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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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31st August

  • The Game Room has had a makeover. Now there are even more games to choose from and it looks a whole lot better!
  • Pets couldnt eat the space food. This has now been fixed!
  • Updated the Island Map so it has the new places on it!
  • I wonder what ingredients you need to make this rainbow vanilla negg....???
  • You can now equip your pets with Space Battle and Space Defence items!
  • Work has started on a Island Trading Post where you will be able to safely trade items with other users. We will keep you updated with our progress.
  • The New look Usul is now out. We think it is very cool :)

  • Also check out the Usul's Web Page
  • A Magical Cooking Pot has been found on the Mystery Isle. If you go there you will meet a young Island faerie called Jhuidah. If you place several items in her cooking pot as a gift to Pango Pango you will be rewarded with a fantastic rare item that you can't buy in the main shops.
  • The Stock Market daily limit of shares has gone up to 1000. We will be improving the stock market also.
  • A bug that a lot of people were reporting is that if you type in something like 'cheese' on the shop wizard, then all you get were Cheese and Onion Crisps, and not cheese. Now its been improved so you can do partial or exact matches.
  • The Grundo's Web Page has been finished.
  • Inflation has once again reared its ugly head - and as a result the max bet on JubJub BlackJack has been raised to 150 NP!
30th August
  • Today we are going through all the flash games and making them work in all browsers and adding smaller versions for people with smaller monitors. If you have any more problems
  • A new version of CodeBreaker is out today. Now the game opens in a new window and has several added improvements.
  • We have added an Automatic Email Form on the site now, so if there are any bugs you can send them straight to our programmers!
  • Fixed a bug already, now the NeoLodge actually does go up to 14 days :)
  • Wishing well has been fixed also! Hurrah!
29th August - Big Bug Fix Bonanza!
  • Some new Theme Park Rides have been added. Check em out!
  • Banks now give out interest. Because there are SO many accounts, we can only give interest to people with over 15,000 Neopoints in their account. Sorry about this (there are over 600,000 bank accounts in Neopia! Poor database!).
  • You can now enter your own Theme Park if you want to.
  • NEW IMPROVED SHOP WIZARD! - Yes its not case sensitive any more. You can now put in things like 'faerie' or 'egg' to try and find what you are looking for.
  • Also, the Shop wizard will search more shops than before!
  • Now you cant accidentally pay too much for an item when haggling with the shopkeeper. If you put in a REALLY high value by mistake the shopkeeper wont take your money.
  • A new colony of Moehogs have been discovered! Found in the detention level of Dr. Sloths space station, the Moehogs were taken captive. Now everybody can adopt one!
  • The new look Usul has been chosen. The winning entry with 26% of the votes is number 2 (shown below). The new look Usul will be live on the site very shortly. Thank you to everyone who voted.

  • There is a new Pet and Site Spotlight. Go to Pet Central to check it out.
  • The stockmarket is now working a lot better (we made the price changes more realistic), so why not buy some shares here.
28th August
  • Thanks to everybody for participating in our Dr. Sloth story. This week we will be concentrating on finishing most of the site that is unfinished, fixing bugs, and loads of other cool stuff!
  • Now new accounts start off with 500 Neopoints!
  • No objects that are in auction can be stolen by the starfish or the pant devil!
25th August
  • DR. SLOTH HAS FIRED THE GUN! - Click here to see what happens!
  • The New Neopian Times Issue 19 The End of Sloth - Neopia is back to normal!
  • Sacrificers has been judged. Oh no... poor Monster Boy got chosen. Who will be next??! Click here to watch the animation!

