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Neopedia : Captain Arf

Captain Arf in Barf Boat Name: Captain Arf
Gender: Male
Species: Warf
Occupation: Buccaneering on the high seas and terrifying the locals
Favourite food: Headless Horsefish
Darkest day: The day the Food Club held its 10th anniversary celebration at the Golden Dubloon Captain Scarblade? Just a big puppy. Captain Threelegs? What a birdbrain. There's only one pirate who deserves to have such a terrifying reputation... Captain Arf, Pirate Warf and corsair extraordinaire.

You might ask how Arf ever got to be the captain of a pirate ship. Some pirates say there were bribes under the table. Others say he "rescued" the ship from its previous owner. It's best not to look too deeply into a pirate's history... or his face, if he's as seasick as Captain Arf usually is!

His ship, rumoured to be known as the Pernicious Pinchit, docks beneath the Golden Dubloon in Krawk Island. Each night the restaurant's waiters dump the leftovers off the pier. Pirating is hungry work, so no one can blame Captain Arf for helping clean up the scraps from upstairs. No one, that is, except his poor crew, who have to deal with the mess every time Captain Arf gets seasick...