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New Features - September 2000 (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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29th September
  • The Muntando Fruit has been released.... Can you guess its combination?
  • The Contests page has been updated. Now it shows all the competitions currently going on in Neopia!
  • New Halloween Dressing Up contest - You could win a limited edition Neopets T-Shirt signed by all the staff!
    I like Halloween:)
  • The Neopian Times Issue 24 Stock Tips, articles, short stories and continued stories!
  • TECHO SAFARI - Check out our cool new choose your own adventure game - can you get to the end? We hope you enjoy it... click here to play.
  • As you most probably know, the Trading Post has been launched!!! We hope you like it.
  • Oh no! Due to bad judgement the wrong man has been chosen to leave Sacrificers.. oh well :( Anyway, check it out here and dont forget to vote on this weeks!
  • Oh dear, Mr. Plaid isnt doing very well in the Sacrificers Game - maybe you should vote for somebody else!!!
28th September
  • Today we added a new How To section where we show you step by step how to draw the Neopets. Today you can choose from the Aisha, Chia, Blumaroo or Kiko. We will add more pets each week until we have covered all the Neopets. Click here to find out more!

  • Market Place Update - Please do not place paid advertisements or Chat Rooms in your shops. Any shops found to have unsuitable material will be wiped or deleted!
  • We are working today on our new two week story - starting Monday!!!
27th September
  • The Help Section has been updated. Now there is a Theme Parks page!
  • New Web Cam pictures - we picked the best ones that you sent in and have put them in their own gallery.
  • Arriving today - the Neopets Neopet Pet Shop!!! Now your Neopet can adopt a pet of its own!
  • Work on the Trading Post and Training School is still going, thanks for your patience!
26th September
  • Today we redrew the Nimmo so it looks better - we hope you like it!
  • Also, check out the Nimmos homepage - here.
  • New Discount Card Upgrade - now you can get the next level of discount card! Click here for more details!
  • Flash Tutorial - if you are new to Neopets check out our new tutorial!
  • Neopian Times Issue 23 A new look and a better than ever editorial section that answers YOUR questions!
  • MORE COOKING POT ITEMS - They were so popular, so we have added 8 more today... can you find them all?? Here is a clue below...
  • Just so you know, the Trading Post is nearly fixed (sorry about the delay here), and we are working on the Training School today. Can you find the fruit that the natives are after?

    M-m-m-m-munch a Muntando!

  • More Pictures have been added to our gallery of users work (they are really cool!)
  • We have a new Caption Competition.
25th September
  • Lucky Shopper Bonus - now there is a random event on the site that will give you ANOTHER Discount Card bonus. Its dead hard to find!
  • Free Discount Card - check this out - sign up with NeoDrive and get the first Discount Card!
  • New Cooking Pot Items - 6 new items have been added to the Cooking Pot! I wonder what the recipe is??!
  • DISCOUNT CARDS COMING SOON!! - Yes, you too can own a Neopian Discount Card - click here for more details!
  • We have redone the picture of the Korbat - check it out!
  • Check out the Korbat's web page here.
  • The Trading Post is going up today!!! (At Last!). Its starting off in Alpha Testing mode, so if there are any bugs, report them and we will fix them ASAP.
  • Also - great news! Now you only need 1 Totem to get to Mystery Island. We hope you like this change :)
23th and 24th September (WEEKEND!)
  • Found a bug in Neopoker which sometimes meant it wouldnt give Neopoints if you won. This has been fixed!
  • SITE UPDATE - Apologies for the site being down so much today (Sunday), we have just had so many people trying to get on the site we have had to take it down for repairs and upgrades. Its working now, and we have made some major breakthroughs, so thanks for your patience!
  • Now you can block people from sending you neomessages, using our cool new feature here.
  • Edited the Stock Market so that the shares have more chance of moving.
  • Gormball now has some cooler random events!
23rd September
  • Made another change to NeoCircles. Lots of people requested a way to leave a NeoCircle that you have joined - and now you can do just that. On the 'Get Code' page there is now a link to Leave NeoCircle.
  • Now if you do a pet lookup using the yellow side bar, you will be able to see if the pet is ill, and also see what disease they have.
  • I go and spend all day writing Gormball, and then everybody votes for me on Sacrificers... thats not nice!!! - Adam P
  • Gormball will have lots of random events... coming in the next few days!
  • The Neodaq index is now on the front page!
  • We have added some more Poems and Pictures to the site.
  • The fifth victim has been chosen in our Sacrificers Game

