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Neopedia : Attack Pea

Attack Pea Category: Battle
Class: Magic
Suggested Value: 1.2 million NP
Rarity: Smuggler's Cove
Size: It's just about the size of a pea.
Weight: 1 lb.

Whoa, a pea, that's something you don't want to see when all you've got in your arsenal is a wand of something or other. I mean, how does one withstand the might of a single pea? It's unthinkable. It's unspeakable. It's... it's... oh, come on, it's a pea! How can this little fellow possibly do any damage in the big, bad Battledome? Well, this is not your average, ordinary garden-variety pea...

The attack pea is a tiny ball of power, the perfect item for any well-rounded arsenal. Throw this little green wonder out there and watch your opponent buckle beneath its awesome might. This lightweight, compact weapon can fit into almost any pocket, hand, hoof, or paw. Maybe your pets can even eat the pea if they come down with a case of the munchies during battle. It could happen, but at the cost of 160 dubloons at the Smuggler's Cove, it probably shouldn't.

The Attack Pea rests on a pillow

Beware the staggering prowess of the pea! Vicious things come in small green packages. You may be tempted to giggle at the thought of being attacked by a pea. Resist that temptation, for this one pea has the strength of many peas all attacking at once, and that hurts. A lot. Are you already dreaming about it? Already counting your precious hoard of Neopoints to see if you have enough? Can you almost imagine your pets holding that little round marvel and tossing it, slow motion, at their opponent? Well, stop dreaming. Go out and get it!