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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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12th and 13th May
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is now out. It is packed with great stories, articles and adventures, plus there is a sneak preview of the new Neopet.
  • The SUPER VENDING MACHINE is live!!! Take your Nerkmids there now and receive your prize!!
  • Yay! Saturday was our first ever day with over 100 million page requests on the site. Thank you all for playing, and to show our appreciation we are going to do a codestone giveaway in the Money Tree all day!

  • The Game Hi-Scores are back online, we had a problem with them but its fixed!
  • The Alien Aishas have built a new vending machine, and this one dispenses not only food, but rare Collectable Cards, Neopoints and more. Check it out by clicking here!! The offers are open now and the machine should be ready in a couple of hours.

  • Alpine Challenge wasn't giving out Neopoints or scoring in the hi-score table, this has been fixed now!
11th May
  • Every single person who participated in the Tyrannian Invasion by beating at least one enemy will be rewarded with 10,000 Neopoints, plus a medal that will always show on their User Lookup. In addition, the brave Lupe that dealt the killing blow will be rewarded with 1,000,000 Neopoints plus an item of his choice. Thanks to everybody for saving Tyrannia!!!

  • NEW GAME!!! - Help Geoffrey Chia drive those nasty Chia Bombers out of town in our great new game - Chia Bomber!!!

  • There are two more entries in our Gallery of Evil - see if you recognise them :)

  • Nine New Motes are now available in the Magic Shop

  • We have a new Mystery Picture game today. Check it out - a great Battledome prize will go to the winners.
  • Some great new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery including this rather angry chef :)

  • We now have a HTML version of our Shop Toolbar. Choose between Flash or HTML in your Preferences section. The reason we do both versions is that some people's computers cannot view Flash.

  • A lot of people have been complaining that the shops are getting emptied too quickly by people on fast internet connections. As a result we have now implemented a five second delay after buying one item to buy the next one. We hope this evens things out for everybody!

  • A new Shadowed Elephante has been uploaded today!! We are currently doing a makeover of all the Shadowed Neopets, and they should be completed soon.

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight. Featured today are Koj24, CloudKicker24, Lupo24, Tauro24, FrostyGrl, and Glowing_Falcon.
10th May
  • As the Monoceraptor falls to the ground, defeated by a single heroic Lupe, a slow, rasping voice can be heard across the whole of Tyrannia... 'That puny creature of mine has failed... but Neopia has not yet seen the last of me ... I will return... oh yes... I will return'.

  • BATTLE UPDATE - The Monoceraptor has been defeated!!! The evil that plagues Tyrannia is no more!!! It will take a while to clean up after this battle, but you can be assured that everybody who participated will be rewarded with trophies and Neopoints tomorrow.


  • THE MONOCERAPTOR HAS ARRIVED - The evil leader behind the whole Tyrannian Invasion has arrived, and is ready to claim what is his! CAN ANYBODY STOP HIM??? Everybody in Neopia must join together to stop this evil beast! Click here now!

  • We now have HTML versions of all three Tyrannian Maps just in case your computer doesn't like flash files!
  • In anticipation of the Monoceraptor's arrival in Tyrannia... Kauvara is donating free Healing Potions at the Money Tree for the rest of today!

  • Six People Left in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery. Poor old Jimmy James was the next victim. Remember, big prizes for whoever chooses the correct murderer, and the earlier you chose correctly, the bigger your prize!!!

  • We have uploaded a new version of Chute that fixes a scoring bug. As a result we have cleared the hi score table for Chute to give people a better chance.
  • Magical Motes can now be used in the Battledome!!!

  • Sorry about this, but we have to remove all chat rooms from across the site. If you have a chat room in your guild or shop, please remove it. Thanks!
  • We have a new Caption Competition today! Remember, the best and funniest answers win great prizes!

  • We have a new ROBOT ACARA!!! This one does not have a paintbrush however, you will have to work out how to turn your pet into a Robot because we aren't telling.

  • All 350 Grarrl Battlemasters have been defeated... however an eerie silence hangs over Tyrannia, as if something bad is about to happen...
  • Today's Site Spotlight is very cool indeed - play Asagao's Dressup Game with Asagao the Blue Shoyru.
9th May
  • As her contribution to the Tyrannian War Effort, Kauvara has permanently halved all the prices of the healing potions in her shop.
  • Another 250 Battlemasters have arrived!!!
  • 100 Grarrl Battlemasters have arrived in Tyrannia. The army looks like it is winning, and that Tyrannia will be totally destroyed!!! Please help!!! Click here for the latest update!

