween Greetings to your friends/enemies :) We have just added a few more designs!
  • The Book Shop has just got some scary sounding titles in stock!

  • A large number of guilds will be donating delicious treats to needy Neopians at the Money Tree. Many thanks to all guilds taking part and sorry we couldn't mention you all here :)
  • There is a four page Halloween special in the Art Gallery today. Many thanks to everyone who sent in their spooky pictures :)

  • Today's Mystery Pic is up, on schedule as well! The answer to yesterday's competition was the 'Scorchio Birthday NeoGreeting'.
  • There will be a Spooky Food Giveaway in the Money Tree all day!!!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, Ashiki the Grusl... erm.. Shoyru.
  • Both Edna and Count von Roo will be available to fight in the Battledome all day today!
30th October

    Yes, now 20 Million people have signed up for Neopets!!! Woohoo!! Thanks a lot for playing and helping us reach this target!

  • Harry the Mutant Moehog hasn't ever been chosen for Pet Spotlight... and that makes him angry. So angry in fact that he has been seen around the Battledome looking for a fight!!!

  • The Meerca has a new look webpage, if you own a Meerca, you can get the new look page by Editing your Meerca's home page and pressing the 'Reset Page to Default' button at the bottom of the page.
  • The new Poetry Contest has started, and the winners from the last competition have been published on the site.
  • The generous Kiko at the Chocolate Factory has just finished baking some extra special spooky treats!

  • When you auction an item, a pop-up button will pop-up and ask you to confirm, this is just so you dont accidentally put an item on auction with the wrong price.
  • Loads of new Collectable Cards have been added included a number of special Neoquest characters.

  • NeoQuest now has specific opening and closing hours, so if its down it will tell you exactly what time its coming back!
  • We have a new Mystery Pic today as we missed the one on Friday. The answer to last Wednesday's picture was 'The Chia Poet Statue'.
  • Some more Halloween Petpets have been added to the Petpet Puddle, including Whoots, Flizzardos and Huggys.

  • Ten Ancient Hourglasses have been swept up on the beach at the Smugglers Cove, isn't it strange how this keeps happening??? Anyway, they will be on sale from now on.

  • Neopets now has a new Spooky Logo. Yikes!
  • There is a Halloween Special in the Art Gallery!

  • The winner of today's Site Spotlight is The Pumpkin Patch, homepage of Keeely the Halloween JubJub!
29th October
  • Welcome to another week on Neopets :) We start off with the Pet Spotlight, which today features Molusion the White Lupe!
  • Edna has been busy concocting some weird and wonderful Spooky Foods!

  • Also, this week's Story Telling Competition has started.
  • Now you can paint your Pteri Purple and your Buzz Starry!!!

  • Now when you take your Angelpuss, Fungree, Krawk, Kadoatie, Puppyblew, Pinklet or Warf to the Petpet Puddle you can paint it Halloween!

  • The smugglers have just found a stash of 60 Sponge Shields... if you visit them you never know, they may sell you one!

  • Better late than never, Korbat Battledome Items have just been released!

  • The Caption Contest has just been launched, can you think of something worthy of 1000 NP and a rare item?

  • The maximum Neopoint trade in the Trading Post is now 500,000 NP!!!
  • The Cybunny is now also available in Starry. Check your local Rainbow Pool for details!

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