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20th and 21st October
  • NeoQuest is going to be down all weekend. Sorry about this, we just cannot put it up because the load on the servers is too high. We will give you more information of when we can bring it back as soon as we can.
19th October
  • The new Neopian Times is here, the eleventh edition of the new-style paper! Read it for comics, articles, stories, and much much more! If you don't read it you may get warts...

    The Neopian times is MORE interesting than omelette!


    Yes we just hit the 30 million mark for Neopets!!! Time for celebration!

  • To celebrate the amount of Neopets, we have released 20,000 more of each limited-edition species.
  • Wow you can now change your Kougra into a ... erm... slightly more scary version of a Kougra! You can also turn your Chia into a Robot!

  • Just another reminder to stop creating fake accounts to play the Tombola, Shrine and other similar games. The Chia police have now frozen over 800,000,000 NP in assets over the last week. Don't make them have to freeze yours!
  • The Umbrella Shield has just been added to the Smugglers Cove.

  • There is a Shoyru Special in the Art Gallery today!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is shared by a Wocky, Meerca, Chomby, and a Shoyru, all belonging to Tomboy1083.
  • The Toy Shop has just got the cutest Uni plushies in stock, you have just got to get hold of them!

  • Due to a bug in Alpine Challenge we have had to reset the high score table, this has now been fixed, so it shouldn't happen again.

  • A new item has been found by the smugglers, apparently it 'just washed up on the beach'. Anyway if you are lucky they may sell you the Banana Sword. Click here to visit the Smugglers Cove.

  • NeoQuest is back up, in case you hadn't noticed. We are still trying to keep it on the site 24/7, and will inform you if it has to be taken down again. In the meantime, good luck!
18th October
  • Can you prove that Moogi the Poogle isn't Better Than You??? Yes, after a week's absence, Neopias biggest game show is back!!
  • WAHEY! Alpine Challenge has had its bugs fixed (mostly!) and it has been re-released!!!
  • The Smugglers Cove has been opened on Krawk Island. Keep your Dubloons handy because you never know what they may have in stock! The cove is a new way to get rare items, and there will never, ever be more than 100 of any cove item released on the whole of Neopets.

  • Do you want to know what you can do to help make your account safer, and how to report scammers? Check out our new Account Security page, that explains what you can do, and what to watch out for.

  • You can now double-click the radio buttons on Quick Stock to make them vanish. Handy, eh?
  • If you get your hands on a Speckled Paint Brush, you can paint your Bruce! Plus you can now have a Halloween Mynci!

  • Peophins will now take 20% less damage from water-based attacks in the Battledome, but 15% more from fire-based ones.
  • NEOQUEST is going to be down for the next few hours, until the peak period is over, sorry about that!
  • The latest Caption Contest has been launched, give it a whirl, you could win 1000NP and a rare item!

  • The Brown Petpet Paint Brush has been released!

  • Aww aren't they cute! You can get your hands on one of these adorable Mynci plushies at the Toy Shop now!

  • We have a neopedia article about Admiral Kyrwinne, the Pirate Petpet shopkeeper.
  • Today's Site Spotlight is the homepage of Dra_voo_roo the Blumaroo!
  • You can now paint your Doglefox Blue, Green and Yellow at the Petpet Puddle!

  • There is a new Jetsam Screensaver for you to download.
17th October
  • NEOQUEST UPDATE - Now that peak period is over, we are going to put NeoQuest back up. We have made changes and it should be more stable now! What are you waiting for, go and defeat Jahbal and his vile minions - click here to play.

    Remember, the first five people to win on each difficulty level will win a BIG PRIZETM. You must defeat one difficulty level to progress to the next, so even if you aren't the first to finish the normal difficulty - keep going, you may win on Evil or InSanE!

  • The Spider Grundo has ventured out of his cave and is ready to take on any challengers who are brave enough to face him in the Battledome!

    I'm waiting...

  • Some new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery, why not take a peek?

