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Neopedia : Captain Rourke

Captain Rourke Name: Captain Jethro Rourke
Species: Ogrin
Ship: SS Primella
Frequently: Dour and pessimistic
Ward: Scrap
Quote: "You're not exactly filling me with confidence here, Professor."

It's whispered that Captain Rourke once trusted a pirate to share a pile of buried treasure with him, only to be betrayed and marooned on a deserted island. It's also said he once helped the Resistance fight Dr. Sloth at great personal cost, though most rumour-mongers are pretty sketchy on the details. Then there's the story about how he tangled with a Whalein bigger than his own ship, but let's be honest; sometimes a whale of a tale is just a tale.

Whatever his past regrets, Captain Rourke's life has moulded him into a bitter and suspicious fellow, or so he likes everyone to think. In fact, he conceals a bit of a soft spot for the orphan Scrap and is teaching him everything from navigation to knots to which fish are good to eat. This tough old Ogrin is more bark than bite, though something has certainly soured his disposition over the decades he's spent at sea.

The fateful voyage

The only ship captain on Krawk Island willing to sail Professor Hugo Fairweather and his colleagues to find the mythic Lost Isle, Captain Rourke almost immediately regretted his momentary lapse into graciousness. For three days they sailed through a storm only to crash upon the rocky shore of the very island they were trying to locate. The good captain spent the next few days salvaging enough jetsam -- goods thrown overboard, not Neopets with a taste for fish, that is -- to repair the gaping hole in his ship so they could all leave again. A lucky thing he managed it, as no sooner had everyone returned from their gallivanting about the island when giant monstrous Petpetpets charged out of the jungle to attack them all. Needless to say, Captain Rourke has no intentions of ever visiting the place again, and when pressed, insists it was all a hoax on the Fairweathers' part. After all, they have no evidence, do they?

Hoax or not, one good thing came from that expedition to the Lost Isle. Captain Rourke grudgingly decided to accept the stowaway Scrap as his ward and first mate after the young Gnorbu saved his life, pushing him out of the path of a rampaging monster. It seems an act of selflessness can soften even the stoniest of hearts.