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New Features

Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

5th and 6th May
  • A funny thing will happen to a Chia if it eats a Plum Chia Pop!!!

    In case you were wondering, we will be introducing a special ability for each pet in the coming months, starting with the lovable Chia!

  • We managed to optimise the site a bit more, and reduced the size of the average page by around 2k - this means that you will notice an increase in speed browsing Neopets if you are on a modem!
  • Oops! The flash games weren't giving out points this morning and Friday night, the problem has now been fixed, sorry about that! The staff member who made the error is being made to eat 20 bowls of Toe Nail Soup and a jar of pickled leeches as punishment. He won't do that again :)

4th May
  • NEW GAME!!! - Its a Neopets version of an old favourite, yes its... CHUTE!. Move and rotate the falling blocks to try and make lines and score points! Get 4 lines and Sylvester Kacheek will parachute down to help you!

  • Say hello to the Checkered Acara and the new style Checkered Kyrii :)

  • Skeiths and Grarrls can now eat any item in the game, not just food :)

  • Now people cannot change the price of an item when you are buying it from their shop (we stopped them doing it). The price of the item you see in a shop will be the price you pay. If it changes at all in the time you click on it, the transaction will be stopped.
  • The latest edition of the Neopian Times is now out, why not curl up with a cup of Hot Borovan and see what is instore.

  • We uploaded a new Happy Chia Screensaver... its very happy and has lots of Chias in!!!
  • Yes, the new Mystery Pic competition has been released!!!! This week's prize is a Rainwater Negg.
3rd May
  • Sorry about the delay in getting this week's Mystery Pic competition launched! The answer was the Scorchio Mask in the Haunted Woods. The answer to todays picture will be released tomorrow, so be quick!
  • The next wave of attackers have entered Tyrannia. Click here to fight the Chia Bombers!

  • And then there were eight... The latest victim in our Ski lodge Murder Mystery (poor Rhiannon) means there are only 8 people left...

  • There is a new Site Spotlight
  • Some more great pictures have been added to our Art Gallery including these very cute Aishas.

  • As the Lupe battle moves were so popular, we have decided to leave them available all the time. Don't worry if you own another species. We will be adding more abilities for all the Neopets eventually.
  • More new collectable card images have been added including these four :

  • Two new Lupe themed Screen Savers and this rather heroic Lupe Background have been added.

  • The new Caption Contest has been launched.
2nd May - Lupe Day
  • PET PAINTBRUSHES!!! - Wow, we have added loads more combinations of pet colours... check out the Split Lupe and Bruce, Cloud Lupe, Robot Chomby and the Faerie Cybunny!!!

  • To celebrate Lupe Day, all Lupes have three special moves (Lupe Shin Kick, Lupe Growl and Lupe Shield) to use in the Neopian Battledome. They can only be used today, so make the most of them :)

  • It looks like the Korbat Scouts weren't too pleased about being beaten and they have got the tougher Grarrl Troopers and Skeith Invaders to continue where they failed. Has your Neopet got what it takes to save Tyrannia? Click Here to find out!

  • A new Pet Spotlight has been added, say Hello to Xanth_101 the Lupe.
  • Two new Lupe Backgrounds have been added.

  • 5 new Lupe related books have just come into the Neopian Book Shop. The kind Lenny has put them on sale in honour of Lupe Day - how nice of him!

  • A new Neopedia article about the Tyrannian Plateau has been added.
  • Now whenever you give a Chia Plushie to a Lupe, something unfortunate tends to happen to the doll :)

    + =

  • Kauvara has just finished a new batch of magical potions, now you can turn your Neopet into a Blue, Red, Yellow or Green Lupe.... if you so wish!
  • The Bakery and the Chocolate Factory didn't want to be left out, so they have released some special Lupe Day goodies.

  • The Negg Faerie has had a make-over. Why not stop by the Neggery to see her new look?
1st May
  • And finally... the new Lenny Conundrum is out. The answer to last weeks conundrum was 120!!!
  • WOOHOOOO!!!! - Neopets is officially HUGE. There are now over 10 million accounts in Neopia!

  • NeoHomes now work in Netscape!!! So does Switcharoo also! Sorry to our Netscape users for taking so long to fix this.
  • Battledome Update - New look front page. Now it should be even easier to battle other players, help save Tyrannia and play in the one player tournament.
  • The Cloud Gelert has had a make-over!

    He he... don't I look cool

  • Four more Neopet poems have been added to our Poetry Corner.
  • Its the first day of the month of Hunting and to celebrate we will be having a whole day dedicated to Neopia's best hunters - the Lupes. This should happen in the next few days, so keep checking New Features for more details.
  • Mother's Day is fast approaching for everyone in the USA, why not send your mom one of our cute cards?

  • A new Site Spotlight has been added.
  • Tyrannian Arena - Now you can fight other players in a prehistoric setting.
  • More Collectable Cards - new images have been added today including The Snowager, Island Mystic and many more.

30th April
  • We are having a thrice-hourly giveaway of Collectable Cards at the Money Tree!!!
  • The latest victim in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery is Mr. Roboto. Not many of us left now... which Neopets employee will be next? (da-dah-dahhhh).

  • You can now paint your Chomby with Stripes!!!

  • Yes, proof that its possible to have Neopian food at home - click here to see Jenstarr's Faerie Pancake!

  • We have a new Tyrannian-themed Caption Competition today!
  • Some great new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery, including little Fennwick the Meerca :)

  • We have a new Story Telling competition today! This is the 23rd week for this competition, and 2000 NP is up for grabs!!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Gelthoran the Halloween Nimmo!
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