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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

March 10th and 11th
  • 3 days left! - Our Online Store will only be selling our Limited Edition T-shirts for three more days! The last day to purchase will be the 12th of March.

  • We changed the maximum items you can hold to 50. This limit is now in effect when you buy from another person's shop.
  • HAPPY GADGADSBOGEN! - Today is the festival of Gadgadsbogen (it means good good day). Once every year strange new varieties of tropical fruit will start growing in Mystery Island, replacing the old and in with the new. Why not visit the tropical food shop and see what they have in stock?

    Remember to wish at least 10 people Happy Gadgadsbogen today!

  • We have temporarily stopped the Treasure Hunt and construction on the NeoHomes due to a few database problems today.
March 9th
  • BATTLEDOME BATTLEPEDIA - Information on every (well nearly every) Battledome weapon and defence item in Neopia can now be found from the Battlepedia!
  • Scorchio's Second Quest!!! - Sam Scorchio is back in a new episode of his adventure. Click here to play!

  • You can now paint your Uni or Korbat Gold!
  • NEOHOME UPDATE - Now the tiles surrounding your home change depending on which location your home is in. Also, you can build upwards onto a second floor!
  • Neopian Times
    Read all about Neohomes, the latest Stock Report and loads of great stories written by players like you. Don't forget to see if your questions have been answered in the Editorial, and check the articles for lots of NeoPoint saving tips!
  • You can now Demolish a room that you have created in your NeoHome. We also reduced the time taken to build a new room slightly.
  • GARON RETURNS - Yes, first there was Faerie Caves, now we have returned with the even harder and more devious sequel - Uber Faerie Caves. Now the Uber Faeries have devised mazes for our intrepid Lupe to explore. So far only one level out of the six has been completed.

  • NEOHOME UPDATE - Neohomes with 4 or more rooms can now be covered in wallpaper. Click here to see what upgrades you can buy!

    Mmmm... stylish!

  • The level 14 Acara Splash and the level 10 Cybunny Bump are now available in the Battledome.
  • We have added a new Pet Spotlight. Today its the turn of Harronnette the Gelert.
  • New Mystery Pic Game! Wednesday's answer was the bolt on the side of the Halloween Kacheek's neck. Congratulations to our 500 lucky winners. Click here to play todays game! Also - now the first 10 people to guess correctly will win 5000 Neopoints and 2 Mystery Prizes!!!.
March 8th
  • Just in case you have any questions on the NeoHomes, we have updated our help file here.
  • Skilodge Update - The latest murdered victim has been found in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery Game. A lot of you thought that Snowflake was the cunning mastermind behind the game... but you were wrong :)

  • A new, improved flash tutorial was added today. It shows you how to buy items, how to feed your pet, how to play games, and where to find help if you get stuck.

  • Now you can paint your Grarrl Gold!
  • NEOHOMES ARE HERE!!! - We just launched the Alpha Version of our NeoHomes. You can go ahead and start building today!!! We are still working on them so there may be a few bugs, but we should get those sorted asap.

  • For those people who are interested in statistics, why not see a Percentage Breakdown of every type of Neopet in a table!
  • Added a Neopedia Entry about the Haunted Woods.
  • Two more maps have been added to our Kacheek Seek game!


  • Check out these new Pictures in our Gallery of your work!!!
  • We have a new Caption Competition today!
  • Now at level 20, your Kau can use Kau Restore which will create a healing potion for your use. Also, if you have an Aisha, at level 12 you can use Aisha Sonar which does air damage to your opponent.
  • Todays Site Spotlight features OceanBlazer the Poogle.
March 7th
  • We have a new Mystery Picture game! 500 Golden Paintbrushes are winging their way to the winners of the last round, see if you can guess what the picture is this time!
  • The JubJub got updated today, so the pictures look slightly more like the newer Battledome version!

  • Now you can paint your Blumaroo with the Golden Paintbrush! More Neopets will be available in Gold soon. UPDATE : You can paint the Gelert also!

  • Three more Neopets background images have been added. The links below are for 1024x768, but you can get other sizes, and a wider selection from our Backgrounds page.

  • Added around 20 more Shopkeepers!! Click here for the full list, the new ones are at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • We have a new ScreenSaver today! Check out the Neopets Profiles Screensaver now!

  • Added the level 11 Bruce Dive and the level 13 Chia Giggle to the Battledome.
  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, Quebecoise the White Usul!
  • Why not read our newest Neopedia Article, the Soup Kitchen.
March 6th
  • EPIDEMIC UPDATE - We have it under control! The last of the disease has been cleared from the Money Tree, and your Neopets are now safe. The Water Faerie has agreed to help cure any casualties.
  • Now you can paint your Aisha Gold!
  • More PetPet Greetings - Send one to a friend today! Click here to view them all!

  • EPIDEMIC!!! - Urgent news. An outbreak of Itchy Scratchies has been discovered at the Money Tree. Do not go there. If you do your pet will stand a high chance of becoming infected. More news coming soon.

