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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

18th May
  • The Art Gallery has got a new look. Now there are even more winners and you can click on the small picture to see a full size version.
  • NEW NEOPIAN TIMES - Crammed full of stories, articles, comics (like the one below), and an editorial section that answers your questions about Neopets, the new Neopian Times is a must-read!

  • Uh oh... looks like Dr. Sloth has been working on something in his spare time. Reports have just surfaced of people's items being zapped by strange "laser" beams from the sky and turning into sludge...
  • Fancy training against the Fire Faerie in the Battledome? Well this weekend, the Fire Faerie has agreed to spar against any Neopets that are interested. Click here to play! Oh... you will need to earn the Faerie as a challenger first... to do that, try beating Gormball using her as your chosen character.

  • Today, the Shadowed Kau received a makeover, and we launched the FIRE PTERI!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today - with a great prize. Yes, the answer to the last one was 'red scorchio tail'. Hehe :)
  • Loads of Mynci Morphing Potions have just been added into Neopia! Tired with your Neopet's looks? Drink one of these today!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today featuring Chaiin the Lupe & JNoelle the Kacheek.
  • Five more cool Battledome items have been added today, they allow you to steal items from your opponent... Sticky Hands!

17th May
  • We have some new Shopkeepers available, with transparent backgrounds. These are denoted in the list with a (T) after the name.
  • Relive the Tyrannian Battle with these great Action Plushies! Now available in the Toy Shop (if you can find them that is).

    Take THAT!

  • Loads of Pteri merchandise hit the shops today. Those shrewd Neopian shopkeepers really know how to cash in on the latest fad :) Keyrings, chocolates, books and plushies now on sale.

  • ONLY 4 LEFT TO GO in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery after the sad departure of The Big Spender. Which Neopets employee could be the real villain?

  • Flizzardo and Doglefox are the two newest Neopet Pets.

  • Dwindling numbers of Flotsams have had direct effect on the population of Jetsams in Neopia as there is not enough food around for them! As a result, Flotsams are no longer limited edition, and Jetsams are.

  • Today's Caption Competition has just been launched.

  • Now you can adopt a Glowing Pteri and a Striped Pteri.

  • Todays Site Spotlight is Yamakarasu's Homepage - with some really great artwork!
16th May
  • The Pteri has a paintbrush already!!! Check out its new Spotted look!

  • A lot of people were complaining that Chia Bomber was slowing down on the later levels. We have recoded a lot of it today to make it faster and a new version is now available!
  • We added two Pteri Backgrounds to our Neopets Tiled Backround page!
  • The Shadowed Skeith just got a makeover! UPDATE - The Shadowed Flotsam has been redone also.

  • Oooh... aren't we horrible? The answer to last week's Mystery Pic competition was the Pteri but we hadn't even launched it yet (well, it was on the Neopian Times). Anyway, the latest competition is uploaded, click here to play.
  • NEW NEOPET! - The latest discovery in Tyrannia is the Pteri which is now available for Adoption today!
  • NEW GAME - Featuring the new Neopet (the Pteri)... we have launched a new game today... PTERATTACK!!! UPDATE - The help page for this said you had to press shift to fire, its actually space. This has been fixed now.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is SweetsApie the Yellow JubJub!
14th May - Moehog Day
  • Iiiiitttssss Moehog Day! Once every year we celebrate Moehog day! To start off we have the Moehog Lightning, Moehog Fire and Moehog Shield added to the Battledome.
  • Look out for the Moehog Transmogrification Potion lurking around the site!!

  • There is a two page special dedicated to Moehogs in our Art Gallery!

  • We have a Moehog Site Spotlight today - check out Roizen's Den!
  • Look out for these cool Robo-Moehogs that are on sale from our Furniture Store.

  • We have a new Moehog-related Lenny Conundrum today!! The answer to last weeks puzzle was 's'.
  • Kauvara has just finished making a large batch of Kougra Morphing Potions.

  • For those of you who missed out on a GOLDEN NERKMID, or want some more nerkmids... we have some more offers in our Super Vending Machine.
14th May - Moehog Day
  • Today is Moehog Day and to celebrate we have got some great Moehog shaped chocolates, Moehog related books and Moehog Morphing Potions!

  • The Moehog has been re-shaded, now he looks much better :)
  • Now you can get some great Moehog Tiled Backgrounds for your computer.
  • Check out these very cool sculptures that Hypercom made of Masamune40's Shoyru and pet Buzzer!

  • So far we have had a grand total of 0 Moehog pictures sent in. If you have a Moehog and have drawn a picture that you think is good enough to appear on Neopets, why not send it in to pics@neopets.com. Don't forget to include your username!

    Don't you like me? ...sniff!

  • To celebrate Neopia's victory over the Monoceraptor we have some Tyrannian Battle themed pics in our Art Gallery!
  • 15 million Neopets! - There are now well over 15 million Neopets in Neopia... with all the excitement of the Tyrannian Invasion we have only just noticed :)
  • Dragon Stones have now been renamed to Scorchstones and 5 more have been released! They are very valuable and will work once per battle to heal your Neopet anywhere from 15 to 80hp in the Battledome!

  • Why not enter this week's Caption Competition. 1000 Neopoints and a rare item are at stake!!!
  • We fixed our Pumpkin Patch game so that it gives neopoints and has a hi-score table!
  • We have a new Story Telling Competition starting today also!
  • The latest victim of the Ski Lodge Murderer is poor old Mr. Black... only 5 of us left now..

  • WOW... just what every spoiled little Neopet has always wanted. Their very own Usuki doll. Each doll comes with its own outfit and range of accessories. Get them in the Toy Shop now!

  • Hello and welcome to another week on Neopets! We are starting the week with a new Pet Spotlight. Today it is the turn of Roxalas the Sketch Poogle.
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