    We have also received a message from someone... or something calling himself the MONOCERAPTOR. It states ... 'I WILL ARRIVE TOMORROW AND CARVE UP YOUR PUNY TYRANNIA. YOU HAD BETTER BE READY FOR ME'. Uh oh...

  • Everybody's NeoHome now has a bigger floor plan (5x5 squares instead of 5x4).
  • We also have a new Shadowed Aisha!

  • Four Uni colours got a makeover today also - the Striped, Stone, White and Stars paintbrushes.
  • Just a quick reminder to everybody - we suggest that you remove all the cards from your NeoDeck and add them back in, as this will update your cards to the newest versions. Thanks!

  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - Now your history at the One-Player Battledome is displayed on your User Lookup (type in your name on the yellow bar over on the left to see what we mean!). All Tyrannian Army battles are counted also.
  • We have uploaded some more of your Pictures into our Gallery!
  • The Skunk Buzz and Scorchio received a makeover today!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today. The prize is a holographic collectable card - you can't get em anywhere else!
  • A new paintbrush is available for the Grarrl - FIRE!!!

8th May
  • TYRANNIAN UPDATE - The battle is going well... the latest beasts to fly down from the northern plains are 1,000 Tyrannian Buzz. Can you help defeat the swarm???. All these enemies must be wiped out before Tyrannia can be restored to normality!!!

  • Collectable cards with a rarity of 100 or more now have a Holographic Back!!! (that's the level above gold!).

  • We have gone through a lot of the rare items in the game (mainly collectable cards) and adjusted their price to suit their rarity. Some gold cards cost below 100 NP, not any more - most of these cards now cost 5000 NP plus.
  • We have added some more books to the Neopian Book Shop. Most of the books have been raised in price due to the effects of inflation however :(

  • Today marks the 100th Poetry Contest. The lucky winners will each be given a rare Collectable Card that nobody else has in addition to their normal prizes.
  • There is a new Lenny Conundrum out today! A Shadowed Paint Brush is this week's prize.
  • We also have a new style Disco Kyrii and Shadowed Kacheek!!!

  • We do apologise that the site was unavailable this morning, there was a problem with our provider. Its all fixed now :)
  • This weekend's MILLION NEOPOINT GIVEAWAY is being judged currently. If you are one of the ten lucky names picked out of the hat, then you will find a pleasant suprise when you log on next. Thanks to everybody for supporting our sponsors!
  • We are doing a lot more makeovers of the pet paintbrush colours! So far today we have completed the Spotted Buzz and Gelert.

  • The Tyrannian Volcano now links to the Tyrannian Arena.
  • Todays Site Spotlight is Kougra Clawpunch by liquidcandy_.
7th May
  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat an Avocado Chia Pop!!!

  • Only seven people left in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery after poor old Tiger Catcher became the latest one to go... if you choose the correct murderer then you could be walking away with a LOT OF NEOPOINTS!

  • Our Neopets Pronunciation Guide has returned for good!
  • ATTACK!!! - They keep coming!!! Please help Tyrannia in its struggle to defeat the evil invaders. The latest creature to join the ranks of attackers is the evil FIRE GRARRL!!! 10,000 of these MUST be defeated - Click here now!

  • We have also redone the top bar of every page so instead of being three images, its one image (this will make the site even faster to play!)
  • From now on, if you beat the 3rd, 5th or 7th levels of Cheat! then you will get a Trophy!!!

  • More great news for modem users!! We have removed another 2.6k per page by rewriting our template file. This means that the site will be another 10% faster to browse over a modem (we also sped it up yesterday).
  • We have added 5 more PetPet Backgrounds, and also tidied up the page so its easier to navigate! Now you can have a Spyder, Warf or Blooky on your Desktop Background!
  • A new Caption Competition has started today. Unimaginable wealth and fantastic trophies to be won!!!

  • The new Story Telling Competition has just started!!!
  • We have redrawn the Checkered Quiggle - look out for new versions of some of the older pet colours soon. UPDATE - The Checkered Gelert received a makeover too!

  • Welcome to another week on Neopets, jam packed with great new features, excitement, and quite possibly some more strange-looking vegetables. We are starting off the week with another Pet Spotlight, today it is the turn of cute_MnMs the Kiko!
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