    Bye Bye Paper Dragon!
  • Stock Market Update - a lot of people have been selling their shares, and the index has crashed from 219 points to 190 points. Dont worry about it, I see a good next week for buying :)
22nd September (WE ARE BACK!)
  • Added a new section to the Stock Market - Bargain Stocks. Now if you dont have many NP you can list all the cheap stocks!
  • STOCK MARKET IS HERE... AGAIN Apologies to one and all who bought shares in our Stock Market, and then saw it go down. We had some real problems getting it launched correctly, but we have been working on it all night, and its here! The stocks will even move properly, like a proper market, depending on who buys and sells. Check it out here
  • NEW CAPTION - Can you think of anything funny for our new Caption Competition??
  • Check out our new HTML Guide - its great for beginners, and also has some advanced tricks to help you make your web site look better!
  • NEODRIVE IS HERE!!! - Yes, you can get 50 megs of free space at our great new NeoDrive. Check it out here...
  • Our office has been under construction, so its been very messy. We have got the NeoCam back today so you can see our progress. We promise to put it in a better position soon!
  • Cool New Search Engine - Yes, the search engine on the site has been upgraded so now you can search for items (not rare ones), pets, and users. Type something into the box on the yellow bar to see this working.
  • Hurrah, now the Paint Brush of the Stars is in the game... so you can paint your pets a cool new colour. We fixed the Speckled Paint Brush also!
  • The Preferences Section is now stored under Help, just in case you cant find it.
21st September (Bug Fix Night)
  • Fixed a bug where the Neopoints and Active pet name wasnt appearing in the yellow bar.
  • Made some great improvements to the database, its running a lot faster now!
  • Sorry about the lack of adding content over the last week, we have been very busy in a lot of behind the scenes preparations. We are back tomorrow and will start by adding a lot more cool stuff!
  • The Black and White Paint Brush has been renamed to the Skunk Paint Brush - so it should work now!
  • The pets homepages werent working, they are fixed now. Sorry about that, we had to take them temporarily offline.
  • Streamlined the create a shop procedure so its much easier to understand!
19th September
  • We added 4 more monitors to the Neopian staff today and we are hiring a lot more in the coming weeks.
16th and 17th September (The Weekend)
  • Get free downloads of the programs we use to create Neopets. Click here
  • The User Preferences page has been updated. Now as well as a new look there are the Aisha Sleuths that give you handy hints and tips.
15th September
  • Check out the New Pics that Neopians have sent us.
  • Also The Neopian Weather is back, now you know exactly what weather to dress your pet for:)
  • Cool new Kacheek Seek images have been added, now there are a lot more games to play:)
  • Sacrificers has been judged - check out the latest person to leave the island, and remember to vote on this weeks loser.

