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Neopedia : Darkness Scarab

Category : Magic
Class : Battle
Suggested Value : 1.5 million NPs
Rarity : Artifact
Size : 1.5" x3"

Armed with mystical powers unlike anything seen before, the darkness scarab is an extremely potent, yet highly unpredictable, weapon. Under the right circumstances, darkness scarabs are famous for unleashing ferocious bursts of flaming wrath. However, when things don't go as planned, this fickle flamethrower has also been known to inflict great harm upon its master. To those brave enough to tempt its magic, don't say that you weren't warned...

...Just as he was on his way to take out the garbage, Kiyaa the Chia heard a yell come from behind the Petpet Stall. "Take cover, we're being invaded!" was all he could make out as the voice trailed off into the distance. Still carrying the bag of rubbish in his hands, Kiyaa rushed to find a hiding place within the palms outside the walls of Sakhmet. Gasping for air as he made his dash to safety, the Chia tripped and fell face-first into the sand behind the palms. Looking up, Kiyaa saw a bright reddish glow in the rubbish strewn before him. Reaching out slowly, he clutched the darkness scarab and pulled it close...

Safely nestled behind the palm trees, Kiyaa watched as Sloth and his minions ravaged The Lost Desert. As their pillaging spree made its way across his homeland, Kiyaa decided that something had to be done. "Uh, I don't know... sometimes these scarabs can be big trouble. But, under these circumstances, I guess it's a chance that I've got to take." With that, Kiyaa emerged from the bushes with his darkness scarab in hand. "Take that," the young Chia yelled as he pointed the scarab at a squadron of Grundos, letting loose a thunderous bolt of flames. With the squadron vanquished, Kiyaa set his sights on their evil leader.

Flooded with confidence, young Kiyaa pointed his darkness scarab at Sloth. However, rather than blasting the Doctor with a hailstorm of fireballs, the Chia was suddenly overcome with with an awkward, tingling feeling... "Oh no! It's backfired... argh... it itches... SO... BAD!!!" And so, with Sloth defiantly laughing at him, Kiyaa rolled about in the sand, suffering from a raging case of the Itchy Scratchies.

"Mwahahaha," Sloth chortled, "you thought that you could defeat me with that... plaything? You simpleminded buffoon, my powers are much too great!" With that, Sloth and his army of plunderers set their sights upon the walls of Sakhmet, which would soon fall before them with little resistance.

Despite getting the best of Kiyaa, Sloth and his legions would be thwarted once again, as legions of Neopian volunteers rose up to defeat the Rock Beast and rescue the city of Sakhmet from certain destruction. But you can rest assured that this isn't the last we'll see of the evil Doctor Sloth and his army of villains....