    Argh! Noooo!
  • Two more contestants arrive on Mystery Isle for Sacrificers - go there now and vote for the second victim!
  • NEW GAME - Check out our new Codebreakers game here
24th August
  • You can now adopt Grundos at the Space Adoption Agency. You must adopt them, get them out of slavery so that the Space Faerie can get her strength back!
  • There is a new Pet spotlight up today and we are going to try to do them a lot more frequently now. Go here to check it out.
  • There are two more screen savers - check them out here!
  • Update Theme Parks so a few bugs were fixed, and you can also change the prices of your rides!
  • Find out what your leader-to-be has to say in our Ask Sloth page!
  • Did a lot of work on the message boards, so they will be faster, and more foul language has been censored out.
  • The Neopian Stock Market has finally been launched!
  • Today we hit three million neopets!. Its a good thing we are adding other worlds or Neopia would be rather crowded :)
23rd August
  • Fixed the pet homepages, remember you can get to your pets homepage by going to http://petpages.neopets.com/~YOUR_PETS_NAME
  • JibJib has become JubJub - sorry if you liked the old name but we had to change it!

    I am a JubJub!
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM UPDATE - Sorry we have been so late fixing this, a lot of people have been trying to cheat it, and this slows down our progress. Now its been updated for 15, 20, 25, 35 and 50 referrals. Check it out now here.
22nd August
  • There are a whole host of new scams that are circulating the site including fake badly spelt competition scams. To see the latest ways people are trying to steal your password click here!
  • The faeries would always choose one pet to grant stuff to after a quest, now it chooses one at random!
  • There are now Space theme greetings available. Why not check them out. Click here to see them all
  • A strange coconut guy has been going around the site giving totems to people as random events. Cool huh?

  • Added an Explore button to the side bar so you can easily get to the new worlds!
  • Great News! - The shops now restock 7 times an hour instead of 5 so you have much more chance of buying stuff!
  • The Launch Pad is open!!! Check the Space Plot page!

    Ja! Flying ist einfach klasse!
  • Lastly, apologies to all... we messed up with the quests. They are fixed now, so dont worry you can complete them and they wont break :)
21st August
  • Launch Pad! - A Launch pad has opened in Neopia. You can reach the launch pad by clicking here - it will have a permanent link soon.
  • Technical Bulletin : The site was down for a while today, sorry about that, we have some server problems! :( Our new database goes up later on this week, which will give us 2 times the current capacity!
  • Dr. Sloths coded message has been decoded! Check it out here
  • If you live in the Los Angeles area check out the NeoGroups page. You could make your views count and get a free Neopets T-shirt and Mousepad!
  • Dirty Cheat Alert - people were faking objects going into auction. This has been fixed now, so what you see is what you get!
19th and 20th August
  • Hope you all have a nice weekend. We are working on the servers all weekend, so the site will be nice and fast for Monday, when we resume the story of Dr. Sloth!
  • Fixed a bug in the shops where cheats were using javascript in their shop names. They cant do it any more!
  • UPDATE : Just so you know what we are working on : I (Adam P) am working on the Training School, Chris is working on a safe way to trade items (a trading post), Dallas is working on the Stock Market, and James is working on Guilds and Clubs! We hope to have all this completed soon. The training school will be opening soon!
  • We are uploading a smaller shop map image, just so the site is faster on slower computers.
  • UPDATE - Keep collecting those codestones! We made them much rarer now, but we have a sneaky suspicion that the Island Training School needs them to pay for its pet training courses!
  • Some people have been distributing fake plastic totems. Do not fall for this, only accept the real thing!
  • When the pharmacy restocks there will be more of each item now, so the cures to the illnesses will not be as hard to find.
18th August
  • 2 million members!!!! Neopets reaches the 2 million mark today!
  • More Pets Missing!!! - click here for news.
  • Space Ship Crashes!!! - Click here Neopian Times - EMERGENCY ISSUE! NEOPIA INVADED
  • The Island Mystic isnt very happy with the amount of codestones that have been donated so he has reduced his price - now he only needs 1,000 codestones. Shame on you all :)
  • Click here for a message from Dr. Sloth!
  • NEW GAME!!! - Choose which member of the Neopets Team you want sacrificed to Mumbo Pango in our new game - Sacrificers