    Poor old Zurvix Wombatslayer!
14th September
  • Today we are working on a lot of new things including Neopian Weather, new Kacheek Seek and lots more...
  • NEW GAME!!! - And its got a high score table as well! Check out Ice Cream Blitz.
  • We now have some new pictures on our NeoLodge - now you can see what your room looks like before booking your pet in!
13th September
  • A new range of great Back to School greetings have been added. Why not send one to a friend?
  • Woohoo! We fixed some bug on our database, and now its going much faster!
12th September 11th September
  • A new caption contest has been added. Congratulations to the winners of last weeks contest, to find out who won click here
  • We had to delete old neomessages to speed up the database. They are much faster now :)
9th and 10th September (Weekend)
  • The Poetry Help Page has been simplified and we have added another page with more in-depth hints and tips for the real poetry lovers.
  • A new Pet Spotlight and a new Site Spotlight has been added. Well done to Alell and CharChar29!
  • Due to popular demand, the Auction Genie is now non-case-sensitive.
  • We are doing a lot of behind the scenes work this weekend on our servers, to try and keep the site fast :)
8th September
  • Check out the poetry competition at Poetry Corner. Poetry.com will post your poem on their website for all to see. They will also enter your poem in their poetry competition. Many of our players will be lucky enough to be published in their poetry book! You can only sumbit one poem every six months so make it your best effort.
  • New Neopian Times Issue 21 Helpful Articles and Self-Contained Stories.
  • Some of you may remember the July 4th party the over 21's guild threw in the money tree, well these guys are doing it again. "Neo Pets Extravaganza," and the "Neopets Adoption Guild," are joining the "Neopets over 21 Guild" in a HUGE party to celebrate their 1000+ membership mark. On Sunday. Sept. 10th. From 8am to 8pm they will be FLOODING the money tree with items. Everyone is invited so why don't you drop by:)
  • Poor poor Cookie gets voted off the Island! Check out the new exciting instalment of our Sacrificers game
7th September
  • If you want to brush up on your poetry skills why not check out our Poetry Tips page?
  • We will be adding four more hiscore tables today!
  • New Shop Check out our Garden Center!!!
  • Cartoon Cartoon! - a new game at our Cartoon Theatre!
  • Check out our new Help section! Its been updated at last!
  • INFLATION ALERT - Yes, another knock on effect of Inflation in Neopia. Lenny has decided to up his prize from 10 to 25 Neopoints in Lenny Trivia!
6th September
  • Our Send a Pet to A Friend page was in need of a redo, so we redid it and it works now (and it links to the referral program. Why not send one today?
  • Added more Pictures, Poems and a Caption Competition.
  • Now the Uber Faeries have changed as well!
  • Check out our two new Screen Savers - Kougra and Skeith both feature!
  • We have a better Shops Map - including two new places that are coming soon - the Cartoon Network theatre, and the Poetry Corner!
  • Check out our new Market Map - now there are 10 shops per page, so they download quicker!
5th September
  • Hope everybody had a good weekend! We are back with loads new features for today. For those of you that have gone back to school we hope you will still find time to play (and remember to tell all your friends about us!)
  • Fixed the shadowed paint brush (it works now), and also we are adding a few more coloured pets today (Kougra, Usul etc..).
  • CodeBreaker has been updated so there are more levels, and it gets more difficult as time goes on!
  • The Shop Wizard chooses some items randomly, so if you choose 'brush' then he will not always choose the same type of brush.
  • Added some new Faeries to the site. We will be changing the Uber Faeries too!
  • We are adding flash hi scores to all the games - click here for our Game Scores page! Its experimental at the moment!
1st September

  • Wahey! Its a new month! Look forward to loads more features, and another 2 week theme coming soon!
  • A new address has been set up to report any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or typos. If you spot any on your travels please email them to typos@neopets.com including what page it was on.
  • Yes, its Friday, and that means Sacrificers has been judged! Poor old Styrofoam Bob! Who will be next to leave the island???
  • Now when you are creating a pet, it will suggest names for you if the one you choose is already taken (and that happens ALL the time!).
  • A New Issue of Neopian Times, Issue 20 Ciki's Revenge: The Final Chapters!
  • 100 NEW COLOURS OF PETS ARRIVING TODAY - Yes its true, we have done the pets in loads more colours (ice, stone, strawberry, cloud etc...) check below for some of the new designs. Can you find the paintbrushes?

  • Oooh the Explore page has a new look. Now it looks very pretty:)