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Neopedia : Cooty Wars

The Cooty wiped the sweat from his brow before it dripped into his eyes. He tried to mentally steady himself while shifting his body into a more comfortable position, his eyes never leaving the area below him. He then looked over the side of his makeshift hot air balloon and waited...

He was the team's newest recruit, and the others had teased him about his inexperience before setting off for the mission. He knew that, despite all their jokes, the other team-members truly wished him the best. The war against the oppressive Mootix was starting to turn ugly, and they needed every Cooty they could find to fly the highly dangerous missions that would stop the Mootix paratroopers from achieving their goals.

The Cooty shook his head to clear his thoughts. He knew he had to stay focused. Any second now, Mootix paratroopers could... he jerked his head to the left. There, falling past him, was a paratrooper. The Cooty resisted the urge to start firing his honey crossbow immediately. He had to wait until the parachute had opened all the way... there! The Cooty reeled backward slightly from the crossbow's kick and then looked down. His shot had hit! The honey had turned the Mootix's parachute into a sticky glob. That was one Mootix that wouldn't be making it to the battleground!

The Cooty was so distracted by his first success that he didn't notice two more Mootix dropping out of the sky at a swift speed. Startled, the Cooty took a shot at the one on the left but missed. He then turned to take aim at the Mootix in the three o'clock position, but clenched his teeth and inwardly screamed as he realised it had fallen out of range. Those two would soon make it down to the battleground.

The Cooty quickly tried to pull himself together and prepare for the next wave. His mission stipulated that he had to down 20 of the reported 25 paratroopers that would be in his area. If he stayed focused, he was certain he could still complete his mission's objective. After all, he owed it to his comrades and to all Cooty everywhere. He would not fail.