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Neopedia : Bug Eye McGee

Bug Eye McGee Name: Bug Eye McGee
Species: Techo
Hobby: Shivering timbers
One day hopes: That people stop telling him that's it's not nice to stare
Quote: "Me big eyes are an advantage; they let me see lots more than
I would if I had small eyes like everyone else."

"So then I says to the guy, 'Listen, I've got me sloop the Rainbow Bonnet, and once we reach land I know that neck of the Haunted Woods real well. What would you think about a deal? Your map, my boat... we'll split the gold, half for each of us.' I couldn't believe he went for it--what a sucker!"

As the loudmouthed Shoyru continued to brag about swindling some greenhorn out of his treasure map, Bug Eye McGee sat there quietly, listening to the whole thing. McGee rose from his stool, paid his tab, then went to wait patiently outside. When the Shoyru finally staggered out the door, Bug Eye grabbed him by the collar and looked him dead in the eye.

"Now listen real good, ya waister, because I'm only going to say this once: WHERE... IS... THE MAP?!?"

Bug Eye McGee is angry

"Erm, l-let me th-th-think..." the Shoyru stammered.

"Methinks ye don't have TIME to think!" Bug Eye yelled. "And take me word for it, yer not wantin' to find out what's gonna happen if I have to ask ye again."

"Okay, okay! It's in me trouser pocket... I say, yer a rascally one!"

Reaching into the Shoyru's pocket with his left hand, McGee pulled out a crumpled-up wad of paper. Throwing the Shoyru to the ground, Bug Eye grumbled, "Nice doing business with ye... now get out of me sight, squiffy!"

Struggling to keep a straight face, the Shoyru let out a chuckle once he was sure that McGee was safely out of sight. "Hehe... that's why I always keep a fake map in me pocket, in case someone tries to make wise and steal me treasure. Why, that dumb oaf will probably spend half the night stumbling 'round the pumpkin patch before realisin' I pulled one over on him...."

Always in search of a scheme that might result in a major payday, Bug Eye McGee's tough attitude and gruff demeanor don't always guarantee the big payoff that he seeks, but it's usually enough to get him out of his latest fiasco. Although one day he might figure out that making a living on the high seas requires both brains and brawn, at this point it looks like Bug Eye McGee has yet to learn that lesson.