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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

7th April and 8th April (Weekend)
  • We did a big upgrade to the way the site runs last night, so it will hopefully be fast all weekend. The 'All Events' function will be unavailable as a result, but we are working on restoring it as soon as we can.
  • Lots of great Tyrannian greetings have been added today. Why not send one to a friend, we have cards for almost every occasion :)

6th April
  • A new Tyrannian Kacheek Seek game has been added.

  • LAIR OF THE BEAST - This new place in Tyrannia is now active. Click here to enter the cave... if you dare!
  • The new issue of the Neopian Times is now out. Now if you submit a story or article and it gets published, you will receive a shiny gold trophy for your cabinet :)

  • 6 new Tyrannian themed backgrounds have been added to the Faerie Colouring Game
  • TRADING POST IS BACK! - We fixed the bugs and today the Trading Post returns to Neopia.
  • NEW MYSTERY PIC - Its Friday, so its Mystery Pic day. The answer to the last one was not omelette as most people guessed (hehe), but instead it was the Treasure Hunt icon on the games room. Anyway... here comes Competition 13...

  • We increased the maximum size of your Guild Welcome Message from 2,000 characters to 4,000! We hope this comes in useful!
  • The level 20 Blumaroo Whistle and the Cybunny Freeze are new moves in the Battledome.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Queen_Roo_ the Yellow Blumaroo!
5th April
  • We have added more Tyrannian backgrounds including this rather menancing Grarrl :)

  • In a shocking turn of events... Monster Boy, the alleged murderer in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery has been killed!!! This means the killer is still on the loose!!!

  • Grarrg the Grarrl has called for a Town Meeting, he has some information about joining the Tyrannian Army.
  • Five more Cave Paintings are on display in Tyrannia. You can print them out and colour them in!
  • Fire Weaponry will be on sale in the new Tyrannian Weaponry shop later today!

  • A new map has been added to Tyrannia, the Volcano to the north!
  • NEW GAME - Kacheekers is the Neopian version of Draughts (some people call it Checkers!). It is a 2 player game, so you will have to go into the lobby to find a partner to play with first. Click here to play!

  • The new Caption Competition is out today!
  • Todays Site Spotlight belongs to three pets - Spacegold, Splashgold and Egold!
  • The Battledome moves for today are the Kacheek Smile and the Acara Dive, both available at level 20.
4th April
  • NEOHOME UPDATE - You can now build your NeoHomes three floors high! Coming soon - NeoHome Gardens, more robots and animated furniture, and some cool lights!
  • Neomessages Upgrade!!! Our new database for NeoMessages is working very well, so we have upped the maximum amount of characters in a NeoMessage to 1,400.
  • New Tyrannian Foods! - Gummy Grensa, Spung and Tri-nana are now on sale in the Tyrannian Food Shop

  • The Tyrannian Furniture shop is now stocking dung furniture - for those who prefer the simpler things in life!

  • We also have an article on the Sticks N Stones!!!
  • NEW MYSTERY PIC - The answer to last Friday's Mystery Pic competition was the Crashed Time Machine! See if you can guess this one! Click here to play!

    What am I?

  • Read our Neopedia Article on the Tyrannian Concert Hall.
  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Miss_Icestorm the Lupe.
3rd April
  • Yes Boy Ice-Cream are the greatest new band to appear in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. They only play for one night a month, so catch them while you can!!!
  • NEW GAME - Switch-A-Roo has been launched! Click here to play!
  • Give a warm welcome to the new Striped Shoyru!

  • 8 MORE PET PETS have been added to the Tyrannian Pet Pet Shop, including the Krawk, Scado, Gathow and of course... Pet Rock.

  • A new confusingly hard Lenny Conundrum has just been launched. The answer to the last one was 200 pounds.
  • The Shoyru has been added to the How to Draw tutorials.
  • The level 20 Buzz Zoom and the level 20 Mynci Wham have been added to the Battledome.
  • Todays Site Spotlight is Anzy1 the Lupe!
  • The Ski Lodge murderer has been found!!! Yes, the killer was revealed in the early hours of this morning. Click here for the conclusion of the Neopets Murder Mystery!
2nd April
  • We have added more Tyrannian Food and Furniture!!!

  • Three more levels have been added to Chomby and the Fungus Balls, and now you can start at level 5 if you so wish!
  • The Employment Agency is now open to everybody. There is only one type of job at the moment, we are currently working on expanding this to multiple jobs.
  • Shoyru Morphing Potions!!! Now available in Kauvara's Magic Shop.

  • The GOLD SHOYRU arrives in Neopia! To paint any pet, remember to have the correct Paint Brush and then visit the Rainbow Pool.
    UPDATE : Now the Stars Shoyru is also available!

  • Four pages of fantastic Shoyru pictures have been added to the Art Gallery!

  • NEW BATTLEDOME MOVES - Shoyru Dive, Shoyru Hover and Shoyru Inferno!
  • Now, if you have a Neopet Pet, they will help you out in your Battledome matches. The rarer the Pet Pet, the more they will help you.
  • SHOYRU DAY - Today we will be adding loads of Shoyru stuff to Neopets to celebrate Shoyru Day. Watch this space for updates!

  • Read about Sabre-X in this new Neopedia article.
  • A new Caption Contest has been launched.

  • TRADING POST UPDATE - We are in the process of redoing the entire trading post. There were a couple of bugs in it that are going to take too long to fix, so instead we have planned to have it completely redone, and add a couple of cool new features to it. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  • The new Story Telling Competition is now ready. Win great prizes if your story is the one picked!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Bambi_1316 the Yellow Acara!
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