    Mumbo Pango is HUNGRY!!!
  • Pet Gender is now on the pet lookup page!
17th August (the coded message!)
  • Do you have any ideas of suggestions for the new space plot that is developing. Why not send your ideas to Dr Sloth here.
  • Check out the latest report from our roving journalist Mr Blu Maroo. He has some interesting eye witness reports of encounters with the sinister Dr Sloth.
  • Just reached our highest ever usage rate (over 2.5 million pageviews per hour!). We hope the site isnt slow today, we are working on it all day anyway!
  • VirtuPets have arrived. Its an evil new adoption agency... run by none other than Dr. Sloth. They are apparently working on their web pages now, but they have released a new screen saver at the Screen Saver page
  • Has the Grundo invaded the Neopets Office? Click here for more information!
  • The World page has been redone! Much nicer layout now!
  • You can now post up to 2000 characters on the noticeboard. Sloth deems it so.
16th August (the arrival of Dr. Sloth)
  • Added a new faerie to the Faeries page!
  • Click here to save the Space Faerie!
  • A couple of more random events have been added around the site :)

  • Dirty Cheat Alert - Some people were abusing a bug with the auctions that meant they could put the same item up for auction multiple times. Its been fixed now!
  • We added a Space Plot page to the site - it will keep you updated with what is going on!
  • The Island Mystic has appeared upon Umbuku Island (just next to Mystery Island). He says that he can decode the mysterious message... can you help him?
  • Added a new Pet Central page! Its much much easier to use now!
  • Added a new Happy Chia Screensaver - check our Screen Savers page.
  • Codestones are now around the site! Take these to the Island Mystic and he will help decipher the code!
15th August
  • If you collect three totems you can now sail at the Boat Hire section.
  • Two more shops have been added to the Mystery Isle, the tacky merchandise shop and the tropical fruit shop.
  • Now you can take your pet on a tour of Mystery Island, it only costs 50 Neopoints and you can pick up some FREE buttons and banners for your web site afterwards.
  • A New Mystery Island Game - Catch a Coconut. You have to go to the Mystery Island to play it however. Dont worry we have a great new Totem game coming soon where you can get totems easily, so spread the word around.
  • GRUNDO ALERT!!! - A big ugly green Grundo has been spotted on the site. Do not approach it at all costs!!!
  • Adding two more message board types, Theme Parks and Other Worlds.
  • Check out our new Roll Over image on the front page logo :)
14th August
  • We spent most of today working on the servers, and we have a BIG new project planned for later on this week. Stand by for the biggest thing we have ever ever done on Neopets!!!
  • The Boat Hire will be working tomorrow... its nearly finished.
  • The food shops now restock more items than the other shops, just so your pet doesnt go hungry!
11th August
  • Issue 17 Many New features this week including a new National Neographic section!
  • Brighten up someones day with a NeoGreeting from the Mystery Isle!
  • NEW SCREENSAVERS!!! Click here for the Buzz Attacks! Screen Saver. Also available is the Coconut Chant and the Acara Screen Saver, more will be added soon!
  • Two more screensavers!!! - Swimming Acara and Coconut Chant!
  • Added a new offer to the 500 NP Cool Offers Page.
  • Have you seen any totems around the site yet? You will need these in order to get to the Mystery Isle.

  • The Theme Park is completed. So far you can go on rides, and we have also added some funny ride entries. We will be adding more stuff, and more rides very soon. Also your pets will be able to find random theme park items like candy floss and balloons.
10th August
  • GREAT NEWS - The Theme Park faerie landed in the Neopets Office today and said 'Why arent they finished yet?!?!?!'. She was quite angry, so we are programming it now. They will be finished tomorrow morning (we did about 4 hours work on them today).
  • Added loads more random events, each with a Mysterious Island theme! Watch out for the Bug Brothers...
  • There is a new caption competition at the Caption Competition page!!!
  • More improvements to the Beauty Competition. If your pet has not been added yet, well its because we have over 3000 submitted so far, so its taking a while to get them all on the site. Dont worry, we will add them soon enough.
  • Finally, the Kougra has been added - adopt one today!
9th August
  • New Game - Now you can dress up your pet at the Neo Wardrobe (well your Kacheek, Chia or Scorchio anyway)
  • Check the World page - now the top three Neopets get pictures! Come on, the Shoyru has been top for TOO long!
  • Finally fixed the problems with the message boards, now they are in the correct order (honestly!).
  • Movies, Music reviews and more - Neopets is getting bigger and we are adding an exciting new section. If you have any ideas or suggestions how to make it better please let us know!
  • The Beauty Contest is now much improved thanks to James. You can upload GIFs and JPGs of your pets now, and vote on the best ones.
  • The Tiger Cub won the poll, (duh thats a suprise), so we added it as a pet. Also, we have added some more polls about the future of the site, so check them out

