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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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30th November
  • COOL FEATURE - Now when you get an event at the top of the screen, there will be a 'Show All' button. This lists all your events so you can delete them one by one. Handy for the person who has lots of Neofriends!!
  • After receiving lots of cool comments about the new look trading cards we have decided to turn the most popular pictures into greetings. Now you can send your friend Bruskotter, Balthazar or even the Faerie Queen. Also we have added lots more Seasonal cards ready for the Winter season. Click here to look at all the designs.

  • Added a new caption competition - click here to enter!
  • ADVENT CALENDAR - Yes, tomorrow is the start of the Neopets Advent Calendar. Every day you can visit it and get a prize. It's linked to from the Happy Valley map!
  • We added some more Poems today. Also, the prize for the Pictures is going up from 200 to 1000 NP!!!
  • We are thinking of doing a limited edition run of Neopets soft toys, so you can actually own your Neopet in real life! Our question is, would you be willing to purchase one from the Web site? Please tell us your answer by clicking here and fill in the poll on the bottom right hand corner.

    Soon you can own
    me in real life!

    Yeah, like anybody
    would want to adopt YOU!

  • We are putting the prize for the Britannica game up to 5 NP per click! Click here to play!
29th November
  • BATTLEDOME ALPHA TEST IS HERE - If your name is on the list, click here to start playing. We suggest you read the rules first, as it's pretty complicated. We will add another 500 alpha testers soon!

  • Added some cool new Christmas Backgrounds for your desktop!
  • NEW GAME - Yes, Grundo Snowthrow is here !!! Click here to play. Evil snowbeasts are attacking our Grundos! You must help us!

  • Cool new explore map - click here to see the high bandwidth version. Watch Chiazilla and Mechachiazilla duke it out, and see the snow falling over Happy Valley.
  • NEW BATTLEDOME CHALLENGER - Yes, this one is lurking somewhere on one of the maps. No clues this time! UPDATE - Another challenger has entered the ring. This one has a particularly disgusting taste in shirts!
  • Check out the new Star Site. It's a cool seasonal adaptation by CyberWarlock!
  • We have spent the last week ironing out all the bugs in the Battledome, and it's going to start its Alpha Test today. Watch this space!!! Despite the wait, we hope you will think it's worth it!
28th November
  • We also added a new messageboard type today, it's Role Playing. If you want to post there, then all your posts have to be in character. Otherwise you get a strict telling off!!!
  • NEW RANDOM EVENTS - Added loads more random events to the winter world. Now your pet can meet the Snow Faerie, find the treasure, and even get pelted by the mystery snowball thrower!!!

  • NEW CHALLENGER - This reclusive genius has decided to join the fray! Find him and get a new opponent for the Neopets Battledome!

  • Legends speak of a hideous beast, despised by Neopets all over Neopia...this beast had to run away and take refuge in the woods, where no pet could see its deformed face. If you can find it, legend also speaks, that it will challenge you to a battle. Can you overcome your fear and begin the hunt?
  • You can now relocate your shop to the Haunted Woods! To go to the marketplace, please click here.
  • Christmas Pets - There is a new paintbrush out today! Can you find it? If you find one you can turn your pet Christmassy at the Rainbow Pool. Click here for the Happy Valley Merry Outfit shop to see all the new pets!

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - Yesterday we had to delete an entire guild and freeze about 20 people for hacking accounts. Please do not do this. It is in total violation of our terms and conditions and makes a lot of people upset. We also find it pretty easy to track down. If you hack, or help hack into somebody else's account, then all of your accounts will be frozen permanently. If any guild is set up for the purposes of hacking, it, and of all of its members will be also frozen permanently.

