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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

22nd and 23rd September
  • IMPORTANT : Please do not create multiple accounts in order to gain Neopoints, items or inflate Guild membership. We are tracking this and if we find people doing it, every single account you have will be frozen. It not only ruins the game for everybody, it wastes space in our database and causes the site to be slow. We do not mind if people have 4 or 5 accounts if they want more than 4 Neopets, or use them for storage or a gallery, but that is the limit.

  • The next round of the Deckball Championship has been drawn!

  • We apologise, but we have changed the scoring system in Deckball, and fixed a couple of bugs, so we had to wipe the top of the hi-score tables. Sorry about that!
  • The Forgotten Tomb game has just been released. Use the keys to open doors and win Neopoints, but watch out for the Sludge beast!
  • Friday saw the conclusion of the leagues in our Deckball Championship. The knockout round is now fully drawn and only 16 contestants remain!

21st September
  • Week 7 of the Neopian Times has just been released!!! More comics, stories, some new series, and of course the Editorial and Neomarket Report! You can't afford to miss it!

  • We had a slight problem with Splat-A-Sloth where some of the games werent sending the score. This has been fixed now.
  • Pop by Usukiland and you may be pleasantly suprised, new play sets including back to school and pirate kits have just gone on sale!

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been uploaded!!! The answer to Wednesday's competition was 'The Cockroach Towers Neopedia Article'.
  • We have two more Neopet styles available today, the Skunk Kougra and the Striped Usul.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight features Ja_Gon, PuGGeL, ShadowLion, and ARoz3, all owned by jimrose.
  • When you get a chance be sure to stop by the Art Gallery, some new pictures have been added :)

  • Our Screensavers page was getting a bit too big, so now it has been split between seperate pages.
  • Only 43 people have managed to beat Zartrex the Grundo so far!!! We are sure you can do much better... there is a super rare Tiki Bomb at stake if you win!
20th September - Faerie Festival
  • Catch up with the latest matches from our Deckball Championship. Today we saw Electric Blue Monkey, Mr. Pickles and Mr. Q scrape their way through to the knockout round! We will provide you with the full 16-person knockout round line up tomorrow.

  • The faeries will be giving items away at the Money Tree all day to celebrate the Faerie Festival. Also, all items on sale in Faerieland are half price, and the healing faerie will always heal all of your pets to full hit points :)

    My magic is stronger today!

  • Four new super-rare Faerie Foods are on sale! Will you be lucky enough to find a Faerie Chocodrop, Dreamwhich, Fruit Salad or the elusive Sparklecake?

  • Petpet age display is now in days and hours as opposed to just hours.
  • Better Than You has just been released - can you beat Zartrex the Grundo at Splat-A-Sloth??

  • We have added some more graphics to our Fun Images section!
  • The Skunk Jetsam is now available at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is Friendly Franny the Faerie Kyrii!!!

  • The kind Aisha at the Defence Magic shop has just returned with some very interesting new shields!

  • We changed the welcome message on the front page of the site. Refresh until bored!
  • Ummm... did restock times just change? Don't you hate it when they do that!
  • Some great new shopkeepers have been added, now there are 400 shopkeepers to choose from!
  • A new Caption Contest has been launched. Think of a winning caption and you could walk away with 1000NP, a trophy and a rare item!

  • We have two new screensavers in recognition of the Poogle Parade. Click here to download the Poogle Showcase and Poogle Radar screensavers.

  • Keep your eyes open in the battle and defence magic shops, some new Poogle equipment has just come in!

  • Check out the summary for day three of the Deckball Championship. Mr. Insane continued his domination of League Four, and we also saw a hat-trick of wins by newcomer Mr. Q!
19th September - Poogle Parade
  • New Challenger! Yes, rather-bizarrely, the Tiki Tack Man has decided to accept the challenge and fight in the Battledome, if you visit his shop on Mystery Island first that is, oh... and dont forget to buy something!

    How did this guy ever end up in Neopia???

  • It's Poogle Parade Day, a day devoted to Poogles. They will be marching through the streets of Neopia Central all day to celebrate! Just make sure you dont stand in the way of them or you are liable to get squished!

  • 40,000 more Poogles are now available to be created!! Click here to see the list of most popular Neopets in Neopia.
  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today. The answer to Friday's tricky picture was 'Page 5 of the Caption Competition'.
  • NeggSweeper now has a Cumulative Hi-Score table. Yes, the total of ALL your games :) Have fun! Click here for the hi-scores so far.

  • We have a new Message Board Category - Beauty Contest. Please limit discussions to be about the Beauty Contest only please :)
  • Some tasty Poogle biscuits have been added to the Neopian Bakery. Not many are being made, so they are pretty rare.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight features Maddie_the_Angel, a Faerie Poogle who just LOVES Faerieland!
  • The Skunk Poogle and the Cloud Poogle have just been released!

  • Poogles now have special Battledome Moves - Poogle Growl, Poogle Light Shield and Poogle Slide
18th September
  • You can now post notices for up to 2 Million NP!
  • Well its been an interesting day in the Deckball Championship. A couple of people have qualified for the next round, and some well... erm... didn't. Check up on today's action, and find out how your chosen player is doing by clicking here.

  • NewS uPDaTe : We have been so busy, and therefore will release the Tomb of Evil Game (where you can use your keys), and the Lenny Conundrum tomorrow. Our database transfer last week went really well, and the site has been really fast all week. Neopets may be down for two hours later this week for additional maintenance, but that's all we have planned in the near future.

  • PAINTBRUSH CHANGE - We have changed 'Stars' to 'Starry', and also 'Shadowed' to 'Shadow', just so they make more sense!
  • The results of the Bad Poetry Contest have just been announced!
  • Pop down to Kauvara's Magic Shop when you get a chance, she has just finished brewing some Grarrl Morphing Potions!

  • Find out about the pirate Bug Eye McGee in our latest Neopedia article.
  • Ooh... If you can get your hands on a Purple Paintbrush, you can now paint your Bruce Purple!

    He he.. shhh.. I'm shy...

  • Now items over 300 NP will be logged in your Market History, as opposed to 500. We hope this helps :)
  • Check out the latest and greatest additions to the Art Gallery!

  • Give a warm welcome to Lil_Bruceie who is the winner of today's Site Spotlight!
  • We have released the Stars Koi!!! You do have a Starry Paint Brush, right?

17th September
  • As our competition continues, we fixed a couple of bugs with Deckball including the getting stuck on the mast bug, and the trapdoor not dissapearing when it should.
    UPDATE : Read a summary of the day's games by clicking here.

  • We have a new Neopedia Article about how the Krawks arrived on Krawk Island.
  • Send ya landlubbing scurvy shipmates one of our Pirate Greetings ta brighten their day!

  • Kau Colour Change - The Blue Kau is now much more Blue, instead of Purple :) You can still have the old colour Kau, if you paint it with a Purple Paintbrush

    I'm blue, da ba dee, da ba di...

  • The latest Caption Contest has just been launched, give it a go - you could win 1000 NP and a shiny trophy!

  • Some great new pictures have been added to the Art Gallery, why not take a peek?

  • UPDATE : Mr. Insane has come in at the last minute to replace Dr. S E Thor in the Deckball Competition, after he dropped out with a severe case of Neopox. Results have already started to come in, so no more free guesses! We will keep you updated with the results during the coming week.

  • We have a new Story Telling Competition also! Can you come up with the next part of the story that we have started?
  • To start off the week, we have a new Pet Spotlight featuring _Fruity_Tutie_ the Peach Chia!
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