  • We have some more answers to your questions in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.
  • The level 12 Nimmo Levitate and the level 14 Zafara Leap are now new moves in the Battledome.
  • NEOMESSAGES UPDATE - You can now send neomessages of up to 1000 characters in length! (previously the limit was 900 characters). Also, all neomessages over a month old have also been cleared out from our database.
  • Potion Mania! Kauvara has just finished work on some new magical brews and is having a big sale in her shop. Now you can turn your Neopet into a Moehog, Peophin, Acara, Eyrie, or almost anything you want... providing you can get your hands on one of these fabulous potions :)

March 5th
  • CLOGGED MAIL! - The server that sends out mail went down over the weekend, so we have a huge amount of email that is still in the queue. If you are waiting for an auction confirmation, a birthday email or have requested your password, then you may have to wait another day. Sorry about that!

  • Poor Scarlet O'Lara... she has just been found the victim of a murder in the Terror Mountain Ski Lodge.

  • More pictures have been added into our Gallery, including this cool winged Aisha! Check them out if you have time.

  • A new Caption Competition has started today.
  • We have a new Storytelling Competition today also!
  • The level 10 Grundo Stare and the level 15 Meerca Zoom have now been added to the Battledome.
  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, it's SaphSeren the Zafara.
  • We had a great weekend, registering over 130 million pageviews on the site! Thanks to everybody for playing, loads of cool features coming in the next week.. :)
March 3rd and 4th
  • Dr. Frank Sloth now has an entry in the Neopedia.
  • Uh-oh... we have a problem. Neopia is running out of Flotsams due to the fact they are hunted by the evil Jetsam. They are now limited to 100,000 in total.
  • We have uploaded some really great backgrounds with a very monstrous theme... check them out below! The links below are for 1024x768, but you can get other sizes, and a wider selection from our Backgrounds page.

  • Added some more Greetings featuring the Neopet Petpets!
  • Now you can paint your Nimmo Gold!

  • After a three month absence, more items have been added to the Cooking Pot, including the rare delicacies Purple Icewich and Mecha Veg Toast! Also, items can now make your pet fatter or taller (but we arent telling which ones!).

  • We have redone the User Lookup and Pet Lookup pages, made them neater and easier to read, and also more informative. Also, when you do a user lookup on somebody (use the search button in the yellow bar on the left), you can see a medal - this shows you how long they have been playing. The longer you stay, the better the medal!
  • Just so you know, we have changed the last day you can order our Limited Edition T-shirts to the 12th of March! If you have ordered already then they have started shipping so they will be with you soon!
March 2nd
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is hot off the press.
  • The Golden Usul is now available at the Rainbow Pool, but only if you have the correct paintbrush! UPDATE : The Flotsam is available too!

  • IMPORTANT - The people who have not fought or challenged someone to a fight in the Battledome Leagues will be delisted around 9:00am NST on Saturday the 3rd. If you want to join a league you should be there at that time because the spots will go quickly.
  • A new drink has been released into Neopia, its the competitor to NeoCola - Achyfi! Achyfi contains root extracts to give your Neopet increased energy!

  • Three more shopkeepers have been added! Look out for Bruce Chee, the Chia Gladiator and Mr. C!
  • Hardly anybody managed to guess yesterdays Mystery Picture! Come on, we know you can try harder! The answer was the shield of the flying angel chia on our backgrounds page. Anyway, a new one has been added for today, and the Gold Paintbrush is still up for grabs, so click here to play!
  • The murderer strikes again at the Ski Lodge. This time the victim is Jasmine!

  • Check out the new Pet Spotlight, its all about people who forget to love their pet mutants!
  • Todays Battledome moves are the level 12 Scorchio Flap and the level 14 Eyrie Dive.
March 1st

  • Yes, its St. Davids Day and as a result we will be giving away Leeks and Daffodils at the Money Tree all day! Why not send someone a St Davids Day greeting?

  • The Arts Centre has been given a new look. Now it should be much easier to find things :)
  • Now you can change the greeting on your shop, so instead of 'Welcome!', your shopkeeper can say something different! Click here to edit or create your own shop.
  • The new Caption Contest has been launched, you could win 1000Np and a rare item!
  • Today's Battledome moves are the level 10 Kau Kick and the level 13 Grarrl Swing.
  • We have a new Site Spotlight today also!
  • We have some more Pictures in our Gallery! Remember, you can win Neopoints by sending these pictures in to us!

  • Wow! We got so many entries for our Mystery Picture competition that we decided to give out all the prizes and launch a new competition. Why not try it out, you may get a Golden Paintbrush!
  • New Mynci! - The leaner, sleeker, cuter version of the Mynci has been uploaded - in all colours! Thanks to everybody that voted! Oh yes.. the sixth one was a joke, we never intended to use it, thankfully it didnt win :) Click here to see how the voting went.

  • NEW ITEMS - Even more foodstuffs can now be found around Neopia... these ones are slightly weirder than the ones we have already!

  • We have a new Neopedia Article - Cockroach Towers, with some great artwork!
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