  • Loads of new Buzz and Kiko Shopkeepers have been added.
  • As Halloween is only a few weeks away, why don't you turn your Koi into this devilishly spooky version?


  • The new Mystery Pic has been launched. The answer to last Friday's picture was 'Caption Competition 111'.
  • The Toy Shop now has some extra special Bruce plushies on sale! If you are really lucky you may get hold of a Christmas or Disco Bruce plushie...

  • The latest Neopet to have a robotic version is the Jetsam. Im sure you know how to turn your Neopet into a robot by now! :)

  • All day today Balthazar will be donating Snowballs, Muffins and Novas at the Money Tree.
  • Tick tock tick tock BOOM!!! - Check out the latest Hidden Tower weapon, the Box of Clockwork Grundos!

  • We have added a NeoQuest Board to the chat room, so if you like it, or dislike it, you have a place to talk... and no shop ads please :)
  • Due to the hard nature of the Grarrl and Chomby's skin, they will take 20% less damage from physical attacks in the Battledome.
  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring Venonut the Robotic Kyrii!
16th October - Jetsam Day!
  • Now more items are available on the Yellow Search Bar, we increased the maximum rarity of items that it can search for.
  • Scorchios now take 30% less damage from FIRE attacks in the Battledome, and we have also made the damage calculation a little bit more random!

  • NEW SPOOKY FOODS - That time of year is approaching... and spooky new foods are beginning to turn up in the Haunted Woods...

  • The battle and defence magic shops are now selling Jetsam Battledome items, hurry before they all sell out...

  • Acara plushies have had a face lift, now they are cuter than ever.
  • For the rest of the day all Jetsams have free training at the Swashbuckling Academy!
  • We have added some Jetsam Fun Images.

  • Now there are lots of new Jetsam shopkeepers for you to choose from.
  • There are some new Jetsam Tiled Backgrounds!

  • We have added another 40,000 Jetsams to Neopia!
  • The Aisha Myriad and the Snowball Machine have just been added to the Hidden Tower! Hope you have a lot of Neopoints spare :)

  • NEOQUEST UPDATE - Our army of evil winged Myncis are still working on NeoQuest, and we hope to at least have it open for testing again tonight. Sorry about this!!

  • Yes its that time of year when Jetsams all around Neopia celebrate their special day, we will be adding lots of Jetsam related things throughout the day, so keep checking back :)

  • You can now paint your Jetsam Speckled with the aid of a Speckled Paint Brush.

  • To start off we have a new Site Spotlight, the web page of Gotencks the purple Jetsam!
  • The Book Shop has just got some new Jetsam related books in stock...

  • Jetsams now have special Battledome Moves - Jetsam Flash, Jetsam Water Shield and Jetsam Typhoon.
15th October
  • Yeah! There are now 19 Million people playing Neopets around the world!
  • We have added lots of Halloween Greetings, why not send a spooky message to your friends?

  • UPDATE - OK - we have a few problems with NeoQuest, so its going to be offline for a couple of hours while we fix it. Please check back here for updates!
  • NEOQUEST IS HERE - Yes, today is the grand opening ceremony for Neopias biggest and newest game! NeoQuest is a role-playing game where your Neopet controls the hero, a white Lupe and tries to defeat the evil Jahbal.

    We will be having a NeoQuest competition - the first 5 people to defeat each level of the game will be given 1,000,000 Neopoints plus a super-rare item worth millions. Good Luck!!!

  • We have added some new pictures to our Art Gallery!

  • A new Caption Contest has been launched :)
  • Good news for Shoyrus! The battle and defence magic shops are now selling Shoyru battle items!

  • The winner of today's Pet Spotlight is Zippers_2000 the red Kacheek.
  • The new Story Telling Competition is live!! Can you write the next part of our newest story featuring the Lupe Collector?
  • All mortals cower and tremble... Chiazilla has entered the building! If you find him, you can now fight him in the Battledome, but lets face it... is going to be a very short battle!

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