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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

March 23rd
  • NEW NEOPIAN TIMES! Yes, Neopets #1 newspaper is out on the shelves today. All your questions answered in the editorial page, plus a host of stories and of course the NeoMarket report. Click here to read!
  • Our latest victim has been revealed... its Dr. S. E. Thor, frozen to death by the murderer. Check out our Terror Mountain Murder Mystery now!

  • We have started to Alpha Test the Employment Agency. Alpha testing is limited to 100 people, but as we improve it, and add to the number of jobs that you can do, we will increase this number.

  • RARE ROBOTS! Three more rare robots are now available for your NeoHome. Meet Robo Poogle, Meerca and JubJub.

  • When you put furniture in your NeoHome, you now get an option to refresh straight to your room! Try it and see!
  • MARCH MADNESS! For the next few hours, every item in the Neopian Shops will be 5 Neopoints!!! Get them while you can!!!
  • Elegant and Fashionable, this great new set of furniture will impress any Neopets that come around and visit your NeoHome. On sale now!

  • LENNY CONUNDRUM - New Competition! Every week our resident wizard Lenny will be setting a new riddle for you. We aim to make these as hard as possible :) The first 1000 people to answer the riddle correctly will get a unique prize. Click here to play!

  • The new database has been performing very well, so we have increased the maximum size of NeoMessages from 1000 to 1100 characters!
  • NEW MYSTERY PICTURE! - Well done to those 500 people who guessed that the last picture was the Usul in the Pet Pet shop! Click here to see todays competition!
  • The Techo Kick and the Moehog Nip are both level 20 abilities and have been added to the Battledome.
  • Todays Pet Spotlight features Reyoki, Ryoohki_the_cabbit and Kacho_TheBreadMaster
  • More pictures have been added to the gallery including this cute little mutant :)

March 22nd
  • NEW NEOPET - Yes the Chomby has just wandered out of Tyrannia and into Neopia itself! Adopt one today!!! This peace loving plant eater would make a great Neopet!

  • Tyrannian Food has just been discovered in the new world of Tyrannia. Click here to see what culinary delights they have to offer.

  • We updated the number of items that going into the shops on each restock, so they are more likely to contain the full complement of 24 different items.
  • Pushing through the undergrowth at the end of the tunnel you arrive in the land of Tyrannia. There isn't much there currently, but lots more coming soon!
  • We just upgraded our Moehog Plushie offer with three new Moehogs to collect - you have to be lucky to get one however!

  • A new Caption Competition starts today!
  • We have a new version of Meerca Chase out with a new difficulty setting - Blisteringly Fast. This stupidly hard level gives you a 15x multiplier. You have to work out how to activate the new level, its hidden!
  • Todays Site Spotlight features PeriPeri the Faerie Chia!
March 21st
  • The massive EARTHQUAKE in the Ice Caves has revealed a tunnel leading down into the darkness...
  • BattleDecks are the latest Neopedia entry!
  • If you get over 600 points in Meerca Chase, then you will automatically get a cool rare Magical Meerca Plushie that has the power to turn any pet into a Meerca!
  • More Questions and Answers in the Ski Lodge!
  • With the demand for furniture so high, some enterprising young Eyrie has been making his tables and beds out of Straw! Look in the Furniture Shop for these cheap alternatives to real furniture.

  • We made a big change to the way scores are saved from the Flash Games. Now you will be ranked on your score in each individual game. Click on 'My Scores' to see your ranking. This only works for Meerca Chase currently, but we will expand it to all games soon.

  • You can now view up to the top 200 people in the Hi-Score Tables.
  • We have a new Mystery Picture game today. Can you guess what it is?

  • NEW MEERCA CHASE! - We have totally revamped Meerca Chase so its better, and the prizes are bigger. You can now collect different types of Negg to get points. Every so often the rare Fish Negg will appear which can be worth hundreds! Click here to play!

  • More items have appeared in the Battle Magic Shop, now you can buy Striped Balloons, Hammers and Hats, although what they do is a mystery!

  • NEW UBER FAERIE CAVES LEVEL! - They get even harder and harder. This level is the Water Faerie Level. Her cave has some serious flooding going on, see if you can complete the level before it gets completely waterlogged. Click here to play!
  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Rinloth the Uni!
March 20th
  • News Flash!
    A gigantic earthquake has just torn through Neopia disrupting construction work, traffic and shop sales. The extent of the damage is not yet known, although the Ice Caves have been badly hit.

  • Mr. Plaid has been found murdered in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery! Oh no!!!

  • SITE NEWS - Over the last few days we have been working very hard on speeding up the site, and today we reached an average of 0.7 seconds per page latency at peak!!! (that is how long it takes our servers to respond when you click). To put things in comparison it used to be 5 seconds a page. We aim to make it even faster in the next few weeks.

  • Forest Weapons are now on sale in the Battle Magic Shop.

  • NEW UBER FAERIE CAVES LEVEL! - They get even harder and harder. This level is the Air Faerie Level. Her air conditioning broke down, so she installed some giant fans in her cave! Click here to play!
  • We uploaded a new version of Meerca Chase. It has a couple of bugs fixed, and also the hardest level is much harder!
  • Give your Neohome that Jungle feel with this great Tiger Furniture - Now available in the Furniture Shop.

  • Todays Battledome moves can affect the amount of energy (the bar shown beneath your Neopet). The level 20 Uni Rejuvenate pushes your energy up, and Kyrii Deplete will sap the opponents energy level.
March 19th
  • Are you tired of tripping over rugs and worrying about stains in your NeoHome? Leave those cares behind with this great new range of Solid Iron Furniture!

  • More Robo-Pets
    Some new Robo-Pets have been released including this very cool Robo-Aisha and Robo-Blumaroo. Put them in your NeoHome and your Neopets can have hours of fun watching them whizz around :)

  • We uploaded a new version of the Neohome file and fixed a lot of bugs. The images should appear every time now! If you havent seen it already, click here!
  • NEOMESSAGES UPDATE - We are going to move all your Neomessages to a new server today, the new server will be much faster and will hopefully never crash! We have removed all the Neomessages that are over a couple of days old from the database.
  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Snowflake462 the Aisha!
  • More great pictures have been added to our Gallery, including this cute little Blumaroo :)

  • NEOHOME UPDATE - You can now remove items from your Neohome. When you look at your furniture there is a new button below the room view that allows you to pick an item to remove.
  • A new Story Telling Contest has been launched.
  • Neopian Times!
    Read all about it in the latest edition of the Neopian Times. It is packed full of advice from other players, short stories and tales of adventuring :)

  • The level 20 Grarrl Snap and Poogle Jump have been added to the Battledome.
  • After our site upgrade last night, a few people have complained about not being able to see items in their shops. We are working on this now and should have it fixed asap.
    UPDATE : All the items have been returned now.
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