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Neopedia : Chiazilla

Name: Chiazilla
Gender: Assumed to be male.
Species: Possible relative to the modern-day Chia.
Age: Perhaps the oldest living being in Neopia.
Alignment: Currently considered both a protector and predator.
Last seen: In the vicinity of Maraqua.

As legend has it, Chiazilla was once actually the protector of Mystery Island. Each year, the natives would leave a bounty of their finest foods for the great aquatic beast, and in return Chiazilla would protect the island when summoned by the king.

When the Island's prince was lost at sea one fateful day, the king commanded Chiazilla to find the youngster and not return until the prince had been brought back safe and sound. The great sea creature sank into the ocean to fulfill his duties, but it seems he was never able to return. The natives of Mystery Island still honour Chiazilla, however, and to this day leave yearly offerings in the hopes that he will one day return to them.

Though he was never spotted again on Mystery Island, Chiazilla did turn up some years later in Maraqua to battle Mechachiazilla (who sought to destroy Old Maraqua long before pirates demolished the underwater city). Though Mechachiazilla was tough, it could not stand up to the might and fury of Chiazilla. Since then, little has been seen of the great sea monster, despite the fact that Maraquans also leave yearly offerings for the great beast (though they dare not linger to see if their gifts are received).