    Remember - The way people find out your passwords is usually by setting up fake login pages on other sites. Never EVER type your password in on any page other than the Neopets Login page. If you see any fake login pages have been set up, tell us. We will contact Geocities, Tripod, or whoever, and get the offending person removed from both their system and ours.
    - Adam P

27th November
  • Added a new caption competition - click here to enter!
  • Added some more cool Pics to our Gallery!!
  • Today we have relaunched the Beauty Contest, and it's working better than ever. Why not enter your pet? :)
  • You can now relocate your shop to Maraqua as well!!! Make the changes in your Edit Shop menu. If you want to see the Maraquan Market Place, click here.
  • Today our Winter World gets random events!! Check them out!
  • Now when you click on the Shop Wizard in the other worlds, you get a new picture. Here is a sample!

  • Also, a new Storytelling Competition starts today. This story is about Bob the White Blumaroo... if you can help us tell the story you can win up to 2000 NP!.
25th and 26th November
  • We have added low-bandwidth versions of the Halloween Map, and the Winter Map (thanks to Donna!). Now, if you are over a modem, the site will be even faster.
  • If you have some spare time - check out the high-bandwidth version of our Happy Valley map, and try and find all the secret animations!
  • Added another secret smiley to the messageboards. Now there are 9 winter smileys in total!
  • Updated the message boards so they are much better. Now you have a button to refresh, jump to the bottom of the page, and go back to the previous page.
  • CHAT MODE - The messageboards have a new feature, called Chat Mode. Basically, when activated this will only display the last 12 entries of the board, so you can use it to quickly chat to people and not have to load the entire page every time!
  • NINE MORE SMILEYS - And then we added another nine :) These aren't winter, they are based on the pets... see if you can find them all!
24th November
  • The Explore Map has been updated. Now you can go to a new place - the Winter World!
  • The Uni has been added to the How to Draw guide. Now you can draw Neopia's prettiest pony:)
  • We changed the number of messageboards displayed at once from 100 to 60, as its really slow on modems.
  • Added a new caption competition - click here to enter!
  • We have had a lot of e-mails about the flash maps being too big (the Halloween one was over 200K!), and taking a long time to download things over modems. Now on your User Info page, you can change whether you are a High-Bandwidth user (Cable, T1, DSL), or a Low-Bandwidth user (Modem). This will allow us to display the correct map.
  • Christmas Smileys are here! Yes we have added 8 more smileys to the message boards, but this time we aren't going to tell you how to do them :) Well.. ok here is a hint.

    *snowflake* =

  • NEW SCREENSAVER - Yes, yet another screensaver :) We hope you like this one, it's snow falling forwards with our logo in the background!

  • Added a couple of new features to the Money Tree, really rich people can't use it any more, and also sometimes when you donate NP there is a chance of the amount being doubled, tripled... or even more! Lastly, the amount it can hold has been doubled.
23rd November
  • It's Thanksgiving Day in America today! So Happy Thanksgiving, and don't eat too much!
  • We made a mistake with the shop descriptions - we tried to raise the limit to 10,000 characters but it didn't work (oops, sorry!). It's back at 4,000 characters until we can find a way to fix it :(
  • SIX MILLION NEOPETS! - Yes we reached the six million mark today! Maybe we won't hit 10 million by the end of the year, but we will try!
22nd November
  • SNEAK PREVIEW - Yes, we are adding a new world, it's coming in the next few days. Check out Winter World.
  • Also, a new shop as well - why not get some Slushies for your pet! Click here now!

  • Issue 32 is out early in time for Thanksgiving. This week's issue has an interview with the mysterious Shoyrux Enterprises and a spotlight on the new storytelling contests as well as all your favorite articles, stories, and series. Click here to find out more.
21st November
  • BATTLEDOME - Alpha Testing has started with a closed group of a few people (the person doing the Battledome was ill on the weekend and Monday :( ). Anyway, we will be opening it up to the 100 people we mentioned and also another 500 more (picked at random) tomorrow.
  • SHOP UPDATE - Now instead of limiting you to 4,000 characters for your shop descriptions, we have upped the limit to 10,000 characters so you can fit a lot more in!
  • 4 new pictures have been added to our Pictures Page, just in case you don't know, you can reach this normally via Pet Central.
  • And another screen saver! This time it's snowing on this happy purple Shoyru!