8th August
  • All the Stock Market images have been uploaded.
  • Loads more security fixes around the site, so your account are much safer now!
  • Changing the message boards so there are icons to click on.
  • YEAH!! The automatic Beauty Contest is here... you can now upload your pets pictures online at any time. Check it out by going here.
  • Check our new shopkeepers at Your Shop.
  • Now you can scroll through the shopkeeper images on one page, you dont have to refresh the page each time.
7th August
  • Added loads more shopkeepers... so you have more choice!
  • Greetings cards are back up on the site, so why not send one today? Click here to see the new designs!
  • You can now sell shares on the stock market, its nearly finished!!!
  • Also, today we are adding a new feature to stop hackers. You wont be able to change any personal information (name, email, so on) unless you enter your old password.
  • Oooh the Games Room has now got a groovy new toolbar so its even easier to get to the high score tables. Score boards will be added for all the games very soon.
5th and 6th August (weekend)
  • Working on the database and servers all day, we are trying to add more capacity. Neopets is doing over 30 million pageviews a day currently, and it requires a lot of work :)
  • The referral prizes now goes up to 12 - so if you have 12 or more referrals a NeoCoin should be on the way. We promise to get this all finished soon!
4th August
  • Shopmongous - The shops now restock 5 times an hour instead of 4. However we have made it happen at secret times... and WE ARENT TELLING :)
  • Now you can only post Shop Ads in our 'Shop Ads' section on the messageboards. Thatll make it look a bit cleaner.
  • We added a Site Spotlight section today where your hard work can be displayed on the front page.
  • The New edition of the Neopian Times is out today. Why not take a look and see what cool adventures the Neopets have been up to?
  • We updated the Future section of our site so you have a better idea of what we are planning.
  • Check out the World Events page - Pango Pango is giving away tropical fruit (soon available in the shops!)
3rd August
  • Check out our Mystery Isle - its going to be great.
  • You can now do a company profile in the Stock Market, and there is a Pick of the Day!
  • New Caption Competition - click here to play! Also the winners of the last Caption contest are now on site.
  • Added 'Volume' to the Stock Market. Now you can see how many shares are being traded daily.
  • About 20 more trading cards have been updated with new pictures! Click here for the spoiler list.
  • Soon you will be able to hire a boat at the Boat Hire page. The new island is going to have a new pet, a training arena, a new shop and a new game!
  • Wow! Some new pets have been discovered on the new island - click here for some more information.

    Vote for Me!!!
  • We updated the About Us page with all our new employees.
2nd August
  • The Cool Offers page didnt give out prizes over the last few days. Its fixed now
  • Wow! Click on Games over on the left, we redid the games cupboard so its faster to load, and has new icons.
  • Added 20 more companies to the Stock Market. Its going to be good!!!!
  • ALPHA TESTERS WANTED The Stock Market goes into alpha today.. you can buy shares, and view companies, but nothing else. If you want to check it out click here.
  • Phase 3 of the Big Database Transfer (TM) completed today. Now the message boards are moved over to a faster database, so they will work, and wont appear in the wrong order any more.
  • Thanks to Memmo64 for this great idea - now Nigel the Chia pops up as a random event and will give you stock tips!
1st August
  • Woo Hoo its a brand new month!
  • Blumaroo now has a brand new homepage - click here.
  • IMPORTANT - as part of our database upgrade we are moving Neomessages onto a new database. This means that they will be vanishing for half of the day and then coming back. Do not be alarmed by this!