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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

19th August
  • We have added more trophies to the User Lookup page now. So, if you have been playing for 17 months, it will actually say 17 months.

  • We have started to refund people for their Theme Parks. Since there are so many of them, this may take a while, but we will notify you when they are completed. We will also be giving a Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy to those players that had the largest parks (check your user lookup to see if you got one!)
    UPDATE : Its going very slow - it should be complete within about 2 days :(
18th August - Meerca Day
  • MARAQUA HAS BEEN DESTROYED - We bring you this breaking news only one day after the mysterious evil pirate visited. A gigantic whirlpool has swept through the underwater city destroying everything in its path. Its too stormy out there to see what the extent of the damage is yet, but we will give you more news soon.

  • Now you can paint your Meerca Purple!!!

  • Don't forget to pop by the Book Shop when you get a chance. There are some new Meerca books just in. We also added some great new Meerca Battledome items.

  • You thought we had forgotten Meerca Day didn't you?? :) Well we start off the festivities with three new Battledome moves, the Meerca Tail Guard, Ricochet and Mind Trance.

  • New Neopian Times - Yes, Issue 2 of the New-Look Neopian Times has just been released. Check it out for stories, comics, and the editorial that answers the weeks most frequently asked questions. Click here now.

  • No, we havent forgotten about the shrine. The crown was (erm...) lost in transit to the Lost Desert, and uh... its there now. The shrine will be going up very soon :)
17th August
  • An evil pirate captain has just been spotted in Maraqua. Check out the introduction to the new world by clicking here.

  • Just in case you missed our announcement... Neopets Plushies are on sale here. They are already starting to sell out (check the little gauge to see how many are left!)
  • We have a new Better Than You, starring Gabbarth, member of Neopian Tank Patrol 45.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today. The answer to Wednesday's puzzle was the 'Ski Lodge Swimming Pool' - not the Neohome Wallpaper as the majority of people guessed!

  • GREAT NEW FEATURE - We are now counting the number of times you come first in a variety of our games. If you win Mystery Pic twice you will be a 2x Champion instead of just a champion. The games that keep track of wins so far are Mystery Pic, Lenny Conundrum and Better Than You.

  • The shops in the marketplace were loading very slowly, so we rewrote the code behind them, now they load much faster :)
  • Speaking of Meercas... did you know they can now be painted with a Rainbow Paintbrush?

  • Check out today's Pet Spotlight - Zakberverth the erm... Pirate Meerca?
  • The number of Auctions is getting too high again so we are stopping any more being created temporarily. These problems will all be fixed when the Trading Post comes back up :)
16th August
  • Today is the first anniversary of Dr. Sloth's first appearance in Neopia. May he never, ever show his ugly face again!
  • We have a new feature called Neopian Auction Status, this will tell you how many auctions are left to process in our database.
  • More Bruce Morphing Potions and Books can now be found around Neopia.

  • The Rainbow Fountain isn't going to last forever, so visit it now to change your pets colour or species!
  • We have added a Purple Koi to the Rainbow Pool!

  • The Pant Devil has arrived in the Battledome. If he steals an item from you when you are browsing the site, then he will be added as a challenger.

    Want a Fight?

  • The Caption Competition has just been launched!

  • The Auctions have been all processed and are now working again. We also fixed them a little so they will not break in the future (hopefully!)
  • Some new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • 16 MILLION USERS - Yeah! Another landmark reached!!!
  • We have a new Site Spotlight today, starring FuzziePink the Meerca.
15th August
  • The prices of our Collectable Cards have been completely updated. They now range from 300 NP for commons like Uggsul and the Professor Chesterpot, all the way up to 80,000 for a rarity 99 like the Swamp Ghoul or Punchbag Bob. We have also added another ten or so cards.

    The Fontaine Sisters - Rarity 64

  • People were getting strange 'please do not play on this server' errors within the Battledome. This has been fixed now :)
  • Two new maps have been added to Kacheek Seek. Now your Neopet can visit a Sakhmet Tent and hide inside a Neohome.

  • Everybody who had Neopoints stuck in the old Trading Post should have had them returned now :)
  • If you have a purple paintbrush... why not paint your Korbat???

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today. The answer to last week's picture was 'The Theme Park Strength Test'.
  • We have redone Tyrannia so that it is two maps instead of three. Looks like the professor finally fixed his Time Machine, he is nowhere to be seen!
  • Why not pop by the Art Gallery? We have added some more fan art including this cool Gelert and Shadow Usul :)

  • IMPORTANT - We have made a big decision, and that is to discontinue the Theme Parks. We did have big plans for them, but we have decided to redirect our efforts to things like the Trading Card Game and the new world. We will be refunding all the Neopoints you have spent on your parks to you over the next day or so.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Skyhaven the Blue Eyrie (owned by didi510).
  • There are about 41,000 auctions left to process until we can re-launch them. Sorry about this, it should be completed soon.
14th August
  • Some new pictures have been added to the Art Gallery!

  • Unfortunately, the Utility Fish shop has closed down. We were going to use these items for the Neohomes, but have decided against it. The good news is that they will all be retired and therefore rare :)
  • The Brain Tree has just arrived in the Battledome, but you must complete his quest before you can fight him!
  • This week's Lenny Conundrum has just been launched. The answer to last week's puzzle was '32 Pyramids'. (10*10*10*pi*4/3)/(6*8*8/3) = 32 (and a bit left over, but not enough to make a 33rd Pyramid).

  • We now have HI SCORE TABLES for the One-Player Battledome. If you ever wondered why Punchbag Bob looks so beaten up, this may give you a clue :)
  • You now get a trophy for beating Punchbag Bob.

  • The new Poetry Contest is live!
  • Our complete overhaul of the Collectable Cards is still going. Remember, if you see any broken images in your NeoDeck or Shop, take the card out and put it back in to update it to the new version.

    Imperius Flare - Rarity 88

  • We have added the Brown Bruce to the Rainbow Pool.

  • We have a new Site Spotlight today, featuring Quat_Chan the Stars Shoyru!
  • The Auctions are currently running very slowly because we have about 300,000 to process. As a result we have stopped any new auctions being created until we have processed all of them. We know that this is because the trading post is down, but we are working on rewriting it and should be finished soon.
    UPDATE - Now there are 191,000 auctions left to process.
13th August
  • We will be making a lot of changes to our Collectable Cards tonight, don't worry if you see any broken images in your shop or Neodeck. Just remove the item, then put it back in again and it will be fixed :)
  • We have completely overhauled our Beauty Contest - it's much better now :)
  • In case you haven't noticed, we have added loads more foods to our Bakery.

  • 24 MILLION NEOPETS!!! Only one more million to the big 25!
  • A new Beauty Contest has just been launched!
  • We have uploaded a new version of Tug-O-War with a few bugs fixed, new passwords, and bigger Neopoint prizes. Unfortunately because people were cheating on the last version we have also wiped the top of the high score table. UPDATE : We had to do it again at 7:30pm NST, but that should be the last time. Sorry :(

  • Have a go at today's Caption Competition. Trophies, prizes and Neopoints up for grabs!
  • We have a new Story Telling competition also today!
  • This summer it's fashionable to paint your Blumaroo Purple!!!

  • Welcome to another week. We start off with a new Pet Spotlight, today it is Sumdati the Kougra.
  • We fixed a small bug with the NeoLodge where it wasnt feeding all the Neopets. That has been fixed now!
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