  • Print out some Neopets tags for your Christmas Presents!!! If you have a colour printer and you are interested then click here.
  • We have started a new game today, called the Neopian Treasure Hunt, you have to search around the site looking for clues... and there is a big prize at the end!

  • NEW SCREENSAVERS - These are very cool, we think you should download them :) About a megabyte each. Click here now!

  • Yes, you can now visit our new Mystery Island Marketplace, and even move your shop there!
20th November
  • We added a high score table to Neo DJ. Earn a max of 225 NP per day!

  • Today you will be able to relocate your shop to the Mystery Island. We haven't finished the map yet, but it's going up later. More worlds coming soon.
  • New Caption Competition! Check it out here.
18th and 19th November
  • The new issue of the Neopian Times is out today. Issue 31 has lots of short stories, articles and, of course all the old favourites.
  • Click here for the latest update on the Battledome Alpha Test.
  • Our story has continued... check out the latest chapter in our Storytelling Competition. This is going to become a permanent feature on Neopets, so we hope you like it.
17th November
  • There is a new competition happening at the Neopian Camp Fire, where we tell a story and you have to give us the next paragraph. It has great prizes too, so why not check it out?
  • We have changed our Robot Challenge game and doubled the prizes! Yes get 4NP per click now :) Why not have a look?
  • Today we are working on the new Snow World... which should be coming in a couple of days.
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - It's nearly there, we just had a few problems at the last minute. We are currently finishing the bit where you can challenge another pet, and the leagues, and we should be ready to launch the Alpha Test. Watch this space.
16th November
  • SNOW WARS - Yes, our new game has arrived. Pelt your opponent's army with giant snowballs, and win cool Neopets Battledome prizes. Click here to play!

  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - We are still going, and don't have the Alpha Test ready yet, sorry about that but it is such a huge job. Watch this space.
  • We have uploaded some more Poems to our archive of users work. The prize for getting a poem submitted has gone up from 200 NP to 1000 NP plus a RARE ITEM!.
  • Make sure you check out our new Battledome Special Moves!!
  • We are going to replace the Bruce with a penguin (since Winter is approaching)... we hope you like it. The old Bruce didn't really fit in with the theme, sorry to all Bruce owners.
15th November
  • Woohoo! Neopets is one year old! Thanks a lot for playing and supporting the site. We hope that you will continue to play. Loads more cool stuff coming soon :)
  • The Battledome Alpha Test starts today...will your name be drawn from the hat? The 100 lucky winners will be notified later today.
  • New Game - Why not try the newest game to enter the games cupboard? Check out Grinch Says now!
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - We have the 100 Alpha Testers names now, but we arent going to start the Alpha Test till tomorrow. Click here for more details.
  • The Grinch is coming out this Friday and now you can get a sneak preview of the film at the Grinch Theatre!

  • NEW WOCKY - Yes, the New Wocky is up now, one year old today and it gets a facelift.

  • Added some more cool Pics to our Gallery today!

  • The content server is now up, which means you can re-upload your Guild Images again!
14th November
  • NEW SHOP - Yes, a coffee shop has opened in the Catacombs under Neopia... you have been there, right? Click here to visit.
  • We have fixed, and relaunched Neo DJ!
  • Today we are launching our new Puzzle Game, Space Faeries, which is one of the more difficult games we have launched. Good luck in trying to solve it!

  • Neopets is nearly one year old, our birthday is tomorrow!!!
  • Kacheek seek was having some problems. This has been fixed now, so your pets shouldn't be bored all the time while you're playing.
13th November
  • Also there is a new contest for all your arty types out there. If you are between 13 and 17 why not enter this cool new contest? You could win an art scholarship and up to $1,000 for your school!
  • The Secret Laboratory Map is out at last! Can you find any of the pieces?
  • Now you can use your Neopet as your AIM Buddy Icon - click here for more details!

