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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

March 17th and 18th
  • UPDATE - The site came back up within 40 minutes, and we hope that it will be much faster this week as a result of our upgrades!

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - Neopets will be down for approximately an hour tonight (Sunday, Midnight, PST) to do some maintenance. We hope to get the site back and running as soon as possible. Sorry about this.
  • Neopets reached 8 million users!!! - Hooray!
  • HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY - Yes, to celebrate today we will be giving away lots of Green items in the Money Tree. See how many you can pick up!

  • The Battledome Knockout is now open! Check it out, and please remember to play your match if your name appears in the list.
March 16th
  • NEW GAME! - Meerca Chase has now been launched. Its not the full game yet, we will be adding more features early next week, but why not get some practice in? Click here to play!

  • Check out our latest Question and Answer session in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.
  • Added two more great entries to the Neopedia - Happy Valley and Terror Mountain.
  • NEW CHIA! - The Chia is nearly the last of our pets to have a makeover, and here it is! We hope you like it!

  • Up for a challenge? Try the Dark Faerie Level in our newest game - the Uber Faerie Caves. Dodge the evil Fungus Ball to complete the level!

    A Fungus Ball - Avoid

  • More furniture is now in the Furniture Shop!

  • UPDATE - Just so you know, the Employment Agency is going well and should be completed soon, watch this space for more information. Also, yesterday's upgrade has sped up the site by about 20% at peak. We will be adding more servers today which should help make Neopets really fast over the weekend!

  • ROBOTS for your NeoHome! They patrol, walk in circles, fire laser beams and lots more. No room is complete without one of these cool little guys. We have launched a first offer that you can view by clicking here. More robots will be available later!

  • New Mystery Pic! Can you guess todays Mystery Picture? We have changed this weeks prize to a RAINBOW Paintbrush!!! The last answer was the mask of Mysteria, the Aisha Trading Card.
  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Keigori the Kougra!
March 15th

  • In case you forgot, you can get free Moehog Plushies by clicking here and helping us out with our sponsors!
  • Starting today, and ending tomorrow we will be doing a major NeoPox Pizza Giveaway at the Money Tree, as a lot of owners have been complaining that their pets have the dreaded Pox!

  • Many more different styles of Furniture have gone on sale today, including some great matching suites :)

  • NeoHome Update - You can now drag furniture around your NeoHomes!
  • New Lenny Trivia questions have been added.
  • The winners of the last Caption Contest have been announced, and a new picture has just been released. If you can think of something witty to say you could win 1000NP!
  • The Meerca has been added to the How to Draw pages.

  • We have added the Ice Caves into our Neopedia!
  • NEW LEVEL of Uber Faerie Caves! Click here to play the Uber Fire Faerie Level!
  • New Screensaver - Check out our Peophin Dive Screensaver, just added today!

  • Neopets will be temporarily unavailable this morning for a short period of time as we perform some upgrades to our database. Sorry about this!
    UPDATE : We came back up after 35 mins downtime, and the site is much faster :) Hooray!
  • Added the level 20 Elephante Bump and Meerca Squeal to the Battledome.
March 14th

  • FAERIE FOODS! - A new food shop has opened up in Faerieland selling specialist treats for your Neopet. Click here to visit the shop. If its all sold out then keep trying!

  • NOTICE - As you probably know, we have been working hard today on upgrading the entire site to be faster at peak times. During the upgrade we faced a couple of problems, such as NeoHomes not being built, and some people were unable to buy from shops. These should all be fixed now, sorry about that.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is Froosal the Usul! Check out the webcam!
  • We have a new Mystery Picture game starting today! Can you guess what this is? If so you could be winning 500 NP and a Golden Paintbrush!

  • Todays Battledome Moves are the level 20 Gelert Jump, and the level 20 Peophin Splash.
  • Lots more cool Fan Art has been added to the Art Gallery
  • You will be pleased to know that the database upgrade went really well and Neopets should be much faster for everybody :)

    Yeah, More games and toys for me!

March 13th

  • SITE UPGRADE - Neopets will be down for some scheduled maintenance tonight. We hope to keep the total downtime under an hour. We are upgrading one of our database servers so hopefully the site will be nice and fast all day tomorrow!

  • Added LOADS more pictures to our Gallery - check out Weeks 52 to 57!!!
  • The ninth victim has been found in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery. This week Pop Tart got the most votes...

  • New Screensavers! - Two more available for free download today. Check out our Flying Scorchio and Korbat Screensavers now!

  • Two more articles have been added to the Neopedia, Gadgadsboden and Maraqua.
  • New Faerie Caves Level! - Pit your wits against our resident devious level designer Electric Blue Monkey is the latest level of Uber Faerie Caves!
  • The Furniture Shop has moved to the Bazaar (the shops map with the Wishing Well).
  • Some great new pics have been added to our Gallery.
  • Free furniture will be given away today at the Money Tree, in preparation for when you can furnish your NeoHome rooms!

  • Todays Battledome moves are the level 20 Eyrie Glare and the level 20 Kougra Swat. These moves get more powerful at level 30, 40, 50 and so on.
March 12th

  • The Acara and Bruce have been added to the How to Draw section.

    Yeah, now we can be on your fridge!

  • Read our new Neopedia Entry - Cheat : The Big Heist.
  • NEW SHOP - You can start to purchase furniture for your NeoHome at the new Neopian Furniture Store!

  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Gflrrrly the Grundo!
  • This weeks Storytelling Competition has just begun!
    UPDATE : Pics, Poems and the Storytelling competition now give out trophies!

  • We also have a new Caption Competition today, with a NeoHome theme. 1000 NP plus a rare item to every caption we publish.
  • Today's Battledome Abilities are the level 20 Korbat Hover and Skeith Bite. These get more powerful depending on the level of your Neopet.
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