  • Updated the referral program so that you get a Codestone instead of a Totem!
  • New How to Draw pages have been added. Now you can draw the new look Aisha and the Flotsam!

    Draw me, I am so cool!

  • The winners of the Caption Competition have been announced. Congratulations to the lucky winners, if you weren't chosen this time, why not enter again?
  • Kiko Match is back by popular demand.
  • We uploaded a new version of Kau Korrall with a few improvements. We had to blank the hi score table, but the game should be more balanced and easier to play now.
  • The 4 millionth person to sign up with Neopets did so over the weekend! We are currently at 4,026,177 and counting. Thanks to everybody for playing.
11th and 12th November
  • 8 RESTOCKS PER HOUR - Yes, due to the overwhelming demand for food, the shops are now restocking an extra time per hour. Next time they are empty, don't get mad, just spare a thought for those poor pets that have to fill those shelves!
  • Fixed a problem with the quests where it was asking for objects with rarity above 100 (i.e. - super hard to get), now the top rarity the faeries will ask for is 80.
  • Zoiks! Yes - our best day ever on Saturday, thanks to everybody for playing, we had 24.7 million pageviews with the yellow bar on the side, and 46 million in total.

  • The Great Neopets Treasure Hunt is back in business. Your Pet is hiding somewhere on the internet, can you find them?
10th November
  • Do you want to get your art work noticed? Are you between 13 and 17 years of age? If so, why not enter this cool contest, you could even win some hard cash! Click here for more details...
  • A new discovery has been made, hidden deep underneath the main town shops is an intricate maze of dark caves. What magical secrets can you discover there? Can you even find the entrance?
  • NEW GAME - Yes, it's Kau Korrall, round up the Kaus for the farmer! Check it out.

  • END OF SACRIFICERS - And the winner is... well you will have to click here to find out :)

  • The Light Faerie is now a challenger - click here for details!
  • Woohoo! Secret new items in the game. Added another 5 today... use the Cooking Pot to get them, but only if you know the combinations.

  • A new star is born - say hello to Kepeil the Kau, the latest pet to be chosen in the Star Spotlight
  • New Neopian Times! Issue 30 is here, catch all your favourite stories, articles and the latest stock reports.
  • The new bigger and better NeoPuzzle is here! Choose from 6 different images, three different levels and you could win a lot of NeoPoints. If you can complete the expert level in 30 seconds you win over 3,300 NeoPoints!
  • We are improving the guilds in a number of ways, making it so you can delete a guild, and lots of other changes. Remember, email us if you have any suggestions about them!
9th November
  • COMPETITION - Do you think your Guild has what it takes? If so, and if your guild has over 50 members, then why not enter our new competition to get a permanent link on the map!! The email address to use is alphatest@neopets.com.
  • More Cooking Pot Items - Yes, there are some new secret recipes in the pot.. can you guess what the one below is, for instance? No clues, sorry.

  • A lot of the games have been updated with better help pages and instructions. Now it should be even easier to win:)
  • The new caption contest was launched today. Can you think of a funny caption for the new picture? Click here to find out!
  • NEW TREASURE MAP - Yes, the Uber Water Faerie has now set a challenge to find her buried treasure underwater. It is said that if you find it, all your pets gain 2 levels!

  • We have added a secret laboratory to the site today... can you find it? It is rumoured that inside there is a secret ray that can really, really change your pet...

  • We had to delete all the old NeoMessages today because there were getting to be too many in the system. Sorry about that.
  • We have updated the Skeith so it looks slightly more three-dimensional. We hope you like the new version.

8th November
  • NEW TREASURE MAP - Yes, now in addition to searching for the Island Treasure, there is also a big Halloween Feast to be found. Click here for more details. We also doubled the jackpot!

  • Two new games were added today - Pika Seek and Pokémon Match. Yes, that's right Neopets has Pokémon games!
  • IMPORTANT - The Pikaseek game wasnt giving out prizes earlier, they are now, so just play it again tomorrow to get your prizes. Sorry about this :(
  • Don't forget to check out the Wall of Shame. This is where the latest reports of scams and tricks to look out for will be posted.
  • Check out the new look Games Room
  • Some more great pictures have been added to our gallery
  • We have a new star in the Pet Spotlight
  • Now you can use HTML for the front page of your Guild. Also in the guilds, in the members section, the names are now clickable.
7th November (National Meringue Day)
  • It's Neopets National Meringue Day!!!
  • The winners of the Halloween Costume contest have been announced. Congratulations to snoozingcat, skippy263, ryderman, jamola, twins_hm, ash_ketchup, joel1229 and butterfly_kate!

  • NEW WOCKY - We will (possibly) be changing the Wocky, and need your help to choose it. Click here to vote!
  • GUILDS!!! - We have been working on Guilds for the past few weeks, and here they are - ready at last. Be one of the first to create a guild, by clicking here.
6th November
  • We have a new caption competition here!!
  • 100 Lucky Neopets players will have the chance to alpha test the Battledome when it comes out!! Click here for more information.
  • NEW CHALLENGER - Our referral program now has a prize for 100 referrals - a challenge by the Battle Faerie. We don't expect many people to reach this level, but she will be one of the hardest opponents.

  • NEW GAME - It doesnt have a hi score table yet, but check out Techneo, our new DJ game. This goes out to all on the dancefloor!
4th and 5th November
  • Fixed a bug in the treasure hunt where people couldn't claim - it's okay now!
  • Hope you all had a happy Fireworks Night on the 5th! :)
3rd November
  • SACRIFICERS FINAL WEEK!!! - Yes, only two contestants remain, and they will be fighting it out over the next week. One will end up immortalised in stone on Mystery Island... and one... let's just hope they don't go the same way as Mr. Roboto. Not even his unofficial fan club could save him!

  • We have redrawn (or reshaded) the Shoyru, so it looks better in the Battledome. We hope you like it.

  • Check out Issue 29 of the Neopian Times! It is hot off the press and packed full of great articles and stories.
  • The Auctions page has been updated. Now you can go direct to the auction help page whenever you have a question.
  • We are now developing special moves for the pets in the Battledome (and we hope to launch within two weeks!). If you want your pet to get the new moves, click here.

  • Also - look out for our Christmas World - coming soon ... :)
  • We have updated the World page with some up and coming things to look forward to!
2nd November
  • We added the Korbat, Kiko and Kacheek to the How to Draw page.
  • Now if you play with some of the seeds in the game... they will grow :)
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - The latest addition to the Battledome is the Special Moves page - soon you will be able to collect special moves for your pets.
  • We fixed our Pumpkin Patch game, so it is now operational. Check it out here.

  • We fixed the Safety Deposit Box today! Well, it wasn't broken, unless you had over 800 objects in it!!! Now it's better, and you can view 50 objects at a time. Check it out here.
  • Now if you have a Halloween Paintbrush, you can paint a Kau or a Nimmo!

  • Fixed a lot of bugs where people were trading, or auctioning items and then using them (like with the treasure map game). This is not possible any more!
1st November
  • It's a brand new month! Lots of cool exciting things will be happening, including the long awaited.... BATTLEDOME!
  • Check out the cool Spooky Pictures in the art gallery.
  • Several of the site shopkeepers have visted the Grooming Parlour and had a make-over, don't they look pretty:)

  • We have a new star, check out the Pet Spotlight to see who it is.
  • New Zafara - we redid the Zafara, and also have its Battledome pictures ready, check it out below.

  • 1st Birthday - Just so you know, Neopets was launched on the 15th November 1999, making us one year old in two weeks time. We will be adding cool stuff